Song Legends {Episode 3} - Night Enchanted (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)

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"Night Enchanted" is the first song in Trans-Siberian Orchestra's fifth rock opera album "Night Castle". This is my Christmas pick.

What I like about the lyrics in this song is that you could take away the music and it would work as a poem. It has very epic sounding lyrics which work perfectly with a very epic song. I'm a sucker for very dramatic, metaphorical lyrics so you may think differently. I'm not sure how the lyrics fit into the story because I've not been able to listen to the entire album, but having heard this song, I'm excited to listen to it.

As you would expect in an orchestra, the instruments play a huge part in the song and the song benefits massively for having so many instruments as it gives the song more layers and depth, thus making it more epic. The instruments are much faster than the vocals so they keep the tempo at a high speed and means they are able to sing really long notes without slowing down the song.

The complex harmonies in the singing act like an instrument themselves, especially when the women are singing in the middle. It's a great contrast between the epic, powerful singing in the first and last section and the delicate, beautiful singing in the middle.

It starts off with the epic, fast beginning and gradually slows down and removes some layers of instruments until it's just a piano and the women singing. Instead of gradually getting louder, you are thrust straight back to the sound of the first section. I think it needs the middle section so the song is varied and remains interesting throughout and I think the change from loud to quiet is effectively done so the sections blend into each other.

As a stand alone song, it's not particularly well known but as its a rock opera album I can partly judge it on the album's success. The album went platinum and reached number 5 on the charts. However, I can't give it a very high score as the song isn't very well known.

My Opinion:
Easily one of my favourite TSO songs and one of my favourite Christmas songs (if you count it as one). This song shows how effective orchestras are at creating atmospheres and emotions simply with sound.

That's 57/60 leaving it second behind "One". I was left Enchanted by this song (see what I did there).


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The song is a great pick and I agree with the review.
This isn't my favorite TSO song but it's really very good and I can see why the author likes it. TSO are very good in general and I'm not surprised this song got a 57/60.
Yes, its orchestration, vocal harmonies and overall epicness are impressive. - Metal_Treasure

Constructive suggestion: I would suggest to exclude "Success" from your calculations because some overrated songs will become more overrated also in your review while underrated songs will stay underrated.
Your rating is supposed to be based on your review. But you should keep the info about the "Success" - having both success info and your review, people will see if the song is overrated or underrated, or correctly rated. - Metal_Treasure

I've had that suggestion before and I've considered it but I decided I'd factor in the majority opinion just to make the scores more diverse. The success section is to add to the competition idea, you can see what I actually think of the song in other sections. Also I base my success on what the community that likes that band / genre think of it.

Yeah the overrated thing was why I almost got rid of it but I decided that if it was overrated it would likely affect the other scores negativly - visitor

Song Suggestion: Knights of Cydonia - Muse - cjWriter1997

I may do that - visitor