Best Transformers TV Series

Please do not put the Japanese Series or Bayformers for this list is only for the cartoons (the movies weren't bad, but the main actors were just annoying).

The Top Ten

1 Prime

Most epic series of all time. I have loved the animation, characters, and plot since the beginning! Transformers Prime has all the entertainment needed to keep up the awesomeness of the Transformers franchise!

This show is, put simply, the best Transformers show of all time. The action was amazing, the story was astonishingly well-written, the characters were interesting and fleshed out, and the CGI looked great too! Unfortunately, my cousin is a G1 fanboy and refuses to give any other Transformers show a legitimate chance simply because they're not what he grew up with. That really sucks, because his nostalgia is keeping him from seeing that this show is what every Transformers fans deserve.

Amazing! Everything is amazing! The plot, animation, action, voices (especially Megatron's), and new characters! I can't think of one person who won't like this show!

Great Story, Great Soundtrack and the First transformer series that made me feel like it wast about selling toys it feels like a real effort put it transformer show. - OfficialSonic

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2 G1

I just have to say, generation 1 of the transformers was just amazing. It had lots of good features: a strong story, good characters, and the writers working beyond the material given to them. This show was downright genius. It really is the greatest transformers cartoon ever.

Great story. The characters change some die some just stop appearing. There are many creative ideas and so many characters to pick I can hardly choose a favorite

The vast majority of characters, back stories, plots and ideas can never be outdone by any modern interpretation of this legendary series.

The original classic. I have yet to see better.

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3 Beast Wars

This series got it right by not including humans in the series other than the occasional cave person. The show is supposed to be about the war between the Transformers and not about the stupid humans they run into along the way. Character development was great and it made me actually care about the Transformers more than just caring which one looked the coolest. The CGI was great for its time and while it's a bit dated now, it's still a very watchable show.

Beast Wars had the best story telling, the best characters, and the best writing of any Transformers serries. It's animation may not hold up flawlessly to modern standards but it got the job done. Inspiring, heart wrenching, and often beautiful no other serries in the transformers universe can stand up to it.

The best cast of any Transformers series plus some great moments and plot twists. It wasn't as consistent as it could have been though and the primitive CGI will be insurmountable for some, although among Transformers series its far from the worst in either category.

Beast Wara not only saved the franchise, but is also the most well written and well developed compared to the other Transformers series.

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4 Animated

A really great series, and stands shoulder to shoulder with Prime, and one of the worthy contenders for the top slot. If you like lighthearted, go Animated. If you like darker, go Prime.

It was fun, but took itself seriously when it was needed, giving the Autobots more character development then they ever had before, and an interesting "Human" character who actually contributes to the plot. As well as some of the best Decepticons in Transformers history. Plus it took the best aspects of previous shows mythology and combined it into something fresh and interesting.

I really miss this series. The Season 4 looked so good when I read the plot line planned for it. - BoltMarksman

Transformers animated rules! Transformers prime sucks!

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5 Armada

This actually had pretty good character development between the main protagonist and antagonist throughout the entire series. Just when you thought you knew them, they surprised you. Although Optimus wasn't voiced by Peter Cullen, I think the different voice actor actually fit the character better. He was the good, kind, noble and just OP that everyone loves (until Energon, where he's a total jerk), yet he kicks major ass in battle. His design was great. I loved how expressive just the tilt of his head and the intensity of his golden optics could be to show anger and rage that later change to sadness and grief. As for Megatron, I feel sorry for him. He was a brilliant schemer and strategist, but his soldiers were total morons! Yes, I'll give them credit for being hilarious (and Starscream, just for being awesome). Megatron also deserves a bonus just for being an epic badass (he transforms into a huge ass tank) overall, there were just a lot of plot twists that, even if they seemed ...more

Starscream was great in this show

The action was amasing and the transformations was incredible even the tiny ones

It's anime, what do you think my opinion will be? - Therandom

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6 Cybertron

This series had a very large and complex plot line that always kept the show interesting.

Great story line and beutiful transformer graphics go JAPAN

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8 Beast Hunters

Isn't this just the third season of prime?

This is just third season, nothing completely different. This is technically at number one because it's part of the Prime cartoon.

I kinda liked it but it had bumblebee has its leader which is fine but optimus was not even in the movie for like 30 minutes.

Should be 1st.i love bumblebee and he killed megatron

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9 Transformers: Robots in Disguise

I want starscream to redeem to bee team and forgive him

In three words: Enjoyable than Prime

Worst of the franchise

2001 or 2015?

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10 Energon

May have been a flawed series but the transformers were enjoyable and entertaining!

Show be higher, at least higher than rescue bots

The only thing I hate about it is the iron hide.

Great but what have they done with Ironhide?!

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The Contenders

11 Rescue Bots

Not a show for older Transformers fans. Good for kids when they're getting started with the series

It's a kid show of course, with fairly simple animation, but some clever dialog makes it fun.

I love it!


12 Robots in Disguise

The best history and robots of the transformers, frame my childhood forever!

An anime doesn't seem to fit in with transformers, but oh well - Mehraj118

The portrayal of ultra magnus is so funny!

Awesome! Simply awesome! May not have had the best plot but it was hilarious and had pretty good animation definitely better than rescue bots, energo and the new robots in disguise show

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13 Victory
14 Beast Wars: Transformers V 1 Comment
15 Transformers Go!

I I never saw the show.

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