Reviewing With Ultron123: The Transformers Shows -SPOILER ALERT Note: Not All

So, giant alien robots that fight, one side for freedom, another side for control. Yeah, while it doesn't sound good at first it's, pretty decent. So I'm going over the shows and rank them. Also, these are just the shows I know. Let's begin.
The show that started it all. Ahhh…the G1 cartoons. While it's pretty good, there's a few problems. But we'll get to those later. Anyway, this was the beginning of Transformers. The cast of characters was insanely large and contained a good amount of good characters and good episodes. However, there are a few flaws. One is that due to how large the cast is, some characters are just there, some just show up for a few episodes and are never seen again. And some are absolutely terrible, like Wheelie and Daniel Witwickey.
Overall, the first show has its good qualities, but, at the same time, its flaws. But the good surely outnumbers the bad.

Scale (1-10)
7 (it isn't terrible, but of course it does have its flaws but nonetheless, is still good)

With that, we move on to Beast Wars.
Beast Wars is a sequel to G1. We can tell due to the Autobots being deactivated and their descendants, the Maximals, talking about them. This was one of the best cartoons in the 1990's and I can see why. This cartoon has things all types of people can enjoy, from Megatron teaching a…human thing (it's either a chimp or a human that suffered a ton of diseases), to explosions. However, due to it being in the 1990's, the graphics were questionable. Also, there were annoying characters and violence. Seriously, in almost every episode, someone or something had to die. In fact, killing the cast and causing extremely cringeworthy scenes was something they did on a daily basis. I'm not joking. Overall, this show was one of the best cartoons in the 1990's for a reason. Besides, the flaws, it was okay,

Scale (1-10)
8 (it is extremely good, but very few scenes have kid friendly things, which it should due to children watching these and the graphics were…weird. It is in the 1990's though, so we can't blame them)

Next up is Armada. Be prepared.
Armada is good, I guess. The characters were really mixed. Some like Starscream and Alexis are fantastic, but others like Brad and Hot Shot were terrible. I like how they changed Starscream. Why? Well, instead of being traitorous and cunning, he was loyal and nice. He cared about things. His loyalty was charming and his relationship with Alexis was sweet and his sacrifice at the hands of Unicron shows how selfless he is and was sad and heartbreaking (*sniff*) Here's the link

Anyways, it also had a extremely good plot and was awesome, especially in the late half of the series. However, a sequel ruined it all. But we will talk about that one later. The series has it's flaws, however. It really has a good plot but characters like Hot Shot should get better development. He was horrible for the entire series.
Overall, it is a series that will satisfy your craving for Transformers. It has its flaws but gets the job done.

Scale (1-10)
8 (yes, it is a really good series but it really needs to have more character development.)

Now we get to the god awful Transformers Energon.
So, Armada was good, right? Well, this screwed things up. The characters were terrible (*cough, cough* Ironhide *cough*) and most were bland and uninteresting. The
series also showed no character development and the characters were either emotionless or just had a horrible personality. The graphics were okay but still, that doesn't make up for its flaws. Overall, this show's characters are just plain terrible. While the plot and graphics are decent, it really doesn't make up for the terrible characters and personality.

Scale (1-10)
2.5 (it almost suffered a bad 2, but the graphics and plot were okay so it'll get a half a point more.)

Wow, we have one more horrible show. Let's get on with it.
Okay, it's the Transformers Combiners Wars series. In fact, it's so bad, it could hardly be called a series. There are only 8 episodes and each "episode" is 5-6 minutes. Plus, it wasn't Autobots vs Decepticons. Rather, it was Optimus, Windblade, and Megatron against The Mistress, Rodimus, and Starscream. And then they wonder why Optimus and Megatron was hard to put down. Also, Starscream turned into an overpowered abomination, who was taken down too easily by Metroplex. I don't get it. He was strong enough to beat Windblade (which is more impressive than it sounds) and match up with Optimus and Megatron then he was squeezed and killed? Overall, this "show" is one of the worst Transformers Shows, if not the worst show.

Scale (1-10)
1 (if you watched the "series" you should know why. It was just…awful)

Whew!! We are done with the horrible shows. Time to move to Transformers Prime!
This has to be the best Transformers show ever. The 3D graphics were actually done right and the characters were done perfectly. Arcee, in my opinion, got the most personality. She suffered PDSD (I kid you not) from her history with a Decepticon called Arachnid and her 2 partners (Tailgate and Cliffjumper). This makes her more human than any other character, even more than the actual humans. Speaking of which, the humans weren't annoying and were awesome. They did tasks that normal humans can't do. Jack went to Cybertron and gave Optimus the Matrix Of Leadership back. Miko got the Apex Armor and beat the ever living crap out of the Vehicons and trapped the immensely powerful Soundwave in the shadow zone. Raf may be 12, BUT HE COULD HACK INTO TECHNOLOGY!!!!! HECK YEAH!! And we also have overprotective June (Mother of Jack) and the badass American Agent Fowler (BUH-NANA FISH!!!) Anyways, these characters aren't the only good characters. There is the muscle of the team, Bulkhead, the genius Ratchet, the cool Optimus, the beeping Bumblebee (no, he literally beeps), the slightly edgy Knock Out and many more. There are also different scenes that all types of audience can enjoy, from violent fights for people that like violence to dramatic scenes for drama kings and drama queens. However, there is one flaw to the almost perfect series. It's that fan favorites weren't here, like Ironhide and Prowl, and the cast was small. Luckily, these mistakes can easily be forgiven by the perfect personality and and great plot. Overall, this show is amazing. This show only has a few flaws, but they can be easily forgiven.

Scale (1-10)
9.5 (this almost scored a perfect 10, but as mentioned, fan favorites weren't in there and the cast was small. But other than that, it's awesome)

And last but not least, Transformers Robots In Disguise. Let's go!!
Transformers RID was a sequel to Transformers Prime. This show spices up the usual formula with Bumblebee as the leader and featuring new characters, like Grimlock and Jazz. The plot also gets spiced up with a prison ship crashing on Earth releasing a bunch of Decepticons. So Bumblebee rounds up a ragtag group of Autobots led by him to capture them. It wasn't as horrible as I thought, and it was pretty good. A few problems though. The characters were fine but some characters were just there to get captured and were never seen again. Also, this show pales in comparison to the prequel of this. It also ruined some of the new characters, like Springload and the slightly annoying Fixit. ("Smere *BANG* HERE!!" Ohhhh boy…)
Overall, this show is decent, but it has its flaws and pales in comparison to Transformers Prime.

Scale (1-10)
8 (it has its flaws, but the good does outnumber the bad. It's worth your time.)

Ultron123 out. 😁