Scarred For Life: Transformers Energon

Welcome to my new series, Scarred For Life. Here we take a look at a permanent scar on a franchise and see if it's as bad as everyone says it is. Today we are looking at the infamous Transformers Energon. Let's begin.

So Energon is a sequel to the very good Armada. The fans loved the late half of Armada and because of this, the creators decided to make a sequel. So Energon came and screwed everything up. So, enough of this. Let's get to why this thing is so horrible. Yes, I called it "thing". This is a bane to us Transformers fans and most of us don't acknowledge that it actually is real and people are paid to make this.

Plot And Story:
The basic plot is that the Autobots and Decepticons fight over Unicron. And you thought Transformers The Last Knight was unoriginal. At least, Transformers The Last Knight tried to be original and followed a much better plot that doesn't appear in every Transformers show. No, I'm not joking. Every other show have the two sides fighting over Unicron. Why bother with generic stuff when we could have something unique? Also, they happened for some stupid reason to run out of plot and basically restarted the entire series again. Again, why do that when you could come up with a new plot and turn this series around? Plus, how do you run out of plot when it's the same generic good vs evil battles over alien blood and control over a Death Star ripoff?

Upon first look, the graphics look futuristic and pleasing to the eye. But no. Instead, the 3D made the animation very stiff and because of this it's hard to see emotion in characters. (Not like they had emotion or anything anyway, but whatever) The animation is so conky and the anime style they try to do at random times are not any better, unlike Transformers Cybertron, which did help the show. It's an absolute embarrassment that makes me question if this even is Transformers. What makes it worse is that the graphics would have been stunning (like Prime) if any effort is put in at all. The anime style would have worked as long as people care. And that's what ticks me off.

Umm…I'll pass this one. Wait, what do you mean that "I have to do it"? Ugh, fine. But no sympathy would be shown. The characters is undoubtedly the worst of the flaws. The best of them (and I'm only singling out the least terrible) are Inferno and Optimus, and that's saying something since I really don't care if their life will throw up all over them. If I don't mind seeing these guys suffering, then you would definitely notice how badly I freaking hate the others. Ironhide is the one they chewed and ripped apart the most. Ironhide was a badass, an experienced veteran, a guy with a ton load of action, and an old pal to Optimus. He was the only one that wasn't terrible in the CGI films. So let's change him into an annoying, whiny, disgusting, idiotic, and a total disgrace of an actual character. So funny, right? No one else was that different. Kicker was annoying, whiny, disgusting, idiotic, and a disgrace. Snowcat was annoying, whiny, you see the pattern?! Now there are also characters besides Ironhide that they ripped apart the most. Starscream in Armada was fantastic. He cared about things and developed. His relationship with Alexis was nice and his death left me mooching on chocolate and Rocky Road for weeks. (I wanted a mango smoothie, but it tasted like roadkill, so I settled for ice cream and chocolate) But then Starscream got revived in Energon and beat all the good stuff out of him and made him a drone. Cyclonus wasn't terrible in Armada. Sure he had the worst aim, he's probably insane, and was an idiot, but I could easily put up with this. Then, he was reformed into Snowcat, and Snowcat was worse than Cyclonus in every way, literally and figuratively. He was an absolute downgrade to Cyclonus, being a truck instead of his usual helicopter, having cryo cannons, ski gear and yodeling habits. Yes, you heard me. YODELING! Why did they think this was a good idea?

My Opinion:
I'm sure you know what my opinion of it is. It's an absolute disgrace. Back then, I thought that it wasn't as bad as everyone says. But it is as bad as everyone says. It's probably worse than or even Combiner Wars. And that's saying something. I can't even come up with anything positive to say.

Is it as bad as it seems? Yes. And since there aren't any other competitors, Energon is currently 1st.

🥇Transformers Energon