Conservative Daily: The Problem With Target's Transgender Bathroom Policy

Okay, first of all, I'm not "transphobic." I'm not "bigoted." I'm just being logical here. I'm using facts, liberals' least favorite F-word.

Personally, I think the policy is messed up and wrong. This country seems to be ditching too many traditional values etiquette. We should not be letting normal-looking men wander into the women's bathroom. Transgender people have been using the bathroom of their preferred gender for decades. We just haven't noticed, since they "pass" and stuff. But suddenly now it's a problem?

The fact that we're establishing such an unsanitary law just to spare the feelings of a few people whilst putting many others in danger is wrong. Liberals only support this because their coddled, stupid feelings are softer than Obama's feelings toward ISIS. I don't care about people's feelings. Feelings suck. If I saw a man go into the restroom after a little girl, I'd beat the thought that he's a woman right out of his head. It's completely unsanitary and wrong to allow this to happen.
But people do.
Which irritates me.

People have been assulted and raped because of this. Don't deny it just because you support this policy. Are you telling me that the 17 year old Brazilian girl who got raped doesn't matter? Are you saying that the rights of minorties are more important than the rights of the majority? See, this brings up another subtopic. Stop treating transgender people like kings. (I didn't say queens, get offended.) They are not better than everyone else just because they have gender dysphoria. Their rights are equal to ours. Not greater, not less. The founding of this country states this blantly.

So yeah, this is a short post, but I don't really have anything else to say in this topic, so please carry on with your lives.


I agree with this, if you aren't classified by the government as a male, you need to use a male bathroom.
Same with women. - Skullkid755

If you aren't a male, you use the female restroom. That's what I meant. - Skullkid755

Maybe their can be transgender male and female bathrooms. - visitor

Yeah - TwilightKitsune