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21 Lost Realist

Incredible chorus and guitar, one of the few songs I have never got tired of listening to

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22 Victim

Why the heck is this on 22? Seriously, people?

This one should be in the top 10's!

23 Love Hate Relationship
24 Hollowman
25 Made of Glass

Probably should be up in top tens great lyrics

26 New Beginning
27 Ready When You Are

This is a badass soft song. And the best in my opinion

28 Drama Queen
29 Skin Deep
30 Bleed Like Me
31 Lost In a Portrait

Definitely Trapt's most powerful song in my humble opinion and that's saying a lot. Lost In A Portrait deserves at least top 5. Give it a listen, and you'll see what I mean. It's such an underrated beautiful song

Very powerful song. My favorite from Trapt by far. Even better than Headstrong in my humble opinion

32 Stories
33 Only One In Color V 1 Comment
34 Experience
35 Use Me to Use You
36 Human (Like the Rest of Us)
37 The Wind

Probably my favorite song by them so far.

38 Enigma

36 really? can't believe this, not only is this song underrated but this band is too...

39 When It Rains
40 Strength In Numbers

A beat that's too sick to ignore

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