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21 Follow the Light Follow the Light

I sometimes put this song on repeat and sing every line with heartfelt emotion. Such a great reminder of positive things to come.

A really lovely song that should have been the fourth single off The Invisible Band.

22 Know Nothing Know Nothing

"Awesome Tune and pretty cool lyrics too"

23 Eyes Wide Open Eyes Wide Open
24 The Beautiful Occupation The Beautiful Occupation

Beautiful guitar riffs on this! - MKJoseph

25 Luv Luv
26 Selfish Jean Selfish Jean

How on Earth has this not been added yet?!

Great song and a fun video

27 Under the Moonlight Under the Moonlight
28 The Humpty Dumpty Love Song The Humpty Dumpty Love Song

Can't believe this song isn't even on the list! It is underrated, but it is their deepest song yet! Lyrically, and Musically.. The different layers in the rhythm is fantastic, and the Bass line is absolutely genius! And Fran's vocals as always, are awesome!

29 She's So Strange She's So Strange

The outro with Fran howling away gives me goosebumps. It's beautiful and a little haunting as well. Brilliant.

30 Reminder Reminder
31 All I Want to Do Is Rock All I Want to Do Is Rock
32 3 Times and You Lose 3 Times and You Lose

One of my favorite from them

33 One Night One Night
34 The Cage The Cage

I don't know why this song isn't on the list this is the best song! I love all the metaphors I effing love this band... this should be in the top 10

35 Before You Were Young Before You Were Young
36 The Line Is Fine The Line Is Fine
37 Happy Happy

I am so happy cause you are so happy

38 Blue Flashing Light
39 Falling Down Falling Down

Are you kidding me? Have you people heard this song? THE BEST.

40 Long Way Down Long Way Down
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