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81 Sever the Hand Sever the Hand

This is a monster track!

82 Drowning In Slow Motion

I guess this amazing track's low position can only be accredited with the fact that it was only on the bonus release. Shameful all the same though! Occasionally you get gems on bonus releases and this one fits the bill. Heavy as hell with good aggressive vocals.

83 No Hope for the Human Race

The fact that this song is so low along with the other songs form vengeance falls shows that there really is no hope for the human race (at the time of my writing this, this song is at 79) - Messej

84 Breathe In the Flames

Awesome song.

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85 Shattering the Skies Above

Best trivium and metalcore song of all time nothing compares to it awesome riffs, drum solo, and guitar solo also the clip is very nice

No one thaught this song would be so good because it was the first song with Nick instead of Travis, even I was worried. That all changed when the song really kicked in. It is by far their best song. And I think the reason that it's all the way down here is because people haven't warmed to Nick yet.

Holy crap, what the hell is this song doing in 32nd place? I've been a fan of Trivium for god knows how long and I can tell you with full conviction that this song deserves a much much better place. Honestly I think it's simply a case of people not having heard this song because otherwise this song would have long been in the top 10 without a doubt.

Best song from Trivium m/

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86 Ignition

The very first metal song I loved as a small kid and I still love this song. A masterpiece

Come on guys, this song has an amazing riff to it!
And the chorus is just majestic

87 Like Callisto to a Star In Heaven

This song is truly underrated and even I took some to notice it over the other songs in Shogun.
Firstly the lyrical content is powerful and eery, really suiting the mythology it's based on.
Then the guitar throughout is really catchy and precise, with some good pace to the verses. The chorus is my favourite part and I always want to sing along.
Give this song a chance!

This song does such a great job at making the listeners live the tragedy behind Callisto's myth. Amazing and heavy riffs.

One of their underrated but very good song!

I'M FLABBERGASTED SEEING THIS SONG SO DOWN HERE, this is my 3rd favourite in shogun and I love the different types of vocals intacted in this song..
This shows that people have no taste in music..
Seriously, listen to this song and vote this up.

88 Insurrection

I'm sorry but this is their best song. Why is it not even on the list?

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89 The End of Everything
90 To Believe

A very decent song. Not my personal favorite, but among the good songs from the album.

Easily one of Trivium's better songs! Deserves to be way higher. Top 20 at least. This is a real masterpiece.

First song I heard from them, and it's AWESOME!

91 Broken One
92 Contempt Breeds Contamination
93 Slave New World
94 Vengeance

Why is not even here?

95 Rise Above the Tides
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