Best Trumpet Players


The Top Ten

1 Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong, nicknamed Satchmo or Pops, was an American trumpeter, composer and singer who was one of the most influential figures in jazz.
2 Paolo Fresu
3 Fabrizio Bosso

She's awesome

I mean he's

4 Melissa Venema

Melissa has wonderful tone. Looks right and has that unassuming persoality she is the star performer.

5 Randy Brecker

I met him and he told me to keep practiseing

6 Alessi Vacchiano
7 Andrea Giuffredi
8 Flavio Boltro
9 Enrico Rava
10 Claudio Roditi

The Contenders

11 Wynton Marsalis

A great trumpet player, maybe the greatest, but also a wise man.

This is such a dumb list. Wynton is the greatest of all time.

12 Miles Davis Miles Davis
13 Chris Botti
14 Rafael Méndez

Best technical trumpet player of all time.

First great trumpet player

15 Phil Driscoll

The Best for sure. If you have not heard him, you haven't lived yet. He makes the horn do what he wants, and has a great imagination.

16 Herb Alpert
17 Jumaane Smith

Sounds like the new Louis Armstrong. Beautiful horn work.

18 Al Cheznovitz
19 Philip Smith

Principal trumpet in New York Philharmonic. Plays so beautifully.

20 Doc Severinsen

Best trumpet players from 70's till 00's. 89 and still going strong.

21 Timmy Trumpet
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