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ABS-CBN is incomparable. Quality programming at its best. House to most bankable and admired artists. Very true to its commitment to be of service to the Filipino wherever they may be.

Despite not having a franchise, they still have the most fun and amazing Station ID's, both summer and Christmas, ABS-CBN also has amazing singers, like Jona, Morissette, Sarah, Darren, Moira, etc. And also, amazing and funny hosts. And great actors and actresses. And great teleseryes, reality shows and movies. Honestly, ABS-CBN is the best TV Network here in the Philippines, and that's a fact.

They always number 1 in our hearts no matter what happens it terms of having a franchise because of their one of a kind teleserye's , singers and performers and artists. They complete the philippines television viewership.

ABS-CBN Channel 2 is the Philippine's Largest TV Network. Why? Because of it's world-class entertainment and has the highest TV Ratings of their shows especially the longest and No.1 Teleserye in the Philippines, FPJ's Ang Probinsyano and the No.1 and longest noontime show of ABS-CBN, It's Showtime! ABS-CBN delivers news very well and not boring. Unlike other News Programs, most of them are boring. ABS-CBN has the Best Actors/Actresses in the Philippines. ABS-CBN listens to the say and the voice of the people about their network,TV shows and etc... If they have a mistake, they change it. Unlike other TV Networks, they don't listen to the voice and the taste of the people on TV Shows.

2 GMA-7

GMA Network provides world-class entertainment shows with diverse stories and plots with social relevance. They were bold enough to air LGBT-themed dramas especially on primetime and afternoon prime slots: "My Husband's Lover," The Rich Man's Daughter," "Destiny Rose," "Truly. Madly. Deadly," to name a few. They also aired "Rhodora X," drama that tackles a person living with DID, and this 2021, they are going to air "Ang Dalawang Ikaw," drama with the same topic. Historical dramas with enough research being done: "Amaya," and "Indio." With these top-notch dramas, I really commend them for revolutionizing the Philippine-entertainment scene.

GMA News & Public Affairs also delivers unbiased news and world-class documentaries that have racked-up both local and international awards especially from the New York Festivals and the Peabody Awards — the only PH network to have won the said award(latter). This division of GMA houses the most respected and awarded (local and ...more

Strong signal...
trustworthy & credible news in T.V. also the news reporters are ward-winning..
tackle different issues of the society without BIAS..
even though GMA cannot do much great in heavy drama unlike the other networks...but the essense of every story of different drama series were unique/ innovative..
I like the fantasy serye...very remarkable...I guess other channels cannot beat this one.
Many controversial actor/actresses are in the other channels..
Other channels were involved obviously in political intervention...which I don't admire at all
& lastly there were other artists who formerly a gma artists & transfer to other networks and became ingratitude & not looking back on the network that shows their potential... touch down!

They are the most trusted multi awarded word class and comprehensive T.V. network. I can say that no words can describe their hardwork enable everyone that watch their programs forget their problems even in a short period of time. They teaches everyone to dream big and not just to dream but to be disciplined individual. I admit that sometimes their dramas are boring but I assure you that they are not bias as what their news propaganda says " serbisyong totoo". BEST STATION EVER

Ok Gma7 is one of the leading station here in the Philippines. Gma7 also has world class talents (specially Asia'S song bird REGINE Velasquez, Asia's prime-time queen Marian Rivera Dantes, and many more. GMA 7 has several awards gathered around the world including prestigious awards such as PEA BODY AND READERS DIGEST Asia yet Gma 7 also upgraded to GMA-27 DIGITAL and GMA-7.1 HD than the other networks don't have E.G. abs cbn (which is not credible and also number one rival of GMA 7. Interms of media and arts Gma 7 has a lot of advantages that can also compete to those T.V. networks around the world because of it's best talents, writers, and also their journalists whose the one who gathered those awards such as JESSICA SOHO and other GMA journalists.

3 TV5

Well this is number 1 because it shares true news and their news is not late and raffy tulfo his a great man he has helped many people abscbn is boycotted because of its lies.

I like amazing race

It have a good shows

Yes indeed just because of Raffy Tulfo for me, if he is not there I wont vote T.V. 5

4 Studio23

Reliable trust worthy beautiful T.V...

The best sports channel

I like this channel..

Nothing to say

5 NET-25

Net 25 delivers quality programs that promotes spirituality and good conducts.
It gives truthful information locally and globally.
It practices fair and unbiased reporting.


Thanks for giving us RELIABLE NEWS and for unfolding the True words of God. Explained very well and most importantly Bible based. In a way of not explaining it with false meaning and all of the questions were answered though the Bible itself and not by our own understanding.

World class in delivering different stories and trending news in and out the country..

NET 25 provides a balance programs. They are the best.

6 GMA News TV

GMA news T.V., the no. 1 news channel in the Philippines who beats the enemy channel which is the aksyontv and anc or abscbn news channel. Best documentaries..

The Philippines news Authority... The Philippines no. 1 news channel... Gma news T.V.

We have a more information on this channel and best influences to other

I love the network

7 LifeStyle TV
8 UNTV-37

This could be the number 1 T.V. station because it helps the moral, physical, and spiritual values of every individual not only in the Philippines but also in the other countries.

The most informative station that taught fairness in the field of television and above all studying the teachings of the word god of truth, to god be the glory.

T.V. station where public service with or without recognition was done by heart. UNTV is not for business but of true public service

A genuine public service channel informative ,educational and also have spiritual growth in all aspects of life Untv example a genuine in helping channel more power

10 NBN-4
The Contenders
11 IBC-13
12 Solar Sports

Love abs cbn forever!

Abs cbn the best all...

The best network

More fun here

14 Cinema One

We always watch movies in
Cinema One!

15 AksyonTV
16 INCTv

Good news from bible

17 Jakol TV
18 RPN
19 Sunshine TV
20 PTV 4
21 PBS
22 CLTV36
23 ANC
24 UAE

Very good, informal on the news of the today. More please!

25 Arirang
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