Top 10 Best TV Networks In the Philippines


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Its more fun when your at home. KAPAMILYA 2. Compare to other networks. Kahit lumaki electric bills, and saya


Very entertaining. The news are well organize.they created entertaining shows to entertain especially the Filipino people - Ruman

ABS-CBN is the number one network here in the Philippines. They are have this kind of quality that captures the hearts of every Filipino people. From their movies, dramas, music, news, sports, variety shows and other entertainment are always viewed. In terms of employeers, they have the genius staffs and brightest stars. All of their artists is shining and most loved. Truly, ABS-CBN deserve that unbeatable title as no. 1 network. They are truly hardworking and just great beyond. I am proud to be a Kapamilya viewer. To God be the Glory!

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2 GMA-7

The best in term of news and public affairs, winning 4 George Foster Peabody Awards. This network has class and unbiased on their informations.

The best network

Simply the best.

There is no other network like GMA that provides quality program and award winning world class shows. documentaries and even series. up to variety shows.

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3 TV5

Well this is number 1 because it shares true news and their news is not late and raffy tulfo his a great man he has helped many people abscbn is boycotted because of its lies.

This is the BEST network!

Tv5 number one1 in the Philippines

I like amazing race

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4 Studio23

I like this channel..

The best sports channel

Nothing to say

I love this chaneel

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5 NET-25


Thanks for giving us RELIABLE NEWS and for unfolding the True words of God. Explained very well and most importantly Bible based. In a way of not explaining it with false meaning and all of the questions were answered though the Bible itself and not by our own understanding.

Best T.V. News reporters are in here!

Unbiased reporting. Very informative news.


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6 GMA News TV

We have a more information on this channel and best influences to other

I love the network

Reliable... Trustworthy... Beautiful NEWS T.V. eVER

Informative & credible unlike ABSCBN...

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7 LifeStyle TV

Very informative.

8 UNTV-37

Keep up the good work.. to God be the Glory..

Informative and legit

A true public service channel

True public service and sensible programs are airing on this network.

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9 NBN-4
10 IBC-13

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12 Solar Sports

ABS-CBN the best in entertainment...

World Clasd Shows...

Family is Loveā™„

ABS-CBN the Philippines' Largest Network

In the service of the Filipino worldwide.

Family is the best

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14 Cinema One

We always watch movies in
Cinema One!

15 AksyonTV
16 INCTv

I hope you're the top by next

IGLESIA NI CRISTO TELEVISION have the most number of AnakTV Seals. We Are One With GOD, We Are One With CHRIST, We Are One With Brother EDUARDO V. MANALO! Complete the Race that GOD has Set Before Us! =)

Good news from bible

17 Jakol TV
18 RPN
19 PBS
20 UAE
21 Sunshine TV
22 Arirang
23 Itot TV
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