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Its more fun when your at home. KAPAMILYA 2. Compare to other networks. Kahit lumaki electric bills, and saya


Very entertaining. The news are well organize.they created entertaining shows to entertain especially the Filipino people - Ruman

And astig ng mga and news, nakakatawa and mga newscaster at down-to-earth mag salita
(Umagang kay ganda at T.V. Patrol)
and astig rin ng mga teleseryeng action
magaganda and kuwento at style ng CGI at effects
(Bagani) - hanggan ngayon hindi ko pa rin alam kung paano sila nakapag video sa Disyerto
(Probinsyano) - Explosion, Gunfire, Driving, aastig

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2 GMA-7

Very informative public affair, they give news which the truth prevail and also, they give us the news that awaken our eyes in reality that people would definitely believe the real truth behind the news that they give us as the viewers

Balance News. Up-to-date information. Reliable. Dependable. Trust-worthy.
World-class entertainment, which other countries appreciates.
Amazing and exceptional talents, seen on a show like Party Pilipinas.
Last, but not the least, Kapusong Totoo!

The most trusted T.V. network in the Philippines, the program are very realistic and reliable. most of the segment are award winning. from drama to comedy and variety shows. this station is package station that all you want is in this channel. news are very very balance most of all the anchors on each program are one at a time excellent that includes the actors and actresses.

Hindi gahaman sa ratings. Kahit na mas mataas and ratings ng isang palabas sakanila, hindi nila pinapahaba na inaabot ng taon hehe

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3 TV5

Tv5 number one1 in the Philippines

This is the BEST network!

I like amazing race

Yes indeed just because of Raffy Tulfo for me, if he is not there I wont vote T.V. 5

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4 Studio23

I like this channel..

The best sports channel

Nothing to say

I love this chaneel

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5 NET-25

NET 25 provides a balance programs. They are the best.

World class in delivering different stories and trending news in and out the country..

Accurate and unbiased reporting

Unbiased reporting. Very informative news.

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6 GMA News TV

We have a more information on this channel and best influences to other

I love the network

Reliable... Trustworthy... Beautiful NEWS T.V. eVER

Informative & credible unlike ABSCBN...

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7 LifeStyle TV

Very informative.

8 UNTV-37

Public service without publicity

The one and only public service channel in the Philippines

The true public service channel..

A true public service channel

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9 NBN-4
10 IBC-13

The Contenders

11 Solar Sports

ABS-CBN the Philippines' Largest Network

In the service of the Filipino worldwide.

Family is the best

All time favorite network

Maganda and palabas sa ABS-CBN! Lalo na si Vice Ganda😊 Masayang manood talaga sa ABS-CBN.. NO. 1 T.V. network in the Philippines! Marami ring sikat! Tsaka magaganda yung Asianovela. and paborito kong palabas ay and Showtime!

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14 Cinema One

We always watch movies in
Cinema One!

15 AksyonTV
16 INCTv

I hope you're the top by next

Good news from bible

IGLESIA NI CRISTO TELEVISION have the most number of AnakTV Seals. We Are One With GOD, We Are One With CHRIST, We Are One With Brother EDUARDO V. MANALO! Complete the Race that GOD has Set Before Us! =)

17 RPN
18 PBS
19 UAE
20 Sunshine TV
21 Arirang
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