Best TV Shows on TruTv


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1 Impractical Jokers

Funniest show ever. Never gets old. Best show on any channel. - Acid_Bubble

These guys are amazingly hilarious! My family and I watch this show so often. One of my favorite lines from this show is, "LARRY! "

Probably the only reason people watch trutv. - Fireboy

This is the only reason why I watch trutv

2 Hardcore Pawn
3 Lizard Lick Towing
4 Storage Hunters
5 Wipeout Wipeout Wipeout is a game show that was cancelled in 2014 series in which contestants competed in what was billed as the "World's Largest" obstacle course.
6 Upload with Shaquille O'Neal
7 Guinness World Records Gone Wild
8 Black Gold
9 Vegas Strip
10 World's Dumbest...

The Contenders

11 It Only Hurts When I Laugh!
12 The Carbonaro Effect
13 Hack My Life
14 Those Who Can't

It may seem like a lame version of Teachers from the outside, but trust me this show is really funny.

15 TruTV's Top Funniest
16 Billy on the Street
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