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1 Alice

I love Jacob. O have no words to describe him .Whenever I look at him I feel sad for him that he didn't get his love of his life.. I love him I love him

Alice is my favourite character. She is fun and full of energy and she cares about Bella the first time Bella met the Cullens. She already felt like Bella was her sister.

Alice is energetic, joyful, and very welcoming.
She also has a strong side, and will do anything to for family with great determination.

I love her! She's so adorable yet scary, and her ability is put to use frequently :) without her, the cullen family won't have survived past breaking dawn. Plus her relationship with jasper is adorbs too! alice maintains an energetic, thoughtful, bright outlook while still keeping her secrets close

2 Jacob

Jacob is the best written. I like Bella, but she does at times get selfish. And Edward? He's so serious. He doesn't take anything lightly- not even a joke. He's the worst written of the central characters. The only reason anybody likes him is because he's handsome enough to be one of Michelangelo's statues (a fact often alluded to by the author).

Jacob is so good and helpful and kind to Bella while she does act selfish at times

Jacob is amazing it may just be that I'm an animal lover but wolves rock and so does jacob and by the way I liked him before the movies so its not because he's hot even though he i

Jacob is honestly my favorite character from the entire series. Throughout the entire series, he is the only character that is chill and doesn't take everything so seriously. I enjoyed the one part in Breaking Dawn that was written in his point of view.

3 Edward

5 Reasons why he is awesome:
1) Very hot
2) Protective of Bella
3) He sparkles
4) Very kind
5) Selfless

Alice boyfriend Edward is a great couple. he is an emotional character.

Edward is the most cutest, understanding, courageous, helpful, and honest person I've ever seen on a movie. I do like Bella, and they do look cute together. Jacob I hate, but I don't wanna start a "Team Edward Team Jacob " fight, also. I love how he is very polite and that he is very trustworthy. Alice looks a lot like Edward, so I like her, too.

Edward is awesome. No, I'm not gonna start a "Team Edward Team Jacob" fight. That's just my opinion.
(However, in real life, I'm on team Taylor Lautner)

4 Bella

Don't think about it! Bella is the worst character ever been created.

How is Bella on this list? All she does is flash her boobs at Edward.

I love Bella. I understand most people don’t like that she always gets her way, but 18 years old is old enough to make your own decisions.

Bella is the worst actor that ever lived

5 Jasper

Jasper is an awesome character especially in eclipse. How can people not like him when he is so cool even with his dodgy past he's still amazing.

Jasper is just amazing! I don’t really know why, but he is one of my favorites

He has a lot of charisma and shows a lot of struggle that I think makes him really realistic as a vampire, because he's trying not to kill Bella. Plus, he's good for Alice.

He is nice and good for alice

6 Victoria

I can relate to her wanting to kill Bella, cause yes, that is hard to get over when somebody else kills your loved one.

I hate Victoria in the movie

Blah no no no no no, seriously who likes her!?

Shes just such a cool villian and she should be higher up on this list

7 Rosalie

Rosalie was the only realist in the movie. She only changed when the baby she wish she could have came through Bella. She loved Emmitt and all the Cullans but wishes she never had the opportunity to meet them because she above all else believes that life is meant to end; because the middle is what makes it worth it.

Why is Bella higher up on this list than Rosalie. Rosalie is a far more interesting character than her.

Rosalie wasn't even mentioned here. Why is that? She is the best and the most beautiful but I guess many girls envy to her

"This is not the life I would have chosen for myself. I wish there had been someone there to vote no for me."

8 Jane

My favorite characters she is also very powerful but they really need to train her more like ranging her ability on multiple targets and using her vampiric strength speed and agility because did you see her running in breaking dawn part 2 the Volturi really need to train their guard

Cool, and badass. I personally hate Bella, but Jane is just amazing!

The best character in the whole saga. Her gift has got no parallel. She is the coolest and all those haters are just jealous of her.

A cold hart shows the perfection of mastering the mind, Jane is awesome!

9 Carlisle

He is the one who started the vegetarian vampire thing. This is a revolution. He is a very experienced doctor and a father who cares every human. He is super cool and a gentleman. He must be number one.

he is the best character. he cares and loves everyone and I love him for it

I like Carlisle because of how he is just caring and loving and an amazing father to all.

Carlisle is an incredible character, and is so great that no human could make it to his level nature. The fact that he's a vampire makes him a paradox. As he's traditionally viewed by all whom would come to discover his true identity, and yet he possesses characteristics that are among that of what some great figures such as Jesus (not being preachy) are seen to possess. Qualities that transcend humanistic nature, and give a genuine sense of what selfless compassionate righteousness is.
Carlisle is worthy of his own series, as he's clearly the best character of them all.

10 Emmett

I love how he's that annoying older brother to Edward who teases him about Bella he's so down to earth

That big brother you always wanted. Funny, supportive and strong

I love Emmett cause he is strong and cool he's my monkey man

Emmett, oh my god. Everything is awesome!

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11 James

James is so gross I hate him James you suck Your non-vampire friend MERCEDES

No one likes you James, you were week enough to die in the first movie.😎

12 Seth

I love Seth he's just to cute and the way he looks up to Jacob is so cute he's like a little puppy!

So sweet, kind, and pure. And he is so cute! he is the best werewolf

So loyal and won't hate people just because he's supposed to. Funny too! Should be near the top.

Seth is so cute and he is very loyal to jacob

13 Charlie Swan

15? Are you kidding? He's awesome!


No. just. No

He's the only normal one.
A cool guy that you could talk to whenever.

14 Esme

SHE IS THE BEST MAMA. she literally cares for EVERYONE even the wolves how can you not love her

Esme is personally my second favourite, mostly because just like Carlisle she is brave, careful and most of all kind.

Esme is the matriarch and the motherly figure. She and Carlisle call all the shots, she is so kind to everyone and she wants to help out. Jane is a merciless pain

Esme is the best character in the entire series! She's so kind and amazing, why is Jane in front of her for being merciless?

15 Leah

She is beautiful strong and protective of seth

I feel so bad for her about sam.

It is so sad when Leah dies in breaking dawn part 2
Because she tried (and failed) to save Esme.

She's the the only strong female in the book. When her true love leaves her - does she curl up in a ball and do nothing for months? No, she continues her life because she knows life moved on and so should she. Granted she's bitter about, but she has every right to be. I mean Sam may not have had a choice, but Emily did and apparently she decided she needed her cousin's fiancé. That kind of betrayal isn't something that deserves her forgiveness, they deserve her pain and more.

16 Angela Weber

A seriously underrated character. So what if she didn't get much screen time or wasn't a main character? Where can you find a genuine and kind person nowadays?

17 Laurent

I'm glad he didn't kill bella whoof, I was worried about that

Oh no! It's Bob Marley come back as a vampire to tourture us with his weed songs

He’s a great character

18 Aro

Aro is the best character in the series :3
Honestly, I kinda get the feeling people judge characters by their looks here, and not by their real qualities and plot qualities. I mean, Jacob is a pretty guy but he's (no offense) kind of a jerk. If he really loved Bella, he'd let her be happy and stop like... Causing her pain. I agree with Alice topping the list, I mean she is fabulous. Although a little shallow... Edward is a character I CAN'T abide, (so sorry...) just because he can be mean at times and selfish and unfaithful. Jasper is 4th because he's hot (k only part true) and he's a very interesting character, even creepier than Are in my opinion, and quite badass. Bella... Just no. Rosalie deserves to be higher. A very realistic and sweet character, who has the appropriate attitude to week sorry for herself Bella. Jane totally deserves her place, so frail in appearance but so brilliantly cold and calculating. Victoria, same. Carlisle, Emmett, Esme, Seth, Leah... Should all be so ...more

I think he is the most interesting and awesome character :-)

Aro is just weird, like that laugh when he sees renesmee for the first time in breaking dawn.

Oh yeah, marke Miller, Ethan hethcote or Dionyorkie

19 Jennifer
20 Renesmee

She's the cutest. She makes everyone laugh and smile and is totally gorgeous

She's so cute. She's great and so mature for her age. Why isn't she on the list already?

I really wish Renesmee had a little more time on the screen.


21 Bree Tanner

I love bree and diego

22 Riley Biers

He is great

23 Benjamin

Super cute and sweet

24 Alice Cullen
25 Sam

Strongest of the pack

What happened to his voice! I mean when did he hit puberty!? 💩

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