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1 Alice

Alice is amazing! She is so quirky, funny and beautiful but can be bossy and stubborn in a good way! We all love Alice Cullen and she deserves to stay at no. 1.

Alice is so cool I wish I could be her she inspires me to be very kind the actor of Alice I wish I could meet her I don't know how much times I said that I like her character I think Alice is the best character of all in Twilight I love her power to her powers like super cool seeing the future most of the test for Twilight I got something related to Alice

She is the best character for sure because she is cool and a strong female.

Alice is literally the only character in this damn book series that has any common sense. And to all the Twilight fans out there, don't start with that b.s that the Characters are amazing and that Bella is an inspirational character, blah, blah, blah. No. Bella has absolutely no common sense. Alice is by far the best character.

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2 Edward

Robert Pattinson is just amazing!


I feel I can relate more to edward

Edward is the most cutest, understanding, courageous, helpful, and honest person I've ever seen on a movie. I do like Bella, and they do look cute together. Jacob I hate, but I don't wanna start a "Team Edward Team Jacob " fight, also. I love how he is very polite and that he is very trustworthy. Alice looks a lot like Edward, so I like her, too.

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3 Jacob

Jacob is the best written. I like Bella, but she does at times get selfish. And Edward? He's so serious. He doesn't take anything lightly- not even a joke. He's the worst written of the central characters. The only reason anybody likes him is because he's handsome enough to be one of Michelangelo's statues (a fact often alluded to by the author).

Jacob is amazing it may just be that I'm an animal lover but wolves rock and so does jacob and by the way I liked him before the movies so its not because he's hot even though he i

Jacob is honestly my favorite character from the entire series. Throughout the entire series, he is the only character that is chill and doesn't take everything so seriously. I enjoyed the one part in Breaking Dawn that was written in his point of view.

The past few months at school has been rivalry between who is best in twilight, Jacob or Edward. I have thoroughly thought through this and have decided Jacob is best. Why? because reasons. (and he's the hottest)

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4 Jasper

Jasper is an awesome character especially in eclipse. How can people not like him when he is so cool even with his dodgy past he's still amazing.

Jasper was the most complex character with the best backstory. The series would be a million times better if it focused on him and Alice.

He has a lot of charisma and shows a lot of struggle that I think makes him really realistic as a vampire, because he's trying not to kill Bella. Plus, he's good for Alice.

He is nice and good for alice

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5 Bella

What she's ugly and stupid

Bella is an inspiration to me

Bella is an absolute legend. Such an amazing & strong woman


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6 Rosalie

I love Ross, she’s my favorite female character of the series!

Rosalie was the only realist in the movie. She only changed when the baby she wish she could have came through Bella. She loved Emmitt and all the Cullans but wishes she never had the opportunity to meet them because she above all else believes that life is meant to end; because the middle is what makes it worth it.

Why is Bella higher up on this list than Rosalie. Rosalie is a far more interesting character than her.

Rosalie wasn't even mentioned here. Why is that? She is the best and the most beautiful but I guess many girls envy to her - Magnolia

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7 Jane

Cool, and badass. I personally hate Bella, but Jane is just amazing!

The best character

The best character in the whole saga. Her gift has got no parallel. She is the coolest and all those haters are just jealous of her.

A cold hart shows the perfection of mastering the mind, Jane is awesome!

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8 Victoria

I hate Victoria in the movie

Blah no no no no no, seriously who likes her!?

Shes just such a cool villian and she should be higher up on this list

Shes the main antagonist if the whole twilight saga and I think its cool how manipulitive and evil she can be..and her hair colour is cool

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9 Carlisle

Everybody forgets that Carlisle is the most powerful character. There's no match for compassion when it comes to gifts...

Best character ever

Carlisle is an incredible character, and is so great that no human could make it to his level nature. The fact that he's a vampire makes him a paradox. As he's traditionally viewed by all whom would come to discover his true identity, and yet he possesses characteristics that are among that of what some great figures such as Jesus (not being preachy) are seen to possess. Qualities that transcend humanistic nature, and give a genuine sense of what selfless compassionate righteousness is.
Carlisle is worthy of his own series, as he's clearly the best character of them all.

I love him so much and he’s so hot and kind and caring and an amazing doctor and has great character development and cares about his family More than anything and If it wasn’t for him none of this would have happened

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10 Emmett

That big brother you always wanted. Funny, supportive and strong

I love how he's that annoying older brother to Edward who teases him about Bella he's so down to earth

I love Emmett cause he is strong and cool he's my monkey man

Emmett, oh my god. Everything is awesome!

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11 Laurent

I'm glad he didn't kill bella whoof, I was worried about that

Oh no! It's Bob Marley come back as a vampire to tourture us with his weed songs

He’s a great character

12 James

James is so gross I hate him James you suck Your non-vampire friend MERCEDES

No one likes you James, you were week enough to die in the first movie.😎

13 Vladimir

Good guy and still evil too! - Adnama

That accent though, so awesome 😜 marke Miller and Ethan hethcote check it out!

14 Seth

So loyal and won't hate people just because he's supposed to. Funny too! Should be near the top.

Seth is so cute and he is very loyal to jacob

Seth may be cool, but Jacob is about 100000000000000000000 times better. Yeah I said it.

His friendship with edward is so cool

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15 Charlie Swan

15? Are you kidding? He's awesome!

He's the only normal one.
A cool guy that you could talk to whenever.


No. just. No

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16 Leah

Leah is the best werewolf (shapeshifter) around, shes better than jacob, sam and stupid ugly emily who can't do anything. She sacrifced herself to save Esme

She is beautiful strong and protective of seth

I feel so bad for her about sam. - cocolatte

It is so sad when Leah dies in breaking dawn part 2
Because she tried (and failed) to save Esme.

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17 Esme

Esme is the matriarch and the motherly figure. She and Carlisle call all the shots, she is so kind to everyone and she wants to help out. Jane is a merciless pain

Esme is the best character in the entire series! She's so kind and amazing, why is Jane in front of her for being merciless?

How could you forget her? She's awesome.

Esme is great so caring her and carlise should be higher up there both so nice

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18 Sam

Strongest of the pack

What happened to his voice! I mean when did he hit puberty!? πŸ’©

19 Aro

Aro is the best character in the series :3
Honestly, I kinda get the feeling people judge characters by their looks here, and not by their real qualities and plot qualities. I mean, Jacob is a pretty guy but he's (no offense) kind of a jerk. If he really loved Bella, he'd let her be happy and stop like... Causing her pain. I agree with Alice topping the list, I mean she is fabulous. Although a little shallow... Edward is a character I CAN'T abide, (so sorry...) just because he can be mean at times and selfish and unfaithful. Jasper is 4th because he's hot (k only part true) and he's a very interesting character, even creepier than Are in my opinion, and quite badass. Bella... Just no. Rosalie deserves to be higher. A very realistic and sweet character, who has the appropriate attitude to week sorry for herself Bella. Jane totally deserves her place, so frail in appearance but so brilliantly cold and calculating. Victoria, same. Carlisle, Emmett, Esme, Seth, Leah... Should all be so ...more

I think he is the most interesting and awesome character :-)

Aro is just weird, like that laugh when he sees renesmee for the first time in breaking dawn.

Oh yeah, marke Miller, Ethan hethcote or Dionyorkie

20 Jennifer
21 Angela Weber
22 Bree Tanner

I love bree and diego

23 Riley Biers

He is great

24 Renesmee

She's the cutest. She makes everyone laugh and smile and is totally gorgeous

She's so cute. She's great and so mature for her age. Why isn't she on the list already?

She is so pretty and cool

25 Renesme

Here's the reason she's last (or near last): She's a nothing character who is literally a plot device to solve all conflicts without any work put into. She literally makes no sense and it becomes very clear that her existence and traits are just that to cater to Jacob and his fans - and a pretty poor job of it as a Jacob fan. Her existence literally makes New Moon, Eclipse and the werewolves pointless because if you took them out the book would flow perfectly and more cohesively and all because of this plot hole of a character. We all thought Bella was a Mary Sue - well enter Renesemee, the epitome of perfection, everyone who meets her loves her and those who don't are immediately villainized and killed for such a thought. She is the specialist of all snowflakes - at first the only of her kind and then the only of her kind not to kill her mother. She's the most powerful of all the "mutants" - only one with psychic powers to get past Bella's sheild, and doesn't even need to ...more

What about Bella's beautiful daughter

Why is she last? She is amazing!

She's so sweet and loving. I levels her😘😘😘😘😘

26 Alec

Really great sibling, wish I had a brother like that.

27 Quil Ateara III
28 Benjamin

Super cute and sweet

29 Demetri

He rocks. He's hot. God he deserves a better place.

No. Watch marke Miller, Ethan hethcote or Dionyorkie

30 Embry

He's very cool and he is like jacob's bestie so that kinda sums it up

Embry is hot and he is a werewolf which are sooo cool

I'm suprized embry is not already on this list
He is a werewolf and werewolves are super hot (in both ways)

Embry is pretty cool, but not as cool as Jacob. Watch marke Miller, Ethan hethcote or Dionyorkie please please please!

31 Lauren Mallory
32 Mike Newton
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