Best Twista Songs


The Top Ten

1 Overnight Celebrity

The best you just can't stop listening to it.

2 Adrenaline Rush
3 Kill Us All
4 No Remorse
5 Unsolved Mystery
6 Get It Wet
7 Slow Jamz
8 Overdose
9 So Sexy
10 Get Me

The Contenders

11 Sunshine

Awesome rhythm and flow, the second part is awesome with that fast parts and the lyrics are also awesome.

My favorite songs of all time.

12 Wetter

Yum yum. I remember you! Sexy...

Good song my girlfriend loves it

13 One Last Time
14 Creep Fast
15 Hope

This is a song that has a good message, nothing about sex or drugs. Plus it goes to a great movie

16 Mista Tung Twista

Mista Tung Twista is fast. I have a hobby for learning and memorizing fast rap and this is by far the hardest challenge I have faced. I do the fast part of rap god at 150 speed easy but this is something else. The flow of the song is outstanding and the lyrics are on point. Although I have tried, I can never get the annunciation of each syllable quite as well as Twista. Overall great rap and should easily be at the top of this list.

17 Worldwide Choppers
18 Drinks
19 American Gangsta
20 I Ain't Wired Right
21 Girl Tonite
22 Beast

Twista once more kill it

23 Crisis
24 Devil's Angel

Awesome, amazing theme & a good rap

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