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1 What You Know

Every time I listen to this song, I feel comfort and it relaxes me, but the melody kind of makes me feel like I'm on vacation. Such a great song! I listen to it a lot and it's great every time. It's just so happy and upbeat! This band deserves much more recognition.

This should be in the top 3 songs here, my word... Number 8? Am shocked! Two door cinema club is an awesome band and its no surprise they are a favorite... Don't disagree with number 1 though.

Always had been and always will be my favourite song by two door. Best song ever I love it. Better than any of the new ones. X

I like this song

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2 Undercover Martyn

The first second I heard this song I legit almost cried at how beautiful it was. This song is just amazing honestly the vocals the tune I can't even

It's a really fun song to listen to.

Undercover Martyn Is so awesome! That song

Love the melody!

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3 Something Good Can Work

Most amazing song ever! Fell in love with it the second I heard it! Wish it went on forever...

Love this song, listen to it at least three times a day :D so glad this is at number two lets make it number one come on people!

I am in love with this song. It always brightens my day no matter what! LET'S MAKE IT NUMBER ONE! :D

The first time I heard this song, I FELL MADLY IN LOVE.

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4 I Can Talk

So catchy. I listened to this song for literally an hour straight while working homework, and I'm listening to it now. - Jammer196

When I first started listen to Two Door Cinema club, it was hard to decide which song was my favourite. It came down to I Can Talk and What You Know. I decided to do a comparison side by side. This edged it for me!

The song makes me feel happy!

The use of lyrics and sounds just makes this one of there best in my opinions. It sounds a little indie pop-ish but I like that style. Reminds me a little of Gorillaz but less rapping LOL

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5 Cigarettes in the Theatre

This song is so good. Once you start, you can't stop listening to it. Legit BEST SONG EVER WRITTEN. This should be in the top 3.

This song is absolutely beautiful and it sounds so... PERFECT! My favorite at this moment

This should be at first place!

It's honestly the best song they ever made.

6 Sleep Alone

This song is simply amazing two door cinema club are such a great band

First heard ds song in fifa 13 and still addicted to ds song... Awesome lyrics alsoXD

This song has such a good vibe to it!

Such a wonderfully composed song and well sung. It always puts me in a great uplifting mood.

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7 Come Back Home

Best Two Door song. End of.

I love the melody of this song SO MUCH!

The best 2DCC song, great meaning and everything

8 Sun

This song is amazing. It makes me feel happy and sad at the same time. Listen to this!

Love it, it makes me think of my current relationship with a girl I absolutely love.

This is one of those never-ending songs that you can never get enough of. Whether I'm in a good or relatively grouchy mood I can always listen to 'Sun' over and over again.

This song could probably contend with what you know if not better. Its starts out so mystical and then pulls you in for good vibe.

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9 Next Year

There are no words to describe how beautiful and amazing the song is

"Maybe someday you'll be somewhere, talking to me, as if you knew me- saying, 'I'll be home for next year darling, I'll be home for next year'" this song is amazing! Lyrics and chorus! Like omw people! Top 5 at least!? :D

This is the greatest song ever whether you are at home or in a holiday, and it is the kind of song you can listen to the whole night.

The chorus is haunting. It's the blow of a cool wind reminding you of the past and future all at once. Completely enthralling.

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10 This is the Life

Makes you feel so good and happy for no reason, so you just smile and sing along

Deserves to be so much higher, love this song! Unlike no other song so VOTE NOW!

Love love great pump up song!

Love this song so much

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11 Do You Want It All?

The 7/4 time signature in this song is amazing, it's noticeable yet its not awkwardly obvious! The song is perfection, and so is the band!

12 Eat That Up, Its Good for You

The music video is so cute and the final third of the song can get anyone moving in their socks.

This song should be on the top 10 list.

The subtle yet tasteful use of the synthesizer complements the great guitar strings. The drums are a simple backbone to an amazing song. About half way through it builds up to an amazinly beautiful resolution. Should be in the top 5.

I avoided the sog first because I thought the title sounded a little strange and I listened to it and damn, yes my mind was blown. I became obsessed with it and listened to it 24/7 and watched all their live videos of the song. God I love it, very unestimated

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13 Bad Decisions

This song should be in the top ten! I love Alex's falsettos, they are just great. Yeah I agree, this song is slightly different from their classics but it should not stop you voting for it. If you like something a little different- vote this song!

14 You're Not Stubborn

This song reminds me of the breakups I'd have and foolishly go back to, the criticisms I've faced throughout life, and how great it felt to overcome them. What an inspirational song; it's just got so much depth... And it's catchy! Easily a TDCC top 10 song

15 Lavender

Love Lavender! Amazing should be in the top ten surely! Vote now>>>

Great chorus

16 Changing of the Seasons

Fine mix of alternative rock and electronic music!

Such a catchy song, should be higher on the list!

Their newest and definitely best song

Should be in the top 3.

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17 Costume Party

If you sit down and listen to the lyrics it's so emotional and the beats are so out there that it can catch the attention of anyone.

So underrated, pretty awesome

18 Eat That Up, Its Good for You

Amazing song! Yeah it is probably underrated but it is still a classic from TDCC! Not every song can make the top ten list but oh well! Still vote this number because it is fab!

19 Are We Ready?

Love this song, it's just amazing! Why is this not higher up! I listen to this song at least 4 times a day so that should tell you how great it is! Just VOTE

This deserves so much more recognition! Even if it is not a classic like 'What you Know' or 'This is the Life',the quirky little number deserves to be up there in the top ten. Another fabulous TDCC song!

It's a great song, the lyrics and the rhythm are amazing

20 Handshake

Seriously? This one is even better than 'What you know'! It's easily their best song!

This song is amazing, its their best song yet, its definitely better than what you know, I mean how is this not even in the top 10, come on people this is a masterpiece just listen to it again

This song is very inspirational! Deserves to be in the top ten or even the top 5. Beats 'What you know', Sorry!

This is the best has better quality than the others and it's not even in top 5? Unfair. Did you listened to the last 40 sec? U fools.

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21 Ordinary

Love love this song! This song is one of the best songs that TDCC has ever written. It is so catchy and every layer is thought out which just makes it extra special! Vote for this!

22 Wake Up

This one has an awesome ending, a must heard.

Easily a top 10, does the people who vote listen other songs from this band?

Great guitar solo, great lycris. Second best song from Beacon! Must listen!

23 Pyramid

What a song with brilliant bass

The ending is absolutely beautiful. Give this song a chance and listen it to the end you'll see why!
It truely has a deeper meaning you must fathom yourself!

This is my absolute favorite song ever. I listen to it everyday. But oh my gosh it's so hard to pick one good song by them.
It'd be between Something Good Can Work, Settle, Your not Stubborn, and Wake Up augghh

24 Settle

A great song for relaxing... One of the best line I ever heard, "... Because I see the world... In different colors... To someone like you... "

One of their slower songs but it has a great vibe and really draws you in when you give it a chance.

I love this song its really good has a nice meaning behind it and is one of there best in my eyes

My favourite song from Beacon! Love it so relaxing and the song lyrics are inspirational! This song should be higher up at least in the top ten

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25 Gameshow

Love this song too. Top 10 material so vote people vote

Seriously, more people should listen to this song. It has such a cool classic TDCC feel mixed with a cool '80s feel that creates an epic result. It's just RIGHT. I absolutely love this song. Honestly though, I can see why some people don't like it. For me, it wasn't till I'd listened to it about 3 times when it clicked. Now it's my favourite song.

26 Kids

Super feel-good song! Loving the beat! Must listen!

27 Standing On Ghosts

How this is not in the top ten is beyond me!

Like 'go back to when no-one knew them and they were a kick ass band' but they always were and always will be

28 The World Is Watching

Why is this #24? What ITS AMAZINg

29 Spring

Number 25, are you kidding me? Such a quirky and amazing song, gets everyone to love spring! Deserves so much more recognition

How is this so down low? The second verse always gets me on my feet & dancing! The overall song is just amazing:))

I think this song deserves to be a lot higher than number 24. It's so pretty.
Probably one of the most underrated ones on this list.

Love this song so much! ¡ so

30 Remember My Name
31 Beacon

I love this song so much why isn't it up higher?

32 Golden Veins

Lyrics are beautiful and amazingly presented. Should be at 15

33 Lavender
34 Crystal
35 Hands Off My Cash, Monty

This song is pure perfection, the little drum and guitar fill at the end of the second chorus (I think) always makes me happy, this song make me wanna dance no matter where I am!

36 Someday

I love this song. Especially the end sounds great

This song makes me legit cry

37 Je Viens de La

This one is just so catchy. I wish they would have played it at the show I went to. One of my favorites

38 Secret Circus
39 Invicible

An absolute masterpiece. My heart stops a little every time the guitar kicks in. You can feel the emotion, the passion, dripping out of the song with every note.

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