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221 The Fire In Her Eyes
222 The Last Stand
223 The World Is Mind
224 Thermopolis V 1 Comment
225 Tyrianis
226 Undefeated
227 Walking On Air
228 War of Angels
229 Stay
230 Aesir
231 Soul Grinder
232 Lost In Las Vegas

I really like the melody. It's very simple but nevertheless it is an earworm for me.

Perfect combination of the musical elements.

233 Red Tower

Hmm. This seems misplaced. This song is amazing really moving, really nice work with the strings. Needs to be higher then This.

Why is Red Tower at the bottom? This song is gorgeous, it shouldn't be all the way down here.

234 All Is Hell That Ends Well

This song is amazing! It truly give you that feeling of immortal, endless powers. As if you could do anything and no one would stand in your way.
The softer moments between de louder parts give you a moment of rest and peace to convert what you just have heart, and at the same time makes you wait for every second that's coming and hope that this feeling never ends.

Super underrated song. That part at the end where everything goes dubstep is epic.

The development in the song is amazing. I love the dissonance in the louder parts!

Epic epic and the dubstep part is awesome!

V 3 Comments
235 I Love You Forever

This is a beautiful song. I'm surprised it's not up higher, but I suppose most people like the loud, battle-like songs in the albums Battlecry, Vanquish and Archangel.

Awesome song! If you are in love, you can understand it

Awwe another awesome creation..

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