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221 Sweet Rampage
222 Temple of Damnation
223 The Ancients
224 The Cross of Antiquan
225 The Fire In Her Eyes
226 The Last Stand
227 The World Is Mind
228 Thermopolis V 1 Comment
229 Tyrianis
230 Undefeated
231 Walking On Air
232 War of Angels
233 Stay
234 Aesir
235 Soul Grinder
236 Lost In Las Vegas

I really like the melody. It's very simple but nevertheless it is an earworm for me.

Perfect combination of the musical elements.

237 Red Tower

Hmm. This seems misplaced. This song is amazing really moving, really nice work with the strings. Needs to be higher then This.

Why is Red Tower at the bottom? This song is gorgeous, it shouldn't be all the way down here.

238 Sariel
239 Stormkeeper
240 Creation of Earth

I am slightly confused as to why some of Sun is here and some is not. In my opinion, Sun is the best album to be composed by both TSFH or Thomas Bergersen alone - probably due to the fact that this album contains the best of Thomas's songs throughout many years.

With that out of the way, Creation of Earth is simply magnificent and you must watch the cinematic by Epic Music Channel(EMC). Then you will understand better how well it tells the story of how the Earth came to be. - Kippa3

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