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If you haven't heard of em, you don't deserve Zimmer's or Newton's or any of the movie soundtracks.

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21 Final Frontier

This song is awesome, calm at the beginning to become very epic, it reminds me the greatness of the space and its void.

This should've been in the Interstellar soundtrack, not just the trailer lol

By far one of the best songs. Should be top 5

22 Black Blade

Love the ending! Very fitting piece of art for a professional trailer. I have used it in my videos before, great piece of music, everyone should listen throughout the whole thing

Just the one. Simply a masterpiece in the all epic music world. I think the song is the more intense of the two steps from hell discography. The rising and the moment that the song explode is just... unbelievable. I have shivers each time I listen to it T. T

An amazing piece of music, gets your blood pumping and your heart pounding. I am surprised this piece is not further up the list. Also works very well in the Mass Effect 3 Cinematic trailer, well worth a view!

Simply: a masterpiece.

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23 Atlantis

There is just something exotic and deeply touching in the melody. I really enjoy the perfect mix of feminine and masculine elements. This song is truly magical.

24 Merchant Prince

How isn't this in the top five? It's so unique, epic and beautiful. How come nobody knows about this? It's driving me insane, so many people know dozens of crappy teenage songs but nobody actually knows about this beautiful song and appreciates it! I'm literally ashamed of living with these people without the sense of 'real treasure'. The people who have read Little Prince, the Alchemist and stuff will know what 'real treasure' is. And humanity has never been so apart of it as they're now.

I love Merchant Prince. It's a top notch song, one of My personal top tens. - NymeriaWaters

This song really needs to be higher. It's beautiful melody is so uplifting and emotional. Such amazing use of the choir, such amazing use of soundwaves period.

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25 Compass

This reminds me of all the things that are good in life. It's a beautiful track, both the vocal and the instrumental.

Amazing song, giving hope. I love all TSfH music, but this one has trapped my heart.

26 Invincible

This is too far down for such an epic song. Should be in the top 10

The most epic song. When I hear it, I imagine myself fighting thousands of enemies in fantasy world. Drums are the best in this song.

This song makes me feel invincible

Another blatant snub, "Invincible" boasts one of Bergersen's best themes; colorful and compelling, it is delivered with a potent blend: the flair of brass and Merethe Soltvedt's lucid vocals. The percussion motif propels the song through its bombastic density, which yields to the breathtaking contrast of Soltvedt's soaring voice over the dark thunder of brass. While it suffers somewhat from audial saturation, its strong theme and electricity deserve better than a #30 spot.

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27 Starfall

This song should be top ten :( But I love all of them still

The eerie into in chimes leads into one of Bergersen's best, an intense gypsy-esque reel on violin laid over choral chant that nears the heights of its predecessor "Starvation".

28 Calamity
29 Flight of the Silverbird

Flight of the Silverbird is a rare accomplishment in epic music. It's impressive overarching leitmotif combined with an ingenious use of instruments thought primitive in earlier times come together for an orchestral experience unlike any other song released to date. This song builds fantastically and lives, breathes, and evolves throughout this journey most people would call just a song. It avoids the pitfalls that other songs have fallen into time and time again. It is long enough to feel like an adventure, unlike Heart of Courage, and has a memorable leitmotif (cough, cough, Heart of Courage). The choruses (of which there are multiple, epic ones, unlike certain unnamed parties that start with an 'H' and end with a 'Courage') actually build, and you can tell that more instruments are being added in. I know I'm picking on Heart of Courage a little bit, but seriously? Number 1? If you agree with me, consider shooting me a comment. If you disagree with me, definitely shoot me a comment.

This flute used in this song is beautiful. The rest is awesome too.

This is a beautiful piece even if you don't feel it as much as I do.

Perfect and epic

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30 Evergreen

I love the time signature, how well it dances. - NymeriaWaters

31 Remember Me
32 Everlasting

This song makes me feel like I am on an epic journey that is testing the strength of my body mind and soul. Such a good song, one that starts off amazing and builds to even more amazing. - NymeriaWaters

This song is one of the best songs... ever... You have to hear the whole thing from beginning to end to understand. The sample simply doesn't capture it's epic. - JasonWolf727

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33 Love Suspended
34 Ocean Kingdom

Seriously? Is Nick Phoenix's most popular song only at #18? There's more to TSFH than Thomas Bergensen, you know; try some of Nick Phoenix's songs.

35 Blizzard

Just fits very well its name, getting more and more powerful.
A very deep track.

You get "chilled" when you listen to this track. Best name for the song and best song for the name.

The song begins with a soft snow flurry and builds into the most intense blizzard imaginable. This is an absolute masterpiece and will forever be my favorite TSFH song. So sad to see it this low on the list.

Should have been top 15

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36 Immortal Immortal Immortal is a black metal band from Bergen, Norway, founded in 1990 by frontman and guitarist Abbath Doom Occulta and former guitarist Demonaz Doom Occulta.

Immortal is a great song, but don't confuse it with "The Immortals" (which, by the way, is another epic song)

This is amazing. One of the best in my opinion

...How on earth is Immortal #50?! There's no way! This is for sure in the top #5 Two Steps From Hell songs ever! So epic - JasonWolf727

One of their best work

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37 Strength of an Empire

By far my favorite, surprised it ranks so low!

38 Fatal Fury
39 Master of Shadows

What the hell has everyone's sense of music gone nutss this deserves place in top 5
If you don't vote for it I will find you and I will kill you and then I will haunt your ghost

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40 Hypnotica
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