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81 Men of Honor

This is in the new album, Two Steps from Heaven. This song is absolutely beautiful! I love every second of it, it reminds me of the Band of Brothers theme by Michael Kamen.

Beautiful and uplifting, a true tribute to the title's namesake.

82 Racketeers

Short and sweet! Not that well known buts its definitely good.

83 Infinite Legends

This song is beautiful and Epic! Definitely should be higher on the list.

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84 Am I Not Human?

Definitely the most underrated song. 90? Are you kidding me!?!?

Well... You Have To Hear It Yourself To Understand.

People who don't know it should hear it until the end!
because the end with the ambiance placed is epic!

85 The Colonel V 2 Comments
86 Heart

Has a great depth to it

87 My Freedom

Extremely special feeling, very hybrid and interesting

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88 Cry

Amazing and incredibly epic sog

89 Release Me

Easily one of the best. The String section in this song is so moving, the synchronization near perfect. A great song from a great album

I love this song because It's so moving and beautiful.

90 Pegasus V 1 Comment
91 Spirit of Champions
92 Velocitron
93 Gift of Life

Epic emotional Soundtrack, what it's doing here, it definitely deserves to be in Top 20!

94 Age of Gods
95 Caradhras

One of the best song I've ever listend to.

96 Hello World V 1 Comment
97 Battleborne

I'm usually not a fan of lyrics in epic songs like these (mostly prefer choirs), but these lyrics and the singer's voice really makes this an amazing song

Hey guys this the song from the new album " Battlecry" by TSFH. Describes all the horrors done in the wars beautifully. I was so moved when I heard the lyrics that I almost wept. Please listen to it and vote for it.

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98 Immortal Avenger
99 Army of Justice
100 Exouds
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