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101 White Witch White Witch
102 72 Virgins 72 Virgins
103 Armada Armada
104 Caradhras Caradhras
105 Earth Rising Earth Rising

Great song. Should be at least in Top 50!

106 Forever More
107 Ironwing Ironwing
108 Road to Revelation
109 The Purifier
110 Transfiguration
111 Web of Lies
112 Hunter's Moon Hunter's Moon

Short but really powerful, 50 seconds of pure epicness. If you've been marked as the target, you're as good as dead when the sun goes down.

113 Freedom Ship Freedom Ship

Just an extremely wonderful song, as the final sacrifice, giving at the same time sadness and joy at the end, this is cleary my favourite! I think it's the most Wonderful song of Nick Phoenix!

114 Ultraground Ultraground

Why is this not at least in the top 10? Has anyone else heard it? The energy is truly incredible and it flows wonderfully! As of this coment it is ranked at 102. There are not 101 better songs in all the world!

115 What's Happening to Me What's Happening to Me
116 Titan Dune Titan Dune
117 Conquerors
118 Elementum
119 Decimator Decimator

If only there is a soundtrack for the end of the world...

120 Atlas

Amazing music! Vote it up people!

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