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121 Ultraground

Why is this not at least in the top 10? Has anyone else heard it? The energy is truly incredible and it flows wonderfully! As of this coment it is ranked at 102. There are not 101 better songs in all the world!

122 What's Happening to Me
123 Forge
124 Stronger Faster Braver

How is this not in the top... One of the best ever - Badz3us

125 His Brightest Star Was You

This song is so sad and beautiful... Truly amazing. - NymeriaWaters

126 Titan Dune
127 All Is Hell That Ends Well

This song is amazing! It truly give you that feeling of immortal, endless powers. As if you could do anything and no one would stand in your way.
The softer moments between de louder parts give you a moment of rest and peace to convert what you just have heart, and at the same time makes you wait for every second that's coming and hope that this feeling never ends.

It's my favourite song from Two Steps from Hell. I wonder why it's not in top ten. Have a go, listen to it and you will know why.

Super underrated song. That part at the end where everything goes dubstep is epic.

Epic epic and the dubstep part is awesome!

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128 Conquerors
129 Elementum
130 I Love You Forever

This is a beautiful song. I'm surprised it's not up higher, but I suppose most people like the loud, battle-like songs in the albums Battlecry, Vanquish and Archangel.

Awesome song! If you are in love, you can understand it

Awwe another awesome creation..

131 Decimator

If only there is a soundtrack for the end of the world...

132 Atlas

Amazing music! Vote it up people!

133 Friendship to Last

This is not exactly an epic song, instead it is a soulful, moving, poignant sad song. It is a beautiful variation to most of TSFH's awesome works!

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134 Frozen Paths
135 Big Sky

This song is so peaceful and yet intense at the same time, starting off calm and erupting to a large climax, but not a violent one. Its like a graceful, passionate, song but still with an epic tune and mood to it.

136 Portals Over Earth
137 Red Omen
138 Asimov
139 Corruption
140 Dreammaker
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