Top 10 Best Tyler the Creator Songs

just some of my favorite tyler the creator songs in order.

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1 Yonkers

Tyler the creator is the best black dude in the KKK if I had enogh money I would pay him to work for me

Awesome beat, kiler raps, and major dissing. All the qualities of an awesome song.

This is the best and most popular song ever for Tyler and OFWGKTA

"won him an award"

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2 Bastard

best work

Deeper than yonkers (which is still a good song) but this one needs to be #1

Deep lyrics, catchy beat, and the deep voiced therapist. What's not to love?

As a teenager you can relate to this track

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3 911 / Mr. Lonely

Dope song

One of my favorite songs of all time.

Such a good vibe

Goes so hard

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4 Sandwitches

This song is so contagious! ITS THE WOLF GANG WOLF GANG WOLG GANG GOLF WANG! This should be number 1

This is the best single out there

Contagious and honestly same with tron cat! Easily two of his best songs!

Hodgy just owns it

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5 Domo 23

This ones gotta be AT LEAST top three, clearly not enough people have heard it if its this low

His best work. Period.

Honestly, come on come on

His hardest song ever!

My favorite off of Wolf
Enough said

This song is one of the best I've heard from him. It's going hard and the beat is sick.

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6 Assmilk

This, Orange Juice and bastard are the best. Yonkers is over rated

Nice beat, good flow, like the idea of the back and forth between Tyler and Earl

Violent, dynamic, terrifying, and oddly funny

The best song. The lyrics are amazing! Tyler and Earl created a masterpiece

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Amazing this song is so deep and I think people relate to this

One of the best songs by tyler

This is one of my favorite songs I would rather it be in the top 4._. I just love the song so much

This song is seriously fantastic. It totally deserves top 5.

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8 Who Dat Boy

Such a sick track

Definitely should be number 1


Really good song, don't understand why it’s 21!

9 Rusty

Hands down the best Tyler verse of all time

Spoiler wolf dies.

Best verse by far

This is by far Tyler's best verse. His charisma, vulgarity, and lyrical style are on full display here. "What the f*** I'm saying Tyler's not even a violent name"
"Analog fans getting sick of the rape all the Tron Cat fans are getting sick of the lakes but what me bitch I'm getting sick of complaints".

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10 Boredom

Absolutely beautiful and shows Tyler's growth

Too relatable to be so low. Sounds beautiful, great Hook. Tyler sings. Amazing.

so good

Find some time. Find some time to listen to this. It’s fire

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11 Tron Cat

Best work by Tyler, top 3 on my list. Awesome song really

Sweet song, interesting lyrics, deserves top 3

No repetitive lyrics and perfectly captures the dark style of Goblin

Incredible, this was the first song that turned me onto Tyler. Tyler, truly is my idol.
He is sick and twisted, hurt and angry, and mostly devoted.
I love it.

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12 See You Again

Cool cover art

Overrated but definitely my favorite by him

Wrong pic, but this is one of Tyler's best songs of Flower Boy. - Ccecil

Beautiful, the pinnacle of his music for me. also great picture

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13 Oblivion

I really like the song especially towards the end. It brings out this eerie vibe that's really cool

14 Nightmare

When I was younger I would smile a lot, I'm gettin older gettin bolder with a wiser top!

"when you daydream, that's how death seems"

The chorus is beast "tell her I'm her worse nightmare this is hell you ain't never got to fight fair"

If this song wasn't at least in the top ten then I would have been livid.

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15 Burger

His flow is fantastic on this song, definitely one of my favorites

I love the lyrics and the beat is amazing!

16 Answer


The lyrics are awesome and so is the video. Easily one of the most memorable lyrics and song from him. I love how stripped down this is and the emotion in his voice when he talks about his dad. Love it.

Easily one of the best Tyler songs. Deep as hell and full of emotion. This song puts me in Tyler's shoes, and they're heavy.

You get a first hand view of how Tyler really feels. He fires heavy shots at his dad but at the end of the verse, he still has a pang of remorse, saying that if he ever calls, he hopes there will be an answer.

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17 I Ain't Got Time

It's a masterpiece sounds like a older rap song but new at the same time

Favorite song off the album

This is by far my favorite tyler the creator song from the beat to the raps this song is amazing


18 She

Frank and Tyler came together to create another great song. Sounds great.

Everything about this song is amazing. It expresses the honest thoughts a lot of us have sometimes.

The combination of Frank and Tyler in this song is amazing. This is by far my favourite song of Tyler.

This was the first Tyler the creator song I listened to, so I think it was one of his best songs.

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19 Parade


20 Jamba

This should definitely Be in the top Ten, it's insane. With the mad beat and the fact that Hodgy murders his verse. Plus tylers lyrical substantiality went up by a little bit. Laugh out loud

This is my favorite Tyler song. Deserves to be in top 20 at least.

Awesome beat, just such a dope song

The amount pf double meanings in tylers verse makes it fire and hodgy kills it

21 Back for Another One

This is one of the most unpopular songs and actually one of the best too...

Umm this song is ORGASMIC

22 Martians vs. Goblins

This song is amazing! Beat is sick! Come on guys!

Why at 19th? Surely this song beats Nightmare!

Come on this is the best

23 Garden Shed


Amazing song

One of my favorite tyler songs. AMAZING production.

Easily one of the best produced songs of the decade, amazing vocals from estelle, and suprisingly good vocals from tyler, and that moment when the guitar stops and then it goes on again and tyler starts spittings is one of the best parts but also at the beginning the way that guitar went in was amazing! 11/10 good song.

24 Orange Juice

Best bass line to spit to

I don't think enough people have heard this song, but they should. One of the first Odd Future songs I heard, and still one of my favorites.

This is hands down my favorite song I've heard tyler sing "I stumbled down a hill then I had Jill Jack me off"

The piano is catchy and different from most hip hop. One of my all time favorites.

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25 Oldie

The only song on The OF Tape Vol. 2 with Earl on it. Features all OF members but Tyler kills with his second verse. Jasper's verse is funny as hell and has a wicked beat

I love's just amazing and Hodgy kills it

26 48

Absolutely fantastic

Brilliant track, one of the best on wolf.

My favorite by Tyler.

Great story behind the song and such a beautiful song overall

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27 Pigeons

Not his song and he has a short verse.. But admit he killed it..

Yeah great song I know, he was the best in that song and I wish he had n=more lyrics than what he said but then again I don't mind because it was a great song like I said

28 Golden

Great way to end goblin, beat is incredible, lyrics on point, and also adds to the drama when it ties into the storyline of tyler and the therapist

Pieces together the entire message of Goblin and is just insane rapping. When Tyler loses it in any song, I always get the chills.

Song is insane with a really dark beat

Best of the best

29 Potato Salad

Needs to be top 10

best song

Yee yee, put this on Spotify already

30 Tamale

Its not the best but 30 is way too low so voting for this one - 4our2wen0ty

My very first song by Tyler. I love every second of it. - Not_A_Weeaboo

If everyone watched the video for this song and voted again, it'd be number one.

SO UPBEAT. Yet still brutal in a way. Love the song even though it's rapping utter nonsense

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31 Garbage

Clearly no one has heard this song. The beat with the gun is memorable and amazing and fits with the game. His flow is unstoppable on this song until the end. And he just sounds amazing on it

This song should be top 5 for sure extremely underrated

So incredibly deranged. I love it

Come on has anyone even heard this its on Grand Theft Auto v

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32 Her

It really be like this sometimes

It's kind of weird but... This song Is almost like I wrote it. It's so relatable it's scary, these lyrics are deep and personal and scarily real. One of Tyler's best songs

I could relate to almost every word of this song. It matches experiences I've had so well that it scary much like the other reviewer said. You can sense self pity and emotion, things not often expressed

Great song that I can relate to in my top 10

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33 Okra

Goated the flow is insane

34 Colossus

Bruh why is this not #1

Probably one of the most meaningful songs from Wolf, if not his whole career.

I think this is one of his most clever songs it should be in the top 15 at LEAST (in my opinion more like top 3)

Sounds good and tells an escalating story about a fan being obsessed with him

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35 Smuckers

REALLY underrated. the beat is amazing, and the back and forth transition between tyler and wayne is amazing,

I honestly just love this song

His verse on this is good and I'm no Kanye lover by any means I like some of his stuff but he killed it in this song

I agree with the other guy top 5 at least some great verses with 3 of the best rappers of all time

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36 Blow

Best beat out of his songs by far

37 Sam (Is Dead)

I think this is the song when tyler finally matures himself, killing all his alter egos that surrounds him all the time

38 Goblin

Really relatable and the therapist back and forth is great!

Goblin is one of his deepest songs top 5 no doubt definitely better than yonkers like what

One of the best, deepest songs of Tyler's

Goblin is one of his best songs! Definitely better than Yonkers

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39 Enjoy Right Now, Today
40 F***ing Young

Deep song, sad to think he went through something so hard and major credit for making a song about something so behind the curtain

41 Seven

Come on man this song is better than most of the songs on goblin - FailedStunt78

You have got to be kidding me!? This song was one of the BEST on bastard

Odd future some Nazis

42 Bimmer

Love the song and the dirty references! Just amazing

You Remind Me Of My Bimmer a lot Of Truck Space The Perfect 2 Sitter Best Song Off Has Wolf Album! That's All I Gotta Say Golf Wang! OFWGKTA

Have you heard 48?

dope song

43 Inglorious

This song is like answer and sounds like it somehow.

This song is so deep/ f you I'm good I graduated without f you iam good ni. Ga 18 f you eat a di+k ni. Ga
He's is talking about his dad is to good

44 Where This Flower Blooms

This song is beautiful

45 Foreword
46 Slater

Frank and tyler = beautiful

47 Radicals

Number 1

It's obviously crappy rapping as I have been told before but this song gets to me more than any other song because of its underlying message. Here he presents the anger that consumes most conflicted teenagers these days and I can relate to that

Super underrated, my favourite for sure. Really makes me think of the word goblin

What is this bull crap? This isn't just the worst Tyler song, it's the worst song I've ever heard. - AlphaQ

48 Transylvania

It sounds like a castlevania boss fight ost

What is wrong wit yall this deserves top 5 at least the beat and lyrics rule I'm Dracula bitch

One of his best

Don't have a problem wit smackin a bitch ahahha

49 Lone

Great, have to be in elevator mindset

A masterpiece, extremely underrated

Everything about this track is flawless, the soft jazz, that takes on an uncomfortable tone, a very elevator music sound, with a dark story that reveals the curtain behind Tyler. Obviously his best song.

Definitely should be top 10. Really deep and very very catchy

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50 Cowboy

So underrated

This song is under-appreciated. definitely some of his best lyrics

This feels like Tyler's testament, everything that defines him

I am a cowboy on my own trip

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