Top 10 Best Tyler the Creator Songs

just some of my favorite tyler the creator songs in order.

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1 Yonkers Yonkers

Awesome beat, kiler raps, and major dissing. All the qualities of an awesome song.

"won him an award"

This is the best and most popular song ever for Tyler and OFWGKTA


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2 Sandwitches Sandwitches

This song is so contagious! ITS THE WOLF GANG WOLF GANG WOLG GANG GOLF WANG! This should be number 1

Contagious and honestly same with tron cat! Easily two of his best songs!

This is the best single out there

Hodgy just owns it

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3 Bastard Bastard

Deeper than yonkers (which is still a good song) but this one needs to be #1

Deep lyrics, catchy beat, and the deep voiced therapist. What's not to love?

As a teenager you can relate to this track

Deep and catchy tune

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4 Domo 23

This ones gotta be AT LEAST top three, clearly not enough people have heard it if its this low

Honestly, come on come on

His hardest song ever!

My favorite off of Wolf
Enough said

This song is one of the best I've heard from him. It's going hard and the beat is sick.

Amazing song

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5 Rusty Rusty

This is by far Tyler's best verse. His charisma, vulgarity, and lyrical style are on full display here. "What the f*** I'm saying Tyler's not even a violent name"
"Analog fans getting sick of the rape all the Tron Cat fans are getting sick of the lakes but what me bitch I'm getting sick of complaints".

This is probably one of my favorite verses of his, he gets into such detail about how everyone just wants him to put out songs, despite whatever he's feeling.

Possibly Tyler's best verse. Not to mention Doms and Earl go hard.

Tyler giving nicki minaj a lesson

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This is one of my favorite songs I would rather it be in the top 4._. I just love the song so much

This song is seriously fantastic. It totally deserves top 5.

By far one of the deepest and beautiful songs needs to be #1

Much deeper than the rest of these songs - my favorite.

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7 Assmilk

This, Orange Juice and bastard are the best. Yonkers is over rated

Nice beat, good flow, like the idea of the back and forth between Tyler and Earl

Violent, dynamic, terrifying, and oddly funny

The best song. The lyrics are amazing! Tyler and Earl created a masterpiece

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8 Tron Cat Tron Cat

Best work by Tyler, top 3 on my list. Awesome song really

Sweet song, interesting lyrics, deserves top 3

No repetitive lyrics and perfectly captures the dark style of Goblin

Best song ever. love it omf.

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9 Orange Juice

I don't think enough people have heard this song, but they should. One of the first Odd Future songs I heard, and still one of my favorites.

This is hands down my favorite song I've heard tyler sing "I stumbled down a hill then I had Jill Jack me off"

The piano is catchy and different from most hip hop. One of my all time favorites.

Honestly underrated but some of earls best lyrics same for Tyler

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10 Nightmare

When I was younger I would smile a lot, I'm gettin older gettin bolder with a wiser top!

"when you daydream, that's how death seems"

The chorus is beast "tell her I'm her worse nightmare this is hell you ain't never got to fight fair"

If this song wasn't at least in the top ten then I would have been livid.

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? Analog Analog

Best song to me. Why is it all the way down here. It should b at least 10th.

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? Goblin Goblin

Goblin is one of his deepest songs top 5 no doubt definitely better than yonkers like what

One of the best, deepest songs of Tyler's

Goblin is one of his best songs! Definitely better than Yonkers

This song helped me through loads so relatable

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11 Golden Golden

Pieces together the entire message of Goblin and is just insane rapping. When Tyler loses it in any song, I always get the chills.

Song is insane with a really dark beat

12 Her Her

It's kind of weird but... This song Is almost like I wrote it. It's so relatable it's scary, these lyrics are deep and personal and scarily real. One of Tyler's best songs

I could relate to almost every word of this song. It matches experiences I've had so well that it scary much like the other reviewer said. You can sense self pity and emotion, things not often expressed

Great song that I can relate to in my top 10

I like how it tells a story. The story is interesting!

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13 Answer Answer

You get a first hand view of how Tyler really feels. He fires heavy shots at his dad but at the end of the verse, he still has a pang of remorse, saying that if he ever calls, he hopes there will be an answer.

Easily one of the best Tyler songs. Deep as hell and full of emotion. This song puts me in Tyler's shoes, and they're heavy.

The lyrics are great, if you understand what he actually is talking about. And I can relate to it a lot. I really feel Tyler in this song.

My favorite song by Tyler. It's so underrated. Everything about this song is perfect

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14 She She

The combination of Frank and Tyler in this song is amazing. This is by far my favourite song of Tyler.

Everything about this song is amazing. It expresses the honest thoughts a lot of us have sometimes.

This was the first Tyler the creator song I listened to, so I think it was one of his best songs.

Frank Ocean and Tyler came together and cam up with a great chorus form Frank and controversial yet meaningful lyrics from Tyler, whil both of them painting a perfect picture of exactly what as happening in the song

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15 Pigeons

Yeah great song I know, he was the best in that song and I wish he had n=more lyrics than what he said but then again I don't mind because it was a great song like I said

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16 48 48

Brilliant track, one of the best on wolf.

Great story behind the song and such a beautiful song overall

Easily Tyler's best song from his best album in my opinion

Best backing track of any Tyler/OF songs

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17 Burger

His flow is fantastic on this song, definitely one of my favorites

I love the lyrics and the beat is amazing!

18 Oblivion

I really like the song especially towards the end. It brings out this eerie vibe that's really cool

19 Bimmer

Love the song and the dirty references! Just amazing

You Remind Me Of My Bimmer a lot Of Truck Space The Perfect 2 Sitter Best Song Off Has Wolf Album! That's All I Gotta Say Golf Wang! OFWGKTA

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20 Martians vs. Goblins Martians vs. Goblins

This song is amazing! Beat is sick! Come on guys!

Why at 19th? Surely this song beats Nightmare!

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