Top 10 Best Tyler the Creator Songs

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21 French French

It's better than most people think

Song gets me pumped up every time.

22 Steak Sauce Steak Sauce
23 Parade
24 Tamale Tamale

If everyone watched the video for this song and voted again, it'd be number one.

SO UPBEAT. Yet still brutal in a way. Love the song even though it's rapping utter nonsense

This song is the best I love it so much and it it very catchy

This song bring me back into summer memories

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25 Sarah

You can't be serious. This song beats Yonkers by a long shot. I'm sure people can relate to Sarah waaay more than Yonkers. Getting rejected by your dream girl and getting pissed and psycho about it. Come on you all been there before.

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26 Transylvania

What is wrong wit yall this deserves top 5 at least the beat and lyrics rule I'm Dracula bitch

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27 Back for Another One

Umm this song is ORGASMIC

28 Radicals Radicals

It's obviously crappy rapping as I have been told before but this song gets to me more than any other song because of its underlying message. Here he presents the anger that consumes most conflicted teenagers these days and I can relate to that

Super underrated, my favourite for sure. Really makes me think of the word goblin

29 Jamba Jamba

This should definitely Be in the top Ten, it's insane. With the mad beat and the fact that Hodgy murders his verse. Plus tylers lyrical substantiality went up by a little bit. Laugh out loud

This is my favorite Tyler song. Deserves to be in top 20 at least.

Awesome beat, just such a dope song

The amount pf double meanings in tylers verse makes it fire and hodgy kills it

30 Oldie

The only song on The OF Tape Vol. 2 with Earl on it. Features all OF members but Tyler kills with his second verse. Jasper's verse is funny as hell and has a wicked beat

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31 Garbage Garbage V 2 Comments
32 NY (Ned flander)

The flow will leave you breathless

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33 Sam (Is Dead) Sam (Is Dead)

I think this is the song when tyler finally matures himself, killing all his alter egos that surrounds him all the time

34 Colossus Colossus

I think this is one of his most clever songs it should be in the top 15 at LEAST (in my opinion more like top 3)

Sounds good and tells an escalating story about a fan being obsessed with him

This may not be Tyler's best song, but it has lyrics that goes deep and is catchy!


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35 Smuckers Smuckers

His verse on this is good and I'm no Kanye lover by any means I like some of his stuff but he killed it in this song

I agree with the other guy top 5 at least some great verses with 3 of the best rappers of all time

Why isn't there more Cherry Bomb on this list? Have people seriously forgotten it?

This song is Amazing! All the verses are amazing and the song has great meaning!

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36 Inglorious

This song is like answer and sounds like it somehow.

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37 Fish

The start makes you feel that the rest of the song is going to be good
His flow I crazier than it usally is, shows his real rap talent.

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38 Blow

Best beat out of his songs by far

39 Seven

Come on man this song is better than most of the songs on goblin - FailedStunt78

You have got to be kidding me!? This song was one of the BEST on bastard

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40 Cowboy Cowboy

This song is under-appreciated. definitely some of his best lyrics

This feels like Tyler's testament, everything that defines him

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