Top 10 Best Tyler the Creator Songs

just some of my favorite tyler the creator songs in order.

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41 Sam (Is Dead)

I think this is the song when tyler finally matures himself, killing all his alter egos that surrounds him all the time

42 Blow

Best beat out of his songs by far

43 Seven

Come on man this song is better than most of the songs on goblin - FailedStunt78

You have got to be kidding me!? This song was one of the BEST on bastard

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44 NY (Ned flander)

The flow will leave you breathless

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45 Inglorious

This song is like answer and sounds like it somehow.

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46 Fucking Young

Deep song, sad to think he went through something so hard and major credit for making a song about something so behind the curtain

47 Cowboy

This song is under-appreciated. definitely some of his best lyrics

This feels like Tyler's testament, everything that defines him

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48 Slater

Frank and tyler = beautiful

49 Window

Why in the hell is this not in the top 10.

One of the deepest songs

50 Splatter

This song is sick

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51 Pigs

Favourite OF song by far, incredible emotion

Just raw anger and sadness

This song is so good...

52 Keep Da O's

Beast af chilled out twords the end features pharell

53 Rella
54 B.S.D.

Funniest song on goblin

55 Analog

Best song to me. Why is it all the way down here. It should b at least 10th.

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56 Jack and the Beanstalk
57 Couch

This song is to good to be 38

What THIS should be in top 20

58 Lone

Everything about this track is flawless, the soft jazz, that takes on an uncomfortable tone, a very elevator music sound, with a dark story that reveals the curtain behind Tyler. Obviously his best song.

Definitely should be top 10. Really deep and very very catchy

Easily top 10. beautiful tune

59 Okaga Ca

Incredible beats with beautiful vocals plus flowing rap verses near the end. A work of pure genius.

This should be number 1. Outstanding musicianship in this song 10/10

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60 Deathcamp

What is this doing all the way down here. This is fire!

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