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61 2seater

Should be way higher I'm my opinion even T says its one of his best songs he has ever made.

Beautiful vocals in the song and they g along with beautiful beats :) happy song

62 Find Your Wings V 1 Comment
63 Wolf V 1 Comment
64 Old Toddlers

One of the catchiest, deepest, and most underrated songs he has made. Definitely needs to be top ten

The beat is a little weird but still a good song. Should be higher than 66 though

I love this song

65 Pigs Fly
66 Earl V 3 Comments
67 Slater V 1 Comment
68 Sasquatch
69 See You Again

Wrong pic, but this is one of Tyler's best songs of Flower Boy. - Ccecil

70 Fish

The start makes you feel that the rest of the song is going to be good
His flow I crazier than it usally is, shows his real rap talent.

V 1 Comment
71 VCR / Wheels V 2 Comments
72 Tina

This is a lyrical masterpiece you all clearly have no idea what quality is.

Oh, so because you like a song that not as many people like nobody else knows what quality is.

Reminds me of when my Grandad asked me if I like Frank Sinatra and when I said no he told me similar.

"Tina perm your weave" funniest song

73 Boppin' Bitch
74 Campfire
75 Double Cheeseburger

The beat the this song is amazing

76 Buffalo

I think this is the best song off of Cherry Bomb, unlike a lot of people I actually liked the album as a whole but this song stood out to me due Tyler's clever word play coming out once again

You can hear his anger. And the beat sounds almost hostile. Just a DGAF attitude

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77 Hcapd
78 Pilot

Great interpretation on how money can't buy you true happiness. Deep song that captures that lesson completely

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79 Untitled 63
80 Who Dat Boy - Tyler the Creator
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