Top 10 Best Tyler the Creator Songs

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61 Slow It Down
62 Awkward

This Track Is The Most Soulful And Relatable Track By Tyler. Everyone Has Been Through He's Little Story in this track

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63 Trashwang

How the hell is this not even top 20

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64 Session

Sickest beat out of the majority of his songs

Best song ever to me. It should be at the least top 15

65 2seater

Should be way higher I'm my opinion even T says its one of his best songs he has ever made.

Beautiful vocals in the song and they g along with beautiful beats :) happy song

66 Find Your Wings V 1 Comment
67 Wolf V 1 Comment
68 Old Toddlers

One of the catchiest, deepest, and most underrated songs he has made. Definitely needs to be top ten

The beat is a little weird but still a good song. Should be higher than 66 though

I love this song

69 Pigs Fly
70 Earl V 3 Comments
71 Sasquatch
72 Fish

The start makes you feel that the rest of the song is going to be good
His flow I crazier than it usally is, shows his real rap talent.

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73 VCR / Wheels V 2 Comments
74 Tina

This is a lyrical masterpiece you all clearly have no idea what quality is.

Oh, so because you like a song that not as many people like nobody else knows what quality is.

Reminds me of when my Grandad asked me if I like Frank Sinatra and when I said no he told me similar.

"Tina perm your weave" funniest song

75 Boppin' Bitch
76 Campfire
77 Double Cheeseburger

The beat the this song is amazing

78 Buffalo

I think this is the best song off of Cherry Bomb, unlike a lot of people I actually liked the album as a whole but this song stood out to me due Tyler's clever word play coming out once again

You can hear his anger. And the beat sounds almost hostile. Just a DGAF attitude

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79 Hcapd
80 Pilot

Great interpretation on how money can't buy you true happiness. Deep song that captures that lesson completely

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