Best Type O Negative Songs

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1 Black No.1

This is the ultimate track by them in my own opinion! It has a really good gothic feel to the whole song and it just keeps getting better - PsychoSandman33

2 Wolf Moon

The best and also not listed here, these three things song

3 Love You to Death

UNIQUE! When I listen to it, I feel like a spirit inside me, a spirit that controls my emotions, and makes me become sad and happy at the same time! UNIQUE, JUST UNIQUE!

4 Christian Woman
5 Paranoid

Without a doubt I would say this destroys the original Black Sabbath version makes almost 3 minute song into a 7 minute one and makes it sound a lot better oh and as a bonus the riff of Iron Man is in the song as well. - christangrant

Greatest cover EVER made. Better the orginal

6 Black Sabbath

This is a great cover - christangrant

7 Anesthesia
8 I Don't Wanna Be Me
9 My Girlfriend's Girl
10 Everything Dies

The Contenders

11 Gravity
12 Dead Again
13 Unsuccessfully Coping With the Natural Beauty of Infidelity
14 Cinnamon Girl
15 Summer Breeze
16 Die With Me
17 Bloody Kisses (A Death in the Family)
18 September Sun
19 Kill All the White People
20 In Praise of Bacchus

She haates me! I absolutely love this song, I saw it on the symphony for the devil dvd and after that I bought October Rust and absolutely loved this! It's a 7 and half minute masterpiece

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