Best Types of Chocolate

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1 Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate is so awesome. Screw dark chocolate and white chocolate is so gross. My life will always love that perfect combination and milk and chocolate.

Best Chocolate ever, the result from the mix of milk and chocolate cannot be compared with other types

Milk chocolate is the best kind of chocolate in the world!

Best chocolate ever woo hoo

2 White Chocolate

Pretty much vanilla's chocolate. Creamy, buttery, rare, and rich

I love pure white chocolate( 100%white chocolate without nuts or other stuff inside)

Milk chocolate is not good
it is the worst chocolate I have ever seen

Best chocolate by a lot

White chocolate is really sickly sweet. I find it horrible but I respect your opinion if you like it. - MasterLink

3 Dark Chocolate

Though bitter, it is still a bit sweet and it's very good for you health. The healthiest chocolate around, who's with me?!

I LOVE dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate, but dark has less sugar and still manages to be AWESOME

Bitter, but yet extremely tasty. And to all those milk chocolate fans out there: Can eating milk chocolate even only one time, decrease the chances of getting any type of cancer?... That's what I thought. (If you don't know, eating dark chocolate even one time decreases the chance of getting cancer. AW YEAH IT'S A WIN-WIN.

Dark chocolate = BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH blah blah and BLAH

4 Cream Chocolate

It does look attractive, and smells heavenly too, but it's too sugary.

5 Mint Chocolate

Yum! Mint, chocolate. Delish.


6 Nut Chocolate
7 Caramel Chocolate


I love this as well as white choc and milk choc

A little too sweet for some people, but I'm sure all sweet tooths like me like it! ^^

8 Sweet Chocolate
9 Butterscotch Chocolate

Now I prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate, but butterscotch is actually pretty nice.


10 Ginger Chocolate

The Contenders

11 Single Bean Chocolate
12 Baking Chocolate

Prank idea: give someone chocolate, tell them it's regular chocolate, but in reality, it's baking chocolate.

13 Orange Chocolate

This goes really well with dark chocolate and milk chocolate.

Orange and chocolate compliment each other very well.

Citrus, chocolate. Thick and creamy with a light crisp favor. Yum.

14 Fudge
15 Ground Chocolate
16 Salted Chocolate


17 Coconut Chocolate
18 Strawberry Chocolate

I love chocolates filled with strawberry fondant.

19 Unsweetened Chocolate

Who does not have sweet in there chocolate. I mean come on

20 German Chocolate
21 Bacon Chocolate

Its real and it is AMAZING.

22 Mint Butterscotch Chocolate
23 Ruby Chocolate
24 Dutch Chocolate
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