Best Types of Farts

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21 The Squeaker
22 Rip Roaring

As in after a big batch of Down Home Chili

23 The super stinky

Not as smelly as the super atomic omega fart, but that's because it's not as loud.

24 Cheese fart

The fart you get when you eat too many diary products.

25 Let it go fart

Elsa just had to let it go.

26 Sex fart

They fart you have during, or after sex. Imagine how your partner is going to feel.

27 The autism fart

The fart from an autistic kid. Usually smellier than your average fart.

28 The Jesus Christ Fart

The holy fart! Should be higher on the list, but there couldn't be two number ones, can there?

29 The Girl Fart

Contrary to popular belief, farts are not only released from males, but these toxins are also emitted from females.

Usually tomboys like farting and I'm a tomboy.

I'm a girl and when I fart it's so embarrassing.One time I was on an elevator and I looked super HOT and this guy was hitting on me but then my stomach started bubbling and I farted extremely loud and as soon as those elevator doors opened he left.I was so embarrassed

30 Your Good Old Average Fart

Not the best, but neither is it the worst. It's not too smelly or too loud, but not too odorless or too silent. Just your normal fart, the fart that most people fart out.

31 Truck Stop
32 Poop hopper

Poo in shoes. No hope

33 Feebee
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