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61 Vale Tudo
62 Zen Do Kai

BEST EVER. It is physical, fun and helps self defense.

63 Tarung Derajat

Practice and easy to learn

64 Sqay

Yes, the Kashmiris have their own form of martial art and the name is Sqay, swords and shields are their forte.

65 Bandesh

Bandesh is an ancient Indian empty-handed Martial Art technique that uses various lock holds to defeat an armed assailant without killing him.

66 Zui Quan

Drunken Boxing- the best martial art by far. Easily beats Kung Fu. Don't believe me? Look it up or watch legend of the drunken master

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67 Lua

The military of ancient Hawaii where mostly all over 6 foot and over 200 pounds. Legend has it that there general cold lift a 5 ton boulder. When you combined there physicality with a martial art that's based on breaking as many bones in your aponent in minimal time - Poop2

68 Vovinam V 3 Comments
69 Bojutsu
70 Wado-Ryu
71 Shinkendo
72 Kenju-ryu
73 Western Boxing V 1 Comment
74 Mardani Khel

It is particularly known for its use of the uniquely Indianpata (sword) and vita (corded lance).

75 Paika Akhada

This sounds like a Thai curry in fact all of them do

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76 Silambam

Weapon based, originated in Tamil Nadu, the word Silambam itself means the staff, which is the primary weapon used.

77 Kathi Samu

Originating from Andhra Pradesh, it is an ancient skill which was mastered by the royal armies of the state.

78 Taiji Zen
79 Jen Do Tao
80 Shorinji Kempo

It is the best fighting style it is based on speed

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