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81 Jen Do Tao
82 Shorinji Kempo

It is the best fighting style it is based on speed

83 Kuntao

Powerful martial art from the Philippines, has similarities to many Karate, Kung-fu martial arts, plus teaches is own Lima-Lima Arnis techniques.

84 Yaw-Yan

Yaw Yan is an awesome martial art, in english it means the dance of death...

85 Hwa Rang Do
86 Street Fighting

Street fighting is a bunch of guys calling out in a fight and it's stupid they don't know how to fight and there's no style it is not a martial arts there's no protection like defense or offense on a fight they are a bunch of guys swinging at each other in the faces like idiots

This is how to toughen up, pick up core skills and experience to mold yourself into a good fighter, will help with progressing in martial arts

The one of them fight in street they fight like little kids in a Elementary school they don't know how to fight like real fighters

Those who want street fight and practice it are worst people ever because they want nothing but pain to opponent, but those who don't want to fight anyway, at least every one fought for defending himself, so those who always get bullied and defend their selfies have a sense of every opponent, so every fight you'll learn even more and more from the worst like: knowing how to punch to the best. In my city there are always kids who want to bully you for reason so I have a cousin who got bullied many times but then... Only he can deal with every one it don't matter even bruce lee, he beat every a** wants to fight him lol.

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