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1 Calm Weather

It can be one off the greatest weathers, not to hot and not to cold, a calmly beautiful weather - MatrixGuy

A temperature of 70 degrees would be just right, and I think those states are Colorado, Washington, California, Texas, Alabama, Florida, and Minnesota.

Not too hot and not too cold but just perfect. - cosmo

Where I live, it's almost 90 degrees, so I'm sadly not getting calm weather... - Mariomaster63

2 Snowing Weather

You can play snow in this weather and don't need to worry about the sun burn

I live in Texas where the only thing we get is 90s and 100s hot and sunny

I love sunny weather and I love snowy weather. It was tough to pick, but seeing snowflakes and Christmas lights and fires in the fireplace and Christmas parties... It is clearly the best weather that there is.

I like the cold, but that's natural for me. I wear summer attire in inter, so this weather is quite comfortable.

Darn, it was hard resisting the urge to enter a certain book character's persona. - Cyri

3 Sunny Weather

I do like snowy weather - but it's so much more comfortable to get in loose-fitting clothes, go to the beach, get a tan and get an ice cream

Sunny is better it's a good day to take a swim at the beach and it much better than any weather it is such an awesome weather condition...

I really like to see the sun shining but at the same time, I like to see the sky the colour of wet elephant. Stormy sky and sunshine has an eldritch charm which I find so beautiful. - Britgirl

Am I the only one here who likes sunny weather? - Userguy44

4 Cloudy Weather

I love the foggy, grey, overcast days when you can just go out and have sone fun and forget all your stress. (Unless you find overcast weather depressing of course)

My friends think this is good because the sun doesn't glare at you in the eyes and you won't be able to see

I like it because it is the calm before the storm. It is cool and you have the wind whipping against you.

If you like this weather, you'll Like November

5 Rainy Weather

It's relaxing. Imagine just chilling on your computer with an open window while it's raining on a cool 6 AM morning wearing a light sweatshirt. - 0w0uwu

I like the rain, especially when you are at home and it is raining outside. You feel so nice and warm, but I guess I prefer sunny weather. - BloodFang

I'm sick of people saying rain is sad. I like rain. Rain brings life. People act like it should never rain at all.

Rain is so nice. I would love nothing more right now than to sit in a car, hotbox, listen to MGK, and watch the rain travel down my windshield. That's ideal. - maarilynmaanson

6 Rainbowed Weather

Rainbows are pretty when it rains or thunderstorms in the sun - trains45

The rainbow looks so awesome when it comes out after the rain

Favorite weather. Sadly it only last for 30 minutes to an hour. - Sjakson

Gives a great look at the sky - MatrixGuy

7 Thunderstorm

Thunderstorms are fun to watch especially at night time, only time it would be scary is if there was a tornado

The heavy rain and epic lightning make the entire landscape look beautiful. Sunny weather make you sweaty, hot and uncomfortable, I don't know why everybody thinks sunny weather is lovely, the horrid sun hurts you eyes, burns your skin and gives you deadly diseases like skin cancer. I don't know why everybody thinks rain is bad and gloomy, rain gives life and makes me happy, sunny weather is just so plain and boring. It is so awesome to watch a raging thunderstorm, and lightning is just an amazing, beautiful and intense natural phenomenon. A good thunderstorm and heavy rain will always cheer me up, it is always amazing to watch the elements rage outside, the howling winds, the pounding rains, the heavy thunder, rolling across the horizon, and best of all, the immensely powerful flashes of electrical glory, lightning. I wish storms would happen more often because they are so awesome, intense, and special. The way a good storm can darken a sunny day, turn the blue into a magnificent ...more

Wanna move to Colombia, they have amazing thunderstorms there. Same with Venezuela. Both are near the equator so it shouldn't be surprising. I love stormy weather

I barely had any thunderstorms yet. I only saw at least five this year...while most people get 20! - Mariomaster63

8 Misty Weather

I love that type of weather especially in the bluffs in Wisconsin, with the mist coming off the bluffs after a summer rainfall, it gives you a feel like you're in the rainforest or something

You better not drive fast in these types of weather - MatrixGuy

I love waking up to this weather. ☁ It's so calm but also very exciting. - KilljoyWithAPen

9 Sunny and Windy
10 Light Snow

The Contenders

11 Heavy Snow

Brings the best skiing.

12 Foggy Weather

It's a change.

13 Cool and Frosty
14 Blizzard

Who doesn't like blizzards

15 Windy Weather

Before you vote for this kind of weather, ask yourself this question: "Do I really like rubbish flying into my face? "

16 Canicular Weather
17 Warm Sun, Cool Air

I HATE this, especially when it is winter. - BloodFang

18 Thundersnow

Really Cool weather when it happens which is rarely. - Soulstealer

19 Clear Weather
20 Windy Without Rain
21 Snowstorm

Awesome weather. - Soulstealer

22 Drizzle
23 Sleet
24 Freezing Rain

Awesome weather. - Soulstealer

25 Dry Weather

Low humidity in the atmosphere makes you think to rain - MatrixGuy


26 Hailing Weather

Awesome to look at but does have its devastating effects now and then laugh out loud!

27 Heavy Thunderstorm

Yeah, that's cool - BloodFang

28 Hurricane
29 Light Rain

I like the smell of rain in Summer and I like being outside in the rain. - Catlover2004

Light rain is nice. Even in humid weather there can be rain. You can usually still see the sun and sometimes there is a rainbow afterward. =^v^=

30 Tornadoes

I love tornadoes, although I’ve only seen pictures. I’m gonna be a storm/tornado chaser when I get a driver’s license.

31 Nor'easter

Am I the only person that likes Nor'easters? A storm system that is in Northeastern US that can give you Heavy Snow or/and Rain, plus with pretty heavy winds. - Soulstealer

32 Partly Cloudy with Scattered Showers
33 Tsunami

Because I want to die

34 Electric Storm

I'm gonna pee into the persons mouth whoever came up with that idea for a storm - TheKirbyCreeper999

For some reason I like storms with lightning and thunder. - cosmo

35 Sunny and Hot

In my opinion, it's only bad when it's just too hot. - Userguy44

Worst weather ever to me. - Soulstealer

Easily the worst

NO. - Misfire

36 Heavy Rain

If it's in the 50s or 40s not if it's in the 80s. - Soulstealer

37 Rain and Strong Wind
38 Rainstorm
39 Sand Storm
40 Puddly Weather
41 Rainy and Windy
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