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I loved this game growing up. I wish they made a sequel to close up the plot holes

42 Rayman Legends

Best platformer game of all time


Best platformer I've ever played. Should be number one. Great music. Great gameplay. Great art style. Nothing bad about this game. Plus it's good old Rayman, Ubisoft's mascot. You can't not like Rayman. No offense to PS4 but Legends is better on the Wii U.

43 Assassin's Creed Rogue

If you have want to vote Black Flag for all it's pirate stuff you should really vote this because it has way more. - ICanSeeYou

This game should be the first in the top ten games of ubisoft

Yeah this one is something else

Love the galleon warfare!

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44 Driver: San Francisco

Best driving game ever, very different to any other ones

A True Classic, A Must Play!

Great game for ever

45 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six

Best competitive game out there

46 South Park: The Stick of Truth

Best south park game ever! It's like your really in the show! Please put this game higher on the list.

Well it was published by Ubisoft but still, it was the most funniest game I video game history

47 Child of Light

Absolutely beautiful and intricately detailed game, from the watercolor animation, the haunting music, to the minutely woven mysteries! My daughter and I are enchanted with this game.

Amazing but sad story enriched with flawless art work and music

This game is quite beautiful. I really want a sequel...

48 The Crew

It next Gen and it's got the most enormous Map ever made

Free Roam. Lots of Free Roam

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49 Rocksmith

I took up the guitar 6yrs ago at age 53 and I would like to thank you for such a wonderful tool. I take weekly lessons from a professional instructor but I honestly believe that if it were not for this product I might have given up but the game has kept me challenged but the progress I have made is astounding not only to myself but to others. I would love to see more music from my generation but I do understand the licensing issues. but a little Pink Floyd would be great..Thanks again for the great work.

D Huss

50 Prince of Persia: Prodigy
51 Valiant Hearts

Charming art-style, beautiful music and an interesting story with a stunning ending. Although not incredible in terms of gameplay it is fun enough to keep you going. Out of all other Ubisoft titles I've played this one definitely left me with the fondest memories.

52 No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
53 Heroes of Might and Magic V

I just LOVE HoMM V. It is the best installment of the game!

54 Rayman

Rayman 2 and 3 had a nice story, but Rayman one had the best looks. The atmosphere, music, and the variety of enemies you faced all fit perfectly.

Awesome world and music, great gameplay and funny characters. Can't believe this ain't higher.

It even has a atari jaguar version!

55 Sleeping Dogs

This was a rockstar game

One of the best games in the world!

56 Just Dance 2017

This game is awesome to play! It is one of Ubisoft's best selling games! Selling up to 60 million copies. This game has the latest hits like, Sorry by Justin Bieber, Lean On by Major Lazer, Cheap Thrills by Sia, Cake by the Ocean by DNCE, Don't Wanna Know by Maroon 5, and more. Even has back in the day hits like September by Earth, Wind, and Fire. This game is compatible with consoles that has motion controllers. PS3 (PlayStation Move, or PlayStation Eye) PS4 (PlayStation Camera, or PlayStation Move). Xbox 360/Xbox One (Kinect) Wii/Wii U( Wii Remote), and Nintendo Switch (Joy-Con)

57 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

Easily one of the best games ever!

58 Might & Magic Heroes VI
59 Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

Awesome game! Based on old western game.

60 Far Cry Instincts

If people think that Farcry 3 is good then play this. I kid you not Farcry 3 is just a remake of Instincts without the predator side of the story. Even look at the covers of the game. Very similar

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