Best UFO Movies

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1 Close Encounters of the Third Kind Close Encounters of the Third Kind Product Image

Love it. I've watched this movie many times and still enjoy it. It avoids some of the silly Hollywood gimmicks and shows how encounters can deeply impact people's lives.

Unbeatable classic from Steven Spielberg. Visual effects still look modern and great. The acting was brilliant

Considering it was made in the 70s it still has better effects than stuff today. Excellent movie.

Still the best UFO flick ever made.

2 The Shadow Men The Shadow Men Product Image

Low budget but still great and really underrated movie with amazing Sherilyn Fenn

3 Flight of the Navigator Flight of the Navigator Product Image

This is my favorite movie! Such an amazing film. I love this movie with all my heart. You have been good to me, Max. I will forever have that adorable little alien robot nestled comfortably in the back of my mind. Go Navigator!

A young boy disappears and reappears several years later flying an alien spaceship that thinks he is its pilot. Very cute movie

This is like, THE BEST MOVIE EVER MADE! You're crazy if you don't see this.

4 Hangar 18 Hangar 18 Product Image
5 Signs Signs Product Image

Creepiest alien movie I have ever seen, and definitely one of the most suspenseful (of all time that is). This movie is a great thriller and a must see! It deserves to be close to the top!

Suspenseful film that really grabs you and plays on your fears

6 War of the Worlds War of the Worlds Product Image

Yes I loved this movie as a kid and I still do

Already classic of UFO films

7 Cocoon Cocoon Product Image

Nice and very kind movie

8 Sphere Sphere Product Image

Very underrated and overlooked UFO movie

9 Independence Day Independence Day Product Image
10 The X-Files The X-Files Product Image

Very interesting movie based on classic Sci-Fi series

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11 The Fourth Kind The Fourth Kind Product Image

One of the craziest,"based on a true story" movies ever.

Best UFO movie ever scary also

12 Fire in the Sky Fire in the Sky Product Image

Should be a better known movie, underrated. Great effects and acting. Suspenseful, realistic.

Very good movie on alien abductions.

Great FX, well acted

13 Paul Paul Product Image

Funny as hell!


14 Starship Invasions
15 The Thing The Thing Product Image
16 Koi... Mil Gaya

Indian Hindi UFO related movie

17 District 9 District 9 Product Image

Very realistic. Happens more or less anyway in SA and other countries. A must see Sci-fi with a political twist.

18 Skinwalker Ranch Skinwalker Ranch Product Image

Enigmatic alien cover up movie.

19 The Day Earth Stood Still The Day Earth Stood Still Product Image
20 War of the Worlds (1953) War of the Worlds (1953) Product Image

Classic alien invasion movie. Incredible effects for a 50's movie.

21 Aliens Aliens Product Image

How there are no Xenomorphs

22 Prometheus Prometheus Product Image

This movie shows how aliens might have created man. Also it's a prelude to the Alien (franchise.)

23 Predator Predator Product Image
24 The Thing from Another World The Thing from Another World Product Image

A classic of the 50's sci-fi genre, great acting, and a great script.

25 Dark Skies Dark Skies Product Image

Alien abductions. Very scary.

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