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21 Space Child

Poor Space Child at number 28. This song has an awesome solo, I'm surprised it is so low on this list...

Terribly underrated considering its place in this poll! Awesome solo, beautiful instrumentation...

Great song, awesome solo... should be higher

This Song is by far the most underrated on this list. This Ultra-melodical piece is pure awesomeness

22 Mother Mary

great mojo


23 Mystery Train

UFO has the perfect blend of talent- from 7 deadly back to the chrysalis years- the songs are eternal. Arrangements and production superior to most bands us and Uk.

Rocked up copy of an Elvis Presley song, love it

Great cover track

24 Cherry

I'm all about Michael Schenker but this song is one that proves Phil Mogg was one of Rock's incredible voices. Just one of many... but I love his work on this song. Oddball riff that works

"We-ee-ee-ee...are golden.n.n.n.n..."
One of the earwormiest bits of music ever written, plus that weirdly off-tempo drum beat. Fabulous song and great live.

25 Crystal Light

No words to explain what I feel hearing this

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26 Can You Roll Her
27 Electric Phase

Are you kidding me this song belongs in the top ten!

28 This Kid's
29 Mr. Freeze

Simple because this is awesome!

30 Natural Thing

Energetic riff from Schnenker

31 Serenade

Catchy tune, great solos... Come on, how come this is missing?

32 I'm a Loser

Another great song...

33 Prince Kajuku
34 Dreaming of Summer
35 On with the Action

From NO HEAVY PETTING Mature dark lyrics coupled with bluesy guitar Very surprised it wasn't in top ten, yet alone top forty

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36 Boogie
37 Profession of Violence

How is this 41?!?

great song

38 One More for the Rodeo
39 Martian Landscape
40 Highway Lady
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