Best UK Reality / Game Shows

Singing, Dancing, Fighting, Arguing, Selling, Nominating, Evicting, Cooking, Inventing, Falling, Failing, Dating, Surviving or just opening boxes hoping for 250,000. Yep, there's a reality show for everyone & now there's a list of them being put together to see which is best!

The Top Ten

1 Britain's Got Talent Britain's Got Talent Britain's Got Talent is a British television talent show reality TV competition which started in June 2007 and originated from the Got Talent franchise.

It's great there's nothing else really like this. There's so much variety. The only thing is it's not on enough :(

2 The X Factor
3 Strictly Come Dancing
4 Big Brother
5 I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here
6 The Apprentice
7 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

I nearly became a contestant... But, I suppose, wasn't lucky enough or maybe I got them scared by answering too many questions they asked me on the phone. :) Anyways, I just love this game. Long live WWTBAM!

8 Total Wipeout
9 MasterChef
10 Dancing On Ice

The Contenders

11 Bad Lad's Army Bad Lad's Army Bad Lad's Army is a British reality show in which 30 delinquents aged between 16-24 volunteer for 30 days National Service 1950s style. The show features billet inspections, beastings and comments from celebrities who did National Service during the 1950s. V 1 Comment
12 Got to Dance
13 Deal Or No Deal
14 Take Me Out Take Me Out Take Me Out is a dating game show presented by comedian Paddy McGuinness. Based on the Australian show Taken Out, it began airing on ITV in the United Kingdom and simulcast on TV3 in the Republic of Ireland on 2 January 2010. A pilot episode was for Channel 4 in 2009, but it was ITV who picked it up more.
15 Popstar to Operastar
16 Dragons Den
17 The Cube
18 The Voice
19 Dinner Date
20 The Chase

Because the beast is so cool

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