Top Ten Best UK Rollercoasters

A list of all the awesome rollercoasters in the UK.

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21 Megaphobia @ Oakwood

Greatest wooden coaster in the UK without a doubt!

22 The Vampire @ Chessington

An ideal coaster to get you into the bigger coasters, fast through those trees, atmospheric starting place well made and a couple of those turns get you going...

Best ride ever! Great for adults and first timers! With it's small height restriction anyone can enjoy this floor- less adventure!

A great inverted coaster you can take the kids on

So Good!

23 Galactica @ Alton Towers


24 Storm Force 10 @ Drayton Manor

Best ride to get absolutely drenched on! (Especially at the back! )

The best water ride ever love the backwards drop :D but go on this last

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25 Ashleigh Ride @ Ashleigh Land
26 Rage @ Adventure Island
27 Mumbo Jumbo @ Flamingo Land
28 Big Dipper @ Blackpool

My head was going everywhere this gave me a really bad headache

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29 G-Force @ Drayton Manor
30 Millennium @ Fantasy Island

This was my first upside down roller coaster and I loved it very underrated coaster would give it 4 stars also the smoothest coaster I have ever been on

31 Hero @ Flamingo Land

Epic ride lets defend the earth

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32 Apocalypse @ Drayton Manor

Intense drop and terrifying build up

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33 Speed @ Oakwood

Really confused as to why this isn't on the list. Awesome 97 degree drop which, for the first 3 years of it's existence, made it the steepest roller coaster in the world!

34 Infusion @ Blackpool Pleasure Beach

This is a great ride so fast and tall for a suspended coaster and that back to back inversion Is intense 4.6 G!

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