Best UK Supermarkets


The Top Ten

1 Sainsbury's

Love the nifty vouchers you get - henrysaunders

Why on earth is this 2! It should be 1!

Affordable and high quality.

2 Waitrose

The design of the store says it all - henrysaunders

3 Morrisons

Great quality and great price

Best of the lot

Fantastic vouchers, match and more system is so great and offers are second to none!

4 Tesco

Best quality best value for money waitrose get lost asda is too cheap no quality

Get's a daily visit for the £3 meal deal! - henrysaunders

5 Asda

Why on earth is this 4th. Waitrose is not even a supermarket foolish voters

6 Aldi

Best all round supermarket for price and quality won Which supermarket two years running so they are doing the right things towards their consumers - EnDrewyth

Same brands as the top 5 supermarkets at lower prices of which due to the size of the top 5 companies cannot compete with the quality at such low priced E. G Tesco Muller rice 6 pack 3.67, Asda 2, and Aldi 1.79 they is just no competion on who gives better for less giving more money to customers to spend plus the don't con the customer into buying more than they need with silly bogoffs or buy 3 for 2 deals why would anyone want 36 toilet rolls for 6 pound this is england not bankrupt america we buy what we need not what supermarkers say we need.

8 Netto
9 Londis
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