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1 Smile Smile

Smile is Uncle Krackers best song and is possibly the happiest song for that time.

How can you not like this song because it's a great song and there's nothing bad about it. This song really did make me smile a lot because it is so good.

Awesome song with lots of meaning this one is really going to be hard to beat since it inspires people to be exactly what it is intended to.

Beautiful song. Just listen to it makes you smile.

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2 Follow Me Follow Me

This song should be #1 it's their best song and I know the lyrics by heart. Love this song

In this song, Uncle Kracker's voice voice is just so deep and smooth and melodic. It's an amazing song to sing along to when you're just in a chill mood. Fanastic.

I have loved this song since I was younger, no matter how much I listen to this song it can never get old

Best song of its time.

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3 Drift Away Drift Away

I was 3 years old when I memorized the lyrics to this song I am 15 and my childhood revolved around music and this song was one of many that impacted me laugh out loud.

Ii used to sing this song as a little kid. At like 4 it was my number 1 song to jam to. I still love it today. It brings back great memories.

4 Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
5 Better Days Better Days
6 In a Little While In a Little While
7 Aces & 8's Aces & 8's

This is my favorite song, I have a playlist of it on YouTube that is 10 long and repeats, I sometimes listen to it the whole day. Yes weird, but we all are.

8 You Can't Take Me You Can't Take Me
9 Another Love Song Another Love Song

This song is pure genius. It's such a fun song to sing along to and the lyrics are completely on point.

10 Rescue Rescue

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11 Good to Be Me Good to Be Me
12 Who's Your Uncle? Who's Your Uncle?
13 I Wish I Had a Dollar I Wish I Had a Dollar
14 Keep It Comin' Keep It Comin'
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