Best Underground Hip Hop/ Rap Albums

The Top Ten Best Underground Hip Hop/ Rap Albums

1 Revolutionary Vol. 2 - Immortal Technique

The whole U.S. government was criticized in this album, he pissed off george bush, john Ashcroft, Dick Cheney, and more.

"Freedom of speech", "The point of no return", "The cause of death"

2 Violent by Design - Jedi Mind Tricks

A perfect album in my humble opinion.

3 The 911 Report: The Ultimate Conspiracy - Lost Children of Babylon
4 Masters of the Universe - Binary Star
5 The Cold Vein - Cannibal Ox
6 A Piece of Strange - CunninLynguists

In my opinion the best rap album ever created!

7 Let's Get Free - Dead Prez
8 Madvillainy - Madvillain

WOW! This was the first word that went through my head by the end of the album. This immediately put you back into the mindstate after you finished with De La Soul Is Dead or Aquemini, which was there’s something immensely special about this album… but what exactly is it?

The answer: EVERYTHING. This album resulted in DOOM‘s status as an underground legend and also solidified Madlib‘s title as Hip Hop production’s version of Albert Einstein: bizarre yet brilliant. This became a match like we never thought before, and this completely caught us off guard. We knew this would be quite the anticipated project, but when we pushed play, we had zero idea the magic that would ensue.

This album redefined the underground and became the underground treasure that we know and love today. While we wait with Detox-like anticipation for the sequel, we can rest assured that music like this can be defined by one word: ART.

9 Funcrusher Plus - Company Flow
10 Soul Intent - Eminem

The Contenders

11 93' Til Infinity - Souls of Mischief
12 Infinite

The greatest underground album out there.

13 3rd Eye Vision - Hieroglyphics
14 The Balancing Act - Sadistik
15 The Psycho Social LP - Jedi Mind Tricks
16 Black Star - Talib Kweli & Mos Def
17 Movies for the Blind - Cage
18 Many Faces of Oliver Hart - Oliver Hart
19 Future is Now - Non Phixion
20 Deltron 3030 - Deltron 3030
21 Rip the Jacker - Canibus
22 Tobacco Road - Common Market

I just love this album. Tobacco road is the best song I have ever heard!

23 Death Grips - Exmilitary

A very aggressive and odd take on hip hop, the album presents the interesting concept of hip hop extremism, which is more scary than admirable, and MC Ride's screaming vocals on tracks such as 'Takyon' and 'Spread Eagle Cross The Block' match this theme perfectly.

24 Wu Tang Forever - Wu Tang Clan
25 A Sample and a Drum Machine - DL Incognito
26 Handshakes with Snakes - Apathy
27 God Loves Ugly - Atmosphere
28 First Come, First Served - Dr. Dooom
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