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1 Rex Brown - Pantera Rex Brown - Pantera Rex Robert Brown is an American musician and author, who is best known as having been the longtime bassist for the Grammy-nominated, platinum-selling, now defunct band Pantera.

Rex Brown was an awesome bassist

2 Johnny Christ - Avenged Sevenfold Johnny Christ - Avenged Sevenfold Jonathan Lewis Seward, known as Johnny Christ, is the bassist of the American heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold. Seward is the fourth bassist to join Avenged Sevenfold in 2003, replacing former member Dameon Ash.
3 Mike Dirnt - Green Day

What I love about Green Day's early production is that you can hear the bass also. Listen to the bass in songs like "Welcome To Paradise" and "When I Come Around" and you'll see why he's great. Even "Longview" with it's amazing bass riff doesn't give him the recognition he deserves. - Uner1996

He is underrated in no way. In fact, he's the most overrated bassist. Its not about my opinion. It's a fact. I like his works. But you should definitely check some other bassists. He's nothing to them. - zxm

I think most people recognize Mike Dirnt as the bassist of Green Day, a band they like. They never really respect Mike Dirnt as a bassist, though. Just listen to Kerplunk from start to finish. He's got a lot of talent.

Very Good! No One Even Know Who Mike Dirnt Is Or Cares.Talent Not Credited.

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4 Rob Trujilo - Metallica

Before people claim Rob is not underrated. Think that he had to fill Cliff Burton's position and that set his bar very very high - RedBullShat

The Best Bassist In Metallica Ever Had

5 Ben Shepherd - Soundgarden

Here basslines like "Jesus Christ Pose" and "Spoonman" and think: how wonderful. My vote goes to Ben Shepherd, because he is never mentioned in anything.

6 Adam Clayton - U2 Adam Clayton - U2 V 1 Comment
7 John Deacon - Queen John Deacon - Queen John Richard Deacon is a retired English musician, best known as the bass guitarist for the rock band Queen.

Queen's most underrated member. He wrote some incredible basslines for Queen, and a lot of their best singles (Another One Bites The Dust, You're My Best Friend) were penned by him. His talent is undeniable, but is sadly overlooked constantly in favour of the others. They're still great, but they've gained their deserved exposure. If he was less shy and was still active, his talent would be more widely recognised. - Mrveteran

Underrated bassist from Queen

Yes, he's underrated. should get more credit. - zxm

8 Dan Maines - Clutch
9 Paul McCartney Paul McCartney Sir James Paul McCartney is an English singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer . With John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, he gained worldwide fame with the rock band the Beatles, one of the most popular and influential groups in the history of pop and rock music .

Ha ha, both Paul, Paul McCartney and John Paul Jones aren't underrated. - zxm

Paul McCartney Bass Playing Bass Is Awesome.Just Listen To The Songs.Case Closed.Beatles Are Underrated,Look At The CrapTheseDays And Compare It.

10 Colin Greenwood Colin Greenwood Colin Charles Greenwood, is an English musician best known as the bassist for the alternative rock band Radiohead. He also plays keyboards and synthesisers and works on sampling on the electronic side of Radiohead.

He's a master of opportune playing - sometimes only playing a few notes or nothing at all. Put when he does play it is so precisely judged that it forms a vital part of the song's soundscape. He's best compared to a the violas in an orchestra; rarely noticeable, but the orchestra would sound hollow without them.

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11 Hugh McDonald - Bon Jovi V 1 Comment
12 John Paul Jones John Paul Jones John Baldwin, better known by his stage name John Paul Jones, is an English multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, composer, arranger and record producer.

Poor JPJ, he never gets the credit and recognition he deserves

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13 James Jamerson

How & why could any true bass player & rhythm lover not rank James Jamerson not only underrated, but 1 of the best bass players? A shame that all of The Funk Brothers had to moonlight to make money because they weren't compensated appropriately.

14 Tony Levin Tony Levin

Looks like Walter White's playing bass in this image. - zxm

15 Roger Glover - Deep Purple Roger Glover - Deep Purple Roger David Glover is a British bassist, songwriter, and record producer. Glover is best known as the bassist for hard rock bands Deep Purple and Rainbow.
16 Sting Sting Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner CBE, known professionally by his stage name Sting, is an English musician, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, activist, actor, and philanthropist. He is best known as the lead singer for the English band The Police
17 Frédéric Leclercq - DragonForce
18 Frank Bello - Anthrax Frank Bello - Anthrax
19 Pino Palladino
20 Ray Manzarek - The Doors Ray Manzarek - The Doors Raymond Daniel Manczarek, Jr., better known as Ray Manzarek, was an American musician, singer, producer, film director, and author.

He played the bass on keyboards, and also played the lead keyboard along with it, and also took over the lead vocals when Jim was too high and collapsed halfway through the shows. At one occasion, Morrison also said "Ladies and Gentlemen, this man (pointing at him) is The Doors". Well what more does it take to get to the top 3 at least?

Key bass is bass. And he was among the best at this.

He plays bass. But not bass guitar. - zxm

Ray Manzarek. Great musician.

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