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1 Taker vs Shawn Michaels (2009)

Undertaker vs HBK 2009 is the best match in the W. M history, not the 2010's one.

The battle of two of the greatest legends in the history!

The toppest superstars of all time squared off in a match for the ages at wrestlemania 25. So I agree that this match is not only the best in undertaker's wrestlemania appereances but and in wwe history.

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2 Taker vs Shawn Michaels (2010)

Also had the most hype, the most depending on it in history, it's the first match that's not a title match to be number one in gross and views, easily worth more than a title match, in fact it is widley considered as the greatest match ever, even better than taker v mankind at hell in a cell

Even after the match, taker show some respect

It wasn�'t the end of a career, it was the born of a legend. The way Shawn kept fighting made me cry... Thank you HBK!

I was sad when the second greatest superstar of all
Time left. Truly tge best superstars and greatest match of

3 Taker vs Edge (2008)

Takers best matches at mania were against Batista and Edge in my opinion

Edge and undertaker where my and my brother were biggest fans

The best Undertaker's match at Wrestlemania ever... - ShamsulBahriel

Great match

4 Taker vs Triple H - Hell in a Cell (2012)

This was the best hell in a cell match in wwe history

Best match in wrestlemania history

The match was perfect!

The single greatest match of all time.

5 Taker vs Triple H (2001)


My god this was a amazing match they beat the crap out of eachother.

6 Taker vs Batista (2007)

My favourite match of the undertakers at wrestlemania

The Undertaker has got one of the biggest ovations ever

He is the best wrestler

Takers best mania match in my opinion.

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7 Taker vs Kane (1998)

Best storyline and hype out of all his matches, and Kane became the first to kick out of the tombstone and 2 times. Great match deserves top 10, but taker vs Michaels just leaves you speechless...

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8 Taker vs Randy Orton (2005)
9 Taker vs Triple H (2011)

This is the best match in my opinion, I loved he'll in a cell but this is better, it truly made me think the streak was gonna end. Awesome match!

10 Taker vs CM Punk (2013)

This match top 10

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? Taker vs Sycho Sid (1997)
? Taker vs Jimmy Snuka (1991)

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11 Taker vs Ric Flair (2002)
12 Taker vs Brock Lesnar (2014)

The streak should have continued. It was a miserable idea by by WWE to make Taker lose to a greedy part time wrestler.

The dead man never rest in peace

The streak is over

Taker is loser and broke is hero

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13 Taker vs Kane (2004)
14 Taker vs Mark Henry (2006)
15 Taker vs Bray Wyatt (2015)
16 Taker vs Big Boss Man Hell in a Cell (1999)
17 Taker vs Jake Roberts (1992)
18 Taker vs Roman Reigns (2017)

This match just ruined the Undertakers career and Taker is no longer in the WWE. Undertaker for HOF 2018 or I promise you, I will sue the WWE for making a great man and an even greater wrestler disappear without a trace.

The greatest wrestler of all time, enjoy retirement Taker

19 Taker vs A-Train & The Big Show (2003)
20 Taker vs Giant González (1993)
21 Taker vs King Kong Bundy (1995)
22 Taker vs Diesel (1996)
23 Taker vs Shane McMahon (2016)
24 Taker vs John Cena (2018)
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1. Taker vs Shawn Michaels (2009)
2. Taker vs Edge (2008)
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1. Taker vs Shawn Michaels (2010)
2. Taker vs Shawn Michaels (2009)
3. Taker vs Triple H - Hell in a Cell (2012)
1. Taker vs Shawn Michaels (2010)
2. Taker vs Brock Lesnar (2014)
3. Taker vs Triple H - Hell in a Cell (2012)

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