Best Universities In Bangladesh

Let's vote for your favorite University in Bangladesh.

The Top Ten Best Universities In Bangladesh

1 University of Dhaka

Dhaka university is one of the greatest University in Bangladesh

Yes. The only problem is its students are not capable of communicating in proper English! Such a shame!

All time the greatest among all in our country...

Obviously best, no matter what you say, if you have any doubt ask urself, did you get chance here? Or do you have the eligibility to get chance here

Also ask yourself: Would like to study in an environment saturated with stench and loser jokes?

University of Dhaka is the one of the largest and prominent universities of Bangladesh. IT is the oldest university which produce so many fighters of knowledge who left their proud steps for the independence of Bangladesh.

2 Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, commonly known as BUET, is a public university in Bangladesh, which focuses on the study of engineering and architecture.

The dream university for the most talented guys...

Simply and undoubtedly the best university of Bangladesh.

Graduates from this university represents Bangladesh in front of the world in the field of engineering and technology. Many alumni are doing job in world's top industries. at least one alumnus can be found in every top schools of USA as a teacher.

Number 1 university of Bangladesh

3 Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

Most innovative thoughts start here. Which university can be better than that?

The best, not just in term of study but in innovation, inspiration and natural beauty.

A university where creativity meets guidance and talent does not remain latent.

This university is considered as icon for all other universities of Bangladesh especially for innovation in the field of technology.

4 Khulna University of Engineering and Technology

One of the best engineering universities of Bangladesh

One of the best Engineering
Universities in Bangladesh. No politics allowed here and no sessions jammed. Everything is highly well decorated here. Nice environment.

One of the best technological institutes of Bangladesh. proud to be a student of KUET.

Nice environment and high quality education and research

5 Jahangirnagar University

Have you voted for Jahangirnagar University? If your answer is no then I should invite you to visit the University.
To learn better, you must need a better environment. Here you will get that environment. Studying remaining in the nature.
Here we have qualified teachers, the best environment, international research center, residential hall and seat for every student, enough academic building, rich lab, almost all the things a University actually should have.
We have produced so many renown figures. And we are almost in the center of the Bangladesh an very closely connected with the capital.

I take pride in mentioning that JU retains one of the top 10 places in the world where the highest number of birds visit at a time. Equally wonderful are the buildings, monuments, and other installations of the university, most of which, being unique, maintain certain form and texture. Jahangirnagar University is at one with nature which is precisely why our students and teachers have developed and maintained a sense of originality and creativity, qualities that any centre of higher learning must cherish and encourage. It is known as the cultural capital of Bangladesh.

Jahangirnagar University is the only one fully residential and ever Green University in Bangladesh. It's has a memorable campus. It's facilities are better then other Universities in Bangladesh. So it is the best University in Bangladesh. So vote for our Green University and see it as a top list University in Bangladesh..

To be honest you will be able to find the best faculties of this country in this university. The teachers here are world renowned researchers. The academic arena is rich because this university is popular for providing the best syllabus for each subject. Jahangirnagar University also has the toughest admission test in the country. Unlike other public universities, this university opts for subject-specific admission tests. So, the student who has a passion for a certain field of study and studied hard for that gets the opportunity by passing the admission test for that subject. Therefore, the a student places himself or herself in an appropriate academic arena in this university. Thus, the academic environment remains the best in the country. Also, this university is session-jam free and has a limited amount of seats for the best students.

6 Chittagong University

The Shuttle Train is a unique one for Chittagong University. Everyday thousands of student go to campus by shuttle train. They love and enjoy the train.

University of Chittagong is the best university in Bangladesh

You will only know after you visit.. Besides many bad sides it's the best..

Not only the scenic beauty of the hills, landscape, small waterfalls, the colorful & fresh breathing surrounding or the journey of shuttle train but also for environment that lead pupil to go and thrive in diverse areas, from job market to entrepreneurship to research or enlightening people through education, Chittagong University upholds the head of the nation by its all round virtue. Rhythms, rhymes, ideas, free will, inquisition and will to find are not chapters of class lectures of different subjects but they swirl in the canteen, shuttle train, restaurant, bus, fields and hostels through group music, discussion, debates or even in fooling around. Likely to any public university, it gets affected by any major incidence of national instability but the disruptions hardly affect the determination, result and the successes of the university. The people here are incised with a strong sense of purpose and with lessons that attaches reality to any subject students studies or teachers ...more

7 North South University

No dought, NSU is the best university in Bangladesh

I am all ready suspicious whether this university learning anything or not? Please correct your orthography.

Awesome and well organized. smart and talented students.
Beautiful campus.

NSU is the best around the world

Because there are no student politics unlike Dhaka University and most public universities. It's the best in private universities and moreover international students even come to do some courses and transfers their credits. Thus it's of international standard.

8 Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology commonly referred to as CUET, located in Chittagong, Bangladesh, is renowned as one of the public engineering universities in Bangladesh.

It's a best university not only for study but also for practical life. It's also famous for its beauty.

Nice scenario. strong ruled administration. No politics so peaceful environment

This is actually practicable university

Nice scenario, strong ruled administration... Wonderful environment of study as well as living. An awesome campus, the largest campus in Bangladesh among the engineering university of Bangladesh. Our vice-chancellor Prof. Dr. Jahangir Alam was selected the best engineer among the engineers of south-Asia. So what do you think? It's also very famous for its natural beauty also. And its educational system is also very high indeed.

9 Rajshahi University

Number 15!?! Seriously? I mean it is the second largest University of Bangladesh, Has 48 Departments and over 25000 students. University of Rajshahi deserves to be in the top 5 for obvious reasons like peaceful environment, great educational facilities and Teacher-Student relationship.

Rajshahi University is the most nice university interns campas environment & education standard.

RU acts very important role at national crises.

To become second largest university, maintaining quality education system, better environment and infrastructure, sufficient supporting facilities for taking proper education, availability of accommodation of a large number of students in the campus, unbound opportunities of participating extra curriculum activities- sports, social work, cultural events etc. Should marked Rajshahi University as countries one of Top 3 ranked university.

10 Islamic University of Technology

Beautifull campus great study facilities best institution of Bangladesh

Being the only international University in Bangladesh declared by UGC, IUT is unarguably one of the top Engineering Institutes in Bangladesh. Determined to grow in quality rather than quantity, IUT produces top notch graduates every year. It is considered as the only institution in Bangladesh free from politics, therefore the fastest in completing academic sessions.

Islamic University of Technology is the second best engineering university of the country after BUET.

It is the only International University in Bangladesh owned by the 57 member states of OIC and Bangladesh being the host country.

Each year 250 students are graduating in Engineering with OIC scholarship.

Also the number of PhD and Masters students are increasing day by day.

It has very good lab facilities for study and research.

This is the only international university in Bangladesh.

The Contenders

11 Brac University

Best university environment. the one n only university to provide the experience of residential semester.

Best University in the country. Maintains international class. Should be on top 5

Best environment for engineering studies, as it is political influence free!

Proud to be a student of this university.

12 Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology

One of the best Engineering universities of Bangladesh. The Education students get here helps them to be the best human beings and may be the best engineers of the country. Not only students are taught about engineering and technologies, but also about life and the ways to be a better human being.

This campus is one of the beautiful campus in Bangladesh. And one of the best laboratory facilities for Engineering education.

Peace is something you want in your campus. That's the thing it gives us.

Largest and 2nd oldest engineering university in Bangladesh! So many labs which are full of various type of old and modern instruments!

13 Khulna University

No politics, no tendering, no arms, no murder...

Very good environment to study.

Only apolitical University in Bangladesh

This university has curricula that correspond well with the internationally renowned universities in the world. That's why, although new, has built the finest reputation by the alumni in higher studies in Europe and America. They key to Khulna University success is the use of latest technology keeping pace with the international academia. Industries find Khulna University alumni most effective because of their skill on concurrent methods and equipments, coupled with professionalism that they learn from their studies.

14 Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology

AUST is obviously the best of all private universities and is in 2nd place in all Universities of Bangladesh...

Best for the engineering discipline...

Its d best... Here we et te proper education.. We ave a nice campus also..

Among private all universities Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology is unique and not only this university have a good reputation but it teaches student well so that a student can prepare him/her to fight the war of living, I strongly recommend this university.

15 Bangladesh Agricultural University

Bangladesh Agriculture University (BAU) is the largest university in the Bangladesh regarding its area. Not only its area is the largest among the university in Bangladesh, but also it has been leading research and education in agriculture from the beginning of Bangladesh emerged. So, it is a heart of Bangladesh, because it produces so many intelligent students who will be involved in agriculture for further improvement in this sector, for being a food security forever.

Bangladesh Agricultural University is the best university in South-East Asia on the base of Agricultural Science. It' curriculum and the system of degree is so much designated and implicated. I proud of this University.

Most people don't know, it is the second highest budgeted university in Bangladesh and leads the research field in Bangladesh.
It is actually Ivy League university of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) is the mother, oldest and largest institute for Agriculture sciences in South East of Asia. It produced a huge numbers of scientist, researchers and intellectual graduates who play important roles in the alleviation of poverty by developing and improving the modern technologies in Bangladesh as well as allover the world in the agricultural sectors. Its really a great University in Bangladesh.

16 East West University

Its provide a better education compare to other private Universities... Specially this university really working for the students improvement with great scolarship facilities.

East West university is one of the best university among private university of Bangladesh. They provide quality education and its environment is educational. It's a non profitable organization. They focuses on quality rather than quantity.

One of the best private University in Bangladesh. Nice campus and standard education system. Hope this university goes far from just teaching. I believe this university can take their education system to next level. Just need some push though to take it to next.

It's a Best private university in our Country

17 American International University Bangladesh

A university is a fountainhead of knowledge. New knowledge, skills and meaningful experiences spring from the university. To quench the thirst of individuals who are in search for wider horizon of learning and discover novel challenges in life is the inherent intention of AIUB even at the time of its conception. Students are honed and nurtured to become Leaders in their respective chosen discipline. It continuously transforms students into active participants in the development process in both curricular and extra-curricular activities. It has built and maintained its reputation as a leader in the pursuit of quality and excellence. The primary beneficiaries are the students who stand to benefit from all the resources and services provided by the university. Under the stewardships of dedicated and visionary founders, dynamic management, competent faculty and skillful support staff, the university continues to be the venue for change and producing leaders in various arenas of endeavors.

One of the best private university.

Aiubian is always a leader and obedient about their duty. I think AIUB is the best university in every discipline through academic and also in curriculum activities.

Undoubtedly the best private university of Bangladesh. It has such a skillful education system that can chase even the top public universities here in Bangladesh. If you really want to learn something apart from just gaining the certificate, mates, this is the place you should know about.

18 Jagannath University

Jagannath university is a public university. Teachers of this university is more qualified and the students also have better potentiality in every field in the job market.

It is a new horizon of Bangladesh. It's education like Harvard University education system. Every students wanted to express them self in the world market. Now they are e most successful students in the world.

We uphold our pride and glory with our merits and determine to serve our nation.

Teachers of Jagannath University is more qualified and the students also have better potentiality in every field in the job market.
This university developed within a very short time and this is one of the popular university in Bangladesh. Every year a huge number of students have to appear a very competitive exam to get chance in this university.

19 Milltary Institute of Science and Technology

MIST is known for winning competitions not only in Bangladesh but all around the world also as students are encouraged here to come up with something new every day.

A university growing in popularity not because of its achievements but also because of well nurturing the talents! Amazing educational environment and the authority is every way involved to improvise the opportunities to make it a personal choice for students in spite of some military bindings.

Though we are one of the youngest Engineering Institution in this list, but We can assure you that It has some unique qualities for which it surely deserve not the Best but one of the Best Institutes of Bangladesh as well as of South Asia.

The most beautiful university in Bangladesh for higher study in engineering having very high lab facilities. Although its newer in age comparing with the other government engineering universities of Bangladesh, it's growing up to a very high position in engineering sector in Bangladesh & the whole Asia.
Its the pioneer military institution for engineering in the whole Asia. It is achieving now a days the best awards in almost every technical competitions not only in Bangladesh but also world widely.

20 Daffodil International University

It provides good education with modern technology

It's gonna be best private university in south Asia.

One of the best in BD. Best among the private Universities.

It's gonna be best University amongst entire South Asia because it gives us latest technology based education and cloud education

21 International Islamic University Chittagong

I feel proud of being a student of this University.

We are proud of being the students of this University. We have the natural campus surrounded by hills and sea beach. It is the first private University in Bangladesh having the largest parmanent campus. The University provide quality education with morality.

I will never ever forget what I learned from iiuc. This uni teach students to be a moral and polite person so that they can purify their mind by the light of Islam. It helps students to choose a right way rather than a wrong path

"Only University in Bangladesh who build students Quality with Morality"

22 Independent University Bangladesh

Best Business School of Bangladesh obviously...

Independent University Bangladesh is the best private university in bd

It is the best private university in Bangladesh.

One of The leading University

23 Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology

Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology is one of the best Engineering
Universities in Bangladesh. No politics allowed here and no sessions jammed. Sometime class held in hartal and country wide blockade Everything is highly well decorated here. Beautiful, Peaceful environment. This is the best public university rather than public and private universities.

I recommend this university as best university in Bangladesh.

Comparatively best than other public engineering university.

In my Opinion, it's one of the best university in Bangladesh. This is the only university there 100% politics free, modern labs with well-equipped, classic classrooms, popular subjects, better environment for study, healthy enough books in library, lovely campus as well as no sessions jammed.

24 Bangladesh University of Textiles The Bangladesh University of Textiles or BUTEX, informally known as Textile Engineering University, is the first-ever and only public university in Bangladesh specializing in Textile Engineering.

The best university for textile Engineering in Bangladesh and the only GOVT. university for textile Engineering in south Asia

This University has got well advanced Laboratory. Those who wants to be BSc in Textile, I suggest them that it is the appropriate place to study..
Remarkably, it has good reputations everywhere in the textile sector.

It is the most famaous university in south Asia for Textile.

This university should be upper ranked considering its contribution in Bangladesh Textile sector... In textile related education this University is a pioneer in Bangladesh.. Well organized laboratory & machines made this one Unique..

25 Comilla University

It is situated in such a location that beside Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. Besides teachers of our university are more qualified. It has a beautiful scenario. Already the students of this university shown their potentiality in job sector and explored their creativity in various sector. I love my university very much.

Welcome all in our green campus...

One of the most beautiful universities of Bangladesh. It has a bright future in comparison to others because of various reasons. One most important reason is its place.

It is a very smart University of Bangladesh. It is situated at a nice place of Comilla under Chittagong Division.

One of the most promising universities of Bangladesh where students and teachers are inspired to do something excellent but different in manner. The whole campus is known to be a smoking free area and hence, bad practice of student politics is disregarded. The integrity of the students in their professions, the intimacy of the teachers with the students and the acceptable proportion between students and teachers are the prime factors to lead the university in a progressive manner.

26 National University

Biggest university of Bangladesh.

Please vote for National University

I think.. There is not the biggest university of Bangladesh as a National University.

It's really hard to be claimed as a graduate of this phenomenal university as it is so hard to pass from here. An amazing university but it should be focused more on science and technology and research. Thanks

27 Jessore University of Science & Technology

It is the new up growing university in our country with some unique and energetic departments. Not so big, but have a good environment. Both Teachers and students are very much sincere about their duty. Teachers are very much friendly and honest. I expect that with in a very short time this university will continue their progress and become the number one University in Bangladesh. - sujit_cse

Its a new university, just four and a half years old, but by this time it achieved so many things. I think no other university in Bangladesh is succed so quickly as just. Its academic system is fantastic. Now it's the only university which is free from student politics and session jam. After 5 years it will be one of the finest university of the country.

Bangladesh first master planned University where every building has an achitectural view. Jessore University of Science and Technology (JUST) started functioning from the 2008-2009 session. It is expected to achieve excellence in higher education, research and development in science and technology.

Jessore University of Science & Technology (JUST) is one of the greatest technical university in Bangladesh. Although its launch is not so long like other universities in Bangladesh, it has achieved remarkable attention of students for pursuing their graduation due to its worldwide demanding subject, good faculties and mesmeric architectural view.

28 Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University

This is the best place for agricultural education. It is a small village in the heart of Mega city Dhaka. It contains a modern agricultural course curricula as well as well trained faculty members. Behind this the instruction medium of this University is English and it has modern teaching and research facilities.

Diversified students, amazing beauty inside Dhaka, Nice location, Good place for learning modern agriculture.

Sau has it talented students, very good location with beautiful campus and it is best for agricultural studies,

SAU is in the heart of the Dhaka city. It is a small village in the Dhaka. Green everywhere. It is surrounded by many important institutes. It is the center of excellence for the study of Agriculture.

29 Bangladesh University of Professionals

One visit to the scenic campus in Mirpur Cantonment speaks volumes for this university, which is administrated by the Bangladesh Army, with a view to providing quality business education to the general public on merit basis.

The newest public university, yet to gain wide recognition in Bangladesh. But with our unique study culture and pool of talented, eager students, we will ride our way to the top-amongst the best business schools in Bangladesh.

It will definitely be one of the best 10 universities of Bangladesh within one year

Not as a student... But I think it's only a matter of time before the university is held as one of the members of the top 5 universities of the country...

30 Dhaka Medical College and Hospital

The best medical college in Bangladesh that has been creating awesome doctors who have been saving lives all around the world with good reputation.

Its matter of happiness to be a student of this campus...!

I like to be one of the students un dhaka medical college and hospital/
I hear that it's so exellent

31 Islamic University, Kushtia

We want to see our university in top 10

Islamic University is one of the major public universities in Bangladesh and the largest seat of higher education in the south-west part of the country. It is a major international center for an excellent integration of Islamic Studies with the General Studies and Studies of Modern Science and Technology. The university provides both the local and foreign students with the facilities of undergraduate studies, postgraduate research and teaching. The standard of teaching is high and the facilities both for academic and extracurricular activities are of good quality. It is a campus oriented university, where the academic and administrative buildings, residential halls and gymnasium, central cafeteria and auditorium all are on one self-contained 175-acre site at Shantidanga-Dulalpur, beside the Kushtia-Khulna highway and about 24 kms south and 22 kms north of respectively the Kushtia and Jhenidah district-towns.

All opportunities are centralized in Bangladesh. Though Islamic university get many opportunities as it is a public university. But the industrious student does not get enough opportunity as they deserve.

Islamic university is one of the reputed university for science faculty and science with Islam. Islamic university is most beautiful and friendly environment for student who want to study more and know

32 Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University

The only public university which offers academic programs in North American course-credit system. It is the only student politics free research-based residential university in Bangladesh.

Politics free campus, North American education system (12 term, course credit system), Best Lab. facilities, Modern classroom, Large experimental field etc.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University is politics free University. Only this public university in Bangladesh maintains North American educational system. So I think, it is the best University in Bangladesh.

Center of Excellence for Agricultural Knowledge. Feel proud to be an ex-student of this excellent organization.

33 Noakhali Science & Technology University

Noakhali Science and Technology University was established with immense hope for maintaining the high quality education. Since its establishment, it is running without any session jam and student politics. This University family is fully determined to gain its ultimate goal of success.

The university was established on March 24, 2005 and started its academic activities on June 22, 2006.

The teachers are well educated having good art of presentation. They are also very much amicable and have love and affection for the students. The curriculum of the university is high standard. Different occasions are celebrated with a great festivity. Teachers and students of this university are very united.
The natural beauty of this university is mind-blowing. Everywhere is so greeny & look like the art of nature. Specially in winter, this campus is so amazing. Everyone here enjoys the beauty of nature as well as the university. They feel proud to be a student of this university.

I'm really greatful to vote our university... Really a good environment for study and so beautiful nature in our university...

Noakhali Science & Technology University is a session-jam free public university. Teachers are very cooperative and helpful. It has attractive subjects which can help a student to built his glorious career. One can easily find out the beauty of nature in the university campus.

Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU) is session-jam free public university with its scholarly faculties. Moreover, any kind of politics within the campus of the university is completely banned. The students enjoy the facilities the university provides to follow an academic calender. Furthermore, the faculties are young and their attempt is to represent the NSTU not only in the country but in the global arena.
One thing is mention-worthy that the tuition fee is within the reach of most of the citizens. The NSTU considers education not a commodity but the rights of common human being and thus it decorates its teaching methods. Agood number of its graduates (percentage would be the highest in the country) secured global scholarships within a few years. The NSTU has 'Shahid Minar' & other monuments to show respect and honour to the martyrs of Language Movement & Liberation War, on the other hand some public universities and most of the private universities do not even have ...more

34 Patuakhali Science and Technology University

Patuakhali Science and Technology University never gives the nation only a graduate or just a certificate to the students, it gives the proper education and makes one of the better competitor in the world to get any challenges in his/her field of study.

Students of Patuakhali Science and Technology are mainly work on research from his graduation. We belief University Name or Number of students is not the fact for voting, main fact how your study is. We take limited number of good students and make the more qualified to be a perfect hand in his/her field. Here the teachers and students are free, frank, friendly and as like as family members.

We belief in practical work than theories. Students pass their maximum time in labs with their practical works and thesis/research works. Teachers and students work together in the department, classroom and labs till midnight and in maximum cases it has no limit of time. It may continue day by day without rest. Here teachers and ...more

It is the first digital govt university in Bangladesh. Full campus is covered by Wifi since 2011. It, s all classrooms are organized with latest multimedia system. All students information are saved in university data base. Results and other notice are published in university website. All over it is a well organized and beautiful university in Bangladesh.

The University all the amenities necessary for quality education. Since the university has started its journey in recent decade i, e from the 2001, it is still lagging behind in the ranking. Hopefully its position in the ranking will improve.

We are the best

35 Dhaka International University

USTC is the first private university which started with own campus of Bangladesh. It is one of the most renowned University not only in Chittagong but also in South Asia. There are almost 65% students come from different countries of the world. And it has fully maintain international education system & environment.

It is a well reputed university in Bangladesh.

It is a well reputed private university in Bangladesh.

It is one of the reputed and best private university at Dhaka.

36 University of Barisal

It's the best University of Bangladesh because political violence can't affect it.

I think, this is the best university in Bangladesh.

No traffic in academic side


37 United International University

Excellent set of qualified faculties, great atmosphere for education and nice caring relationship between students and faculties.

As a student of UIU I am really proud, maximum students when they complete their graduation from this one then will raise same voice. they can easily compare him between others.

The Quality of Education System is outstanding.

This university is one of the best. Truly they've qualified faculties, and the educational atmosphere is excellent. Their scholarship policy is outstanding. Other activities (Debate, Sports, Cultural program etc) are also quite good.
But their advertisements and promotional activities are poor, that's why they are not being focused as they should have been. Although many consider them one of the best.
Wish them all the best.
Thank you.

38 Southeast University

Southeast University (SEU) has become one of the most successful universities in the country, having the highest number of student enrolment!

Southeast University has Main campus! SEU is most popular Private University in Bangladesh! - Bijoy_one

By Research Gate 2013 SEU gat 9th place among 10 University in Bangladesh
In 10th there is no Privet University only SEU

Southeast University has a highly qualified faculty and It has the quality of being the best university in our country. We love and respect our institute, it's like our Mother to us! We are proud of Southeast University!

39 BGC Trust University Bangladesh

It is such a university that imparts us to compete with the real challenges in our future life.

Best private university in Chittagong. I proud myself for being study here.

Gives lots of pressure about study which is good 4 our future

A university with excellent campus, brilliant students and teachers. The Vice chancellor is much careful about the research of the university and never compromise about quality specially in case research. University spends enough on research and on cultural activities and arrange conference regularly. Teachers are given free time for research and give leaves with pay for doing Phd. and any other higher education. We hope after 10 years it will be one of the top university in Bangladesh.

40 Green University of Bangladesh

Green University is one of the best private Universities in Bangladesh, because it prepares its students to grow professional skills through several professional courses. Besides study, students are also encouraged to participate in different social programs. Thus, the students learn how will they secure their future and be an asset for the country.

Green University, one of the promising University of Bangladesh. The way it is progressing, in near future it will become one of the leading University of Bangladesh. Teachers of Green University is very dedicated for their work. Extra curricular activities are highly appreciated besides study. Hope Green University will continue their progress and become the number one private University in Bangladesh.

I like it most because of it progressed, rules, and nice faculties. And I know it will be a leading university of bd next few years.

It has taken some excellent measures both for faculty development and preparing its graduates as complete human being. It would like to see its graduates not only academically competent but also as value driven and socially responsive citizens of the country.

41 Sylhet Agricultural University Bangladesh

This is a Ideal University of Bangladesh for Agricultural Study. The performances of SAU graduates are better than any other agricultural universities of Bangladesh especially in Livestock & Animal Health sector. It is situated in a very beautiful natural environment.

It is the most beautiful university of Bangladesh having beautiful surroundings.

The performances of SAU graduates are definitely better in comparison to any other agricultural universities of Bangladesh.

Sylhet agricultural university is pioneer than other university because only this univesity remain open in every situation of Bangladesh. Its not closed a single day for any political violence.

42 Daffodil Institute of Information Technology

It's a great Institute of Bangladesh for Information Technology...

Best university for information technology and B.B. A under NU

This is the best institute of Bangladesh

This is one a good university for textile, BBA, IT as well.

43 Southern University Bangladesh

One of the best promising university in Chittagong indeed. I admitted here as a frustrated student but the environment of the university help me to think outside the box. Teacher's are so friendly, Labs are so enrich. Although there's are some kinda problem but I am proud to be a SOUTHERNIAN.

I have studied in this university and I am one of the oldest student and universities earlier batch student who feel proud to be a student of this excellent university with good faculty and cooperative executive body. We didn't got much facilities but feel proud that our predecessors are getting all kind of facilities needed to become as a full pledged university at CTG. Best of luck

In Chittagong, Southern university is the vital part of our education and do something like based only education... It has a lot of students, campus, infrastructure, Department, Faculty, Research center, good executive body and UGC recommendation and no session jam.

I am proud for my university. We have lot of qualified teachers. We can share our opinions with them.

44 University of South Asia

Most private university is very costly But this university offer better study practice with better cost. This is one who offer reasonable course for middle class people & middle class student.

Because it's the best. That's why.

Simple but education system is excellent, if you have no money or poor money go to South Asia University, they will help you for education.

Nice university.

45 Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University

Pioneer university in BD to produce 100% eligible graduates in agricultural sectors.

Really a good university for veterinary profession.

I think, this is the best university of our country. - toughenough

It is the most important upgrowing agri university of Bangladesh

46 Dhaka University

The have the real talented student




47 Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management (BIBM)

I am interest this university

Where leaders are created

48 Pabna University of Science and Technology

Day by day, pabna university of science and technology is being prominent university in our country the aims and objectives of our university to provide quality based education for all the students.

It is the up growing university in our country. Not so big, but have a broad aim to make us (students) more excellence as well as giving the best direction to lead our life. There is something to feel becoming a part of this university, having a target that "YES WE CAN". Yes we can cause we have the capability to lead our life, to make true our dream cause our university directed us on that way.

A new university. but no doubt, it's a massive gather of extra talented and versatile brilliant students from all over the country. the graduated students have already drawn a sign in various job fields all through the job sectors of the country. no doubt, within a very few years, it's going to be one of the best universities of the country.

Very competitive University and practical.

49 Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University,Gopalganj

It's a best university not only for study but also for practical life. It's also famous for its beau - ShahinParvez

Best university in Bangladesh...

My University

Fantastic university

50 Sylhet International University

University having beautiful permanent campus. All possible earnestness and opportunities for studies of the students.

The university campus having its free wifi service

The best university in Bangladesh

A renowned educational institution for higher learning.

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