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1 University of Dhaka University of Dhaka

Dhaka university is one of the greatest University in Bangladesh

Yes. The only problem is its students are not capable of communicating in proper English! Such a shame!

All time the greatest among all in our country...

Obviously best, no matter what you say, if you have any doubt ask urself, did you get chance here? Or do you have the eligibility to get chance here

Also ask yourself: Would like to study in an environment saturated with stench and loser jokes?

the best

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2 Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, commonly known as BUET, is a public university in Bangladesh, which focuses on the study of engineering and architecture.

The dream university for the most talented guys...

Simply and undoubtedly the best university of Bangladesh.

Graduates from this university represents Bangladesh in front of the world in the field of engineering and technology. Many alumni are doing job in world's top industries. at least one alumnus can be found in every top schools of USA as a teacher.

I am a grad student in the US. Every time I say that I cannot do the "task I am assigned to" my prof says "you are from buet I know you can ". So far I believed him and I know I will.

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3 Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

Most innovative thoughts start here. Which university can be better than that?

The best, not just in term of study but in innovation, inspiration and natural beauty.

A university where creativity meets guidance and talent does not remain latent.

Obviously, The best university in Bangladesh

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4 Khulna University of Engineering and Technology

One of the best engineering universities of Bangladesh

One of the best Engineering
Universities in Bangladesh. No politics allowed here and no sessions jammed. Everything is highly well decorated here. Nice environment.

One of the best technological institutes of Bangladesh. proud to be a student of KUET.

Most modern university campus in Bangladesh... And one the best university in the country...

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5 Jahangirnagar University Jahangirnagar University

Have you voted for Jahangirnagar University? If your answer is no then I should invite you to visit the University.
To learn better, you must need a better environment. Here you will get that environment. Studying remaining in the nature.
Here we have qualified teachers, the best environment, international research center, residential hall and seat for every student, enough academic building, rich lab, almost all the things a University actually should have.
We have produced so many renown figures. And we are almost in the center of the Bangladesh an very closely connected with the capital.

I take pride in mentioning that JU retains one of the top 10 places in the world where the highest number of birds visit at a time. Equally wonderful are the buildings, monuments, and other installations of the university, most of which, being unique, maintain certain form and texture. Jahangirnagar University is at one with nature which is precisely why our students and teachers have developed and maintained a sense of originality and creativity, qualities that any centre of higher learning must cherish and encourage. It is known as the cultural capital of Bangladesh.

Jahangirnagar University is the only one fully residential and ever Green University in Bangladesh. It's has a memorable campus. It's facilities are better then other Universities in Bangladesh. So it is the best University in Bangladesh. So vote for our Green University and see it as a top list University in Bangladesh..

Beautiful campus.

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6 Chittagong University

The Shuttle Train is a unique one for Chittagong University. Everyday thousands of student go to campus by shuttle train. They love and enjoy the train.

University of Chittagong is the best university in Bangladesh

You will only know after you visit.. Besides many bad sides it's the best..

House Of Dreamers...✌✌✌

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7 North South University

No dought, NSU is the best university in Bangladesh

I am all ready suspicious whether this university learning anything or not? Please correct your orthography.

Awesome and well organized. smart and talented students.
Beautiful campus.

NSU is the best around the world

The leading university which will not only teach you skills in every sections but also it will prepare you for smartly deal with whole world. if you want to be the boss and rule the world then go for it.

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8 Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology commonly referred to as CUET, located in Chittagong, Bangladesh, is renowned as one of the public engineering universities in Bangladesh.

It's a best university not only for study but also for practical life. It's also famous for its beauty.

Nice scenario. strong ruled administration. No politics so peaceful environment

This is actually practicable university

I think, cuet is the best engineering University in Bangladesh. Overall of his field. Our CE department is the best department in Bangladesh. We have the largest Mechanical workshop.I hope, cuet Business incubator making a new role in our job field, here our students fulfils their own ideas and creative contaminants.
Go ahead cuet, our green heaven

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9 Rajshahi University

Number 15!?! Seriously? I mean it is the second largest University of Bangladesh, Has 48 Departments and over 25000 students. University of Rajshahi deserves to be in the top 5 for obvious reasons like peaceful environment, great educational facilities and Teacher-Student relationship.

Rajshahi University is the most nice university interns campas environment & education standard.

RU acts very important role at national crises.

It's the best!

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10 Islamic University of Technology

Being the only international University in Bangladesh declared by UGC, IUT is unarguably one of the top Engineering Institutes in Bangladesh. Determined to grow in quality rather than quantity, IUT produces top notch graduates every year. It is considered as the only institution in Bangladesh free from politics, therefore the fastest in completing academic sessions.

Islamic University of Technology is the second best engineering university of the country after BUET.

It is the only International University in Bangladesh owned by the 57 member states of OIC and Bangladesh being the host country.

Each year 250 students are graduating in Engineering with OIC scholarship.

Also the number of PhD and Masters students are increasing day by day.

It has very good lab facilities for study and research.

This is the only international university in Bangladesh.

Life is actually here

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11 Brac University

Best university environment. the one n only university to provide the experience of residential semester.

Best University in the country. Maintains international class. Should be on top 5

Best environment for engineering studies, as it is political influence free!

Best University For Engineering

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12 Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology

One of the best Engineering universities of Bangladesh. The Education students get here helps them to be the best human beings and may be the best engineers of the country. Not only students are taught about engineering and technologies, but also about life and the ways to be a better human being.

This campus is one of the beautiful campus in Bangladesh. And one of the best laboratory facilities for Engineering education.

Peace is something you want in your campus. That's the thing it gives us.

This is one of the best universities in Bangladesh.It is not just an institution, but it is much more. It's renowned for it's natural beauty of the campus. One may find everything here, he is looking for.

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13 Khulna University

No politics, no tendering, no arms, no murder...

Very good environment to study.

Only apolitical University in Bangladesh

I feel proud being part of Khulna University.

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14 Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology

AUST is obviously the best of all private universities and is in 2nd place in all Universities of Bangladesh...

Best for the engineering discipline...

Its d best... Here we et te proper education.. We ave a nice campus also..

Best laboratories are available here.

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15 Bangladesh Agricultural University

Bangladesh Agriculture University (BAU) is the largest university in the Bangladesh regarding its area. Not only its area is the largest among the university in Bangladesh, but also it has been leading research and education in agriculture from the beginning of Bangladesh emerged. So, it is a heart of Bangladesh, because it produces so many intelligent students who will be involved in agriculture for further improvement in this sector, for being a food security forever.

Bangladesh Agricultural University is the best university in South-East Asia on the base of Agricultural Science. It' curriculum and the system of degree is so much designated and implicated. I proud of this University.

Most people don't know, it is the second highest budgeted university in Bangladesh and leads the research field in Bangladesh.
It is actually Ivy League university of Bangladesh.

My university is number 1 right now.

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16 East West University

Its provide a better education compare to other private Universities... Specially this university really working for the students improvement with great scolarship facilities.

East West university is one of the best university among private university of Bangladesh. They provide quality education and its environment is educational. It's a non profitable organization. They focuses on quality rather than quantity.

One of the best private University in Bangladesh. Nice campus and standard education system. Hope this university goes far from just teaching. I believe this university can take their education system to next level. Just need some push though to take it to next.

Best For LLB

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17 Jagannath University

Jagannath university is a public university. Teachers of this university is more qualified and the students also have better potentiality in every field in the job market.

It is a new horizon of Bangladesh. It's education like Harvard University education system. Every students wanted to express them self in the world market. Now they are e most successful students in the world.

We uphold our pride and glory with our merits and determine to serve our nation.

This is one of the most reputed university in bangladesh.

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18 American International University Bangladesh

A university is a fountainhead of knowledge. New knowledge, skills and meaningful experiences spring from the university. To quench the thirst of individuals who are in search for wider horizon of learning and discover novel challenges in life is the inherent intention of AIUB even at the time of its conception. Students are honed and nurtured to become Leaders in their respective chosen discipline. It continuously transforms students into active participants in the development process in both curricular and extra-curricular activities. It has built and maintained its reputation as a leader in the pursuit of quality and excellence. The primary beneficiaries are the students who stand to benefit from all the resources and services provided by the university. Under the stewardships of dedicated and visionary founders, dynamic management, competent faculty and skillful support staff, the university continues to be the venue for change and producing leaders in various arenas of endeavors.

One of the best private university.

Aiubian is always a leader and obedient about their duty. I think AIUB is the best university in every discipline through academic and also in curriculum activities.

A great university

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19 Milltary Institute of Science and Technology

MIST is known for winning competitions not only in Bangladesh but all around the world also as students are encouraged here to come up with something new every day.

A university growing in popularity not because of its achievements but also because of well nurturing the talents! Amazing educational environment and the authority is every way involved to improvise the opportunities to make it a personal choice for students in spite of some military bindings.

Though we are one of the youngest Engineering Institution in this list, but We can assure you that It has some unique qualities for which it surely deserve not the Best but one of the Best Institutes of Bangladesh as well as of South Asia.

It is having very high standard Lab facilities...And I should say, It is better than BUET because teachers of BUET are more regular in MIST than BUET.

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20 International Islamic University Chittagong

I feel proud of being a student of this University.

We are proud of being the students of this University. We have the natural campus surrounded by hills and sea beach. It is the first private University in Bangladesh having the largest parmanent campus. The University provide quality education with morality.

I will never ever forget what I learned from iiuc. This uni teach students to be a moral and polite person so that they can purify their mind by the light of Islam. It helps students to choose a right way rather than a wrong path

I feel proud to be a student of this versity

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