Chittagong University


Not only the scenic beauty of the hills, landscape, small waterfalls, the colorful & fresh breathing surrounding or the journey of shuttle train but also for environment that lead pupil to go and thrive in diverse areas, from job market to entrepreneurship to research or enlightening people through education, Chittagong University upholds the head of the nation by its all round virtue. Rhythms, rhymes, ideas, free will, inquisition and will to find are not chapters of class lectures of different subjects but they swirl in the canteen, shuttle train, restaurant, bus, fields and hostels through group music, discussion, debates or even in fooling around. Likely to any public university, it gets affected by any major incidence of national instability but the disruptions hardly affect the determination, result and the successes of the university. The people here are incised with a strong sense of purpose and with lessons that attaches reality to any subject students studies or teachers ...more

People who keep running after branding will never be able to find the real talent of the students of Chittagong University... But if make a careful market survey then you will definitely find out that the students of Chittagong University are not merely the SURVIVORS... They are the FIGHTERS... They don't take the help of brand rather they prove themselves with their own skills... Intelligence.. It has already been established that Chittagong University is the Market Leader in respect of job holders in Banking Sector in Bangladesh... Very recently it has been selected as the BEST REGIONAL UNIVERSITY in Bangladesh... In respect of research works... So you see Chittagong University is SECOND TO NONE... !

University of Chittagong is the best university of Bangladesh. It has a very beautiful campus. It's teachers are highly educated and qualified. Political condition of CU is also better than any other public university of Bangladesh.

I think Chittagong University is the best university in Bangladesh

On the besis of natural beauty the best university in Bangladesh

This university is a place for dreamers

I love the Shuttle Train most. It's the only thing I love most in Chittagong Universtiy.

Chittagong university is one of the best university in Bangladesh, because its almost situated at southern part of Bangladesh.

I think Chittagong University is the best place for higher education

One of the best universities of Bangladesh...

Definitely Chittagong University is the Best University on the basis of natural beauty, Education structure etc. Specially faculty of Law is the best faculty among all University of Bangladesh. So I Think Chittagong University is the best University.

Shuttle train, cultural diversity, Natural environment make Chittagong university unique in Bangladesh. This unique environment opens great ways of learning. When you talk about the faculty, this university has rich faculty member who are always ready to dedicated themselves for teaching, research etc. When you will think about the quality of student, you must put in mind that student get chance after a unimaginable competition. This university makes the world's youngest scientist in the world. His name Sazid Hawlader.

University of Chittagong is the best university... Because besides education system It is an unique one all over the world for its shuttle train system & natural beauty.
This university is also known as..."University of Shuttle train".
Just Love & Like... My lovely university.

Enjoyable Suttle journey & amazing campus are the main attraction of Chittagong University (CU)

The natural beauty of the campus is so attractive and have ability to whisper in your ear that "Please came back to my lap to spend your time in a clam and enjoyable way"... That's the true explanation of our beloved Chittagong University... :-)

Wao.. Lovely university have ever seen in Bangladesh.. I think this beauty of university will attract all of you. Those who have never visited Chittagong University will tell them just once visit this university.. Besides this, it has a popularity to all over the world.. Dr. Muhaammod Younis Nobel prize awarded man is also from Chittagong University... After all I can say that Chittagong university is awesome. If this university gets all the facilities like Dhaka University I guarantee that it will be the best University of Bangladesh.

One of the premier govt. university is Chittagong University. So many renowned scholar has been produced by the University. The university was blessed with so many famous scholar and teacher, one of them I must say Late Sir Prof. Dr. Jamal Nazrul Islam. He is not only the pride of the university, he is the pride of our country and south-east Asia. The shuttle train, I must say a unique feature all over the Bangladesh. I am proud to be a graduate of Chittagong University.

CU is one of the beautifull university in Bangladesh. It has the beautifull shuttle train.

Chittagong University is Nominated for the Europe Business Assembly Prestigious International Award (Best Regional University and its Vice-Chancellor as the Best Manager of the Year in Science and Education Sphere)

It's One of the fantastic, Great and historic university not only in Bangladesh but also in the world. Only the two university has the train facility where we are in that. Isn't that enough for?

It's a campus having safe & sound academic environment free from all other chaos & clashes of the day to day activities as well as political violence.

It's a campus not only for achieving degrees but all sorts of academic qualifications.

Chittagong university is the most beautiful university in Bangladesh covering a large area. a lot of talented students get admission here after fighting with about thousands of applicants! Though there are some negative side in chittagong university and those only because of politics, chittagong university best. Teachers of this university r so helpful! Good luck for chittagong university!

The Chittagong University campus is the most beautiful campus of the country, it's infrastructure and superstructure and research facilities, academic qualities are ever great.

Chittagong university is the best university in Bangladesh. Not only that I was student same university. That university so far from Chittagong town, limited opportunities, limited teacher but still doing good.
Natural beauty is the best, lake point is the best, hillside is the best, shuttle train is the best all most all of the students & teachers are very good & polite.

This university was leg behind in previous year but now the growth of this university from different perspective increase day by day. So I think it is one of the best university in Bangladesh.