International Islamic University Chittagong


"Only University in Bangladesh who build students Quality with Morality"

One of the best private university...

Have resource that no other private university have in Bangladesh.

IIUC has the biggest campus among the private universities in Bangladesh close to the nature buzzed with the chirping of the birds and crickets. It's only private university with separate campuses for males and females that provides full transportation facility for the students. And it's only university that offers opportunity for the students to study some semesters in International Islamic University of Malaysia without extra tuition fees.

One of the largest private universities, have ample urban campus and all sorts of modern amenities for education, workshops and researches. Besides its academic aspects this school has been promoting a vision to enhance the moral and ethical part of the its students. that's why it sands for "Combine quality with morality" --- A proud student from USA

There are enough opportunity to learn, it's the biggest private university in Bangladesh... There are so much facility to grow up for a student... It have a nice peaceful natural permanent campus... Its education quality is so much good & the teachers teaches the student morality... I think it can be included in Bangladesh Top Five Universities list by considering its huge facilities.. I think it's the best private university to learn something truth... It should be included in Bangladesh's Top Seven Universities list..

Iiuc is a good university. It teach us how to be a good engineering and a good person. It doesn't have any political problem or influence over students. It also teach us morality and how to be a good person. It's give us quality education.

It's a great university having best campus among all private universities in Bangladesh. Quality education with moral knowledge is the main focus of the university.

"Combined quality with morality" - The motto of the university highlights the aim of the university. It is the first private University in Bangladesh having the largest permanent campus.

L am blessed 4 being the student of this university.. In spite of getting chance in dhaka university... I am learning in this university... Firstly I could not accept it.. But gradually I feel that really we need such this type of university as Islam suggested... May Allah increase the border of this university

This is only one university in Bangladesh where combined quality with morality. Students can speak fluent English & Arabic because there learning & teaching methods are English & Arabic. It's a privet university where situated permanent campus, male & female separate class.

I feel proud of being a student of Pharmacy as well as member of IIUC Family and it gives us too much in comparison to others. Hope it will stand for its own credentials.

If you want to be educated then you may go any university of the country but when you desire to be an educated Muslim then you don't have any way other than IIUC.

One of the top 5 private university in terms of education quality and infrastructure though we still have a lot area to work on. I feel proud to introduce myself as an alumni of International Islamic University Chittagong.

I think this university is best because all the activities of university is very excellent. The university also teaches the students quality combine with morality.

International Islamic University Chittagong is one of the best private university in Bangladesh. Its provide modern education with morality.

I think this is the best private University in Bangladesh. I has broad campus in Chittagong and big library and all expertise staff and teachers.

It may not provide ultra modern facilities... But it equips its students with all that is necessary to enter the main streams of our life in a way that is very appreciable...

I am really proud to be an student of international Islamic university which helps me to choose the right way, I mean to say about Islamic code of life and prepare to survive in competitive job market.

I feel very proud of being a student of IIUC. Because this university provides combine quality with morality. We can learn many things about morality. We can know how to lead a life in the light of Islam. In every semester we study on many Islamic guideline which show us the right path.

IIUC is the best university as it not only teach educational lesson but also give spiritual lessons.. The separate campus for male & female makes it a special one, which is really very essential in this crucial moment of societal decrease..

One of the finest university of Bangladesh, IIUM is a garden of Knowledge and Virtue. Unlike other private universities (not all), its intention is not to earn money by selling education.

It is the biggest private university in Bangladesh, it has a good number of students, its education quality is so good & we know that they believe in morality.. It's the only qualityful private university in Chittagong..

International Islamic university Chittagong is the best university I have ever seen, it combined quality with morality, it has a largest private university campus as compared to all other private university. Also we thing it provides education more better than public university.

My experience in IIUC was amazing, I met so many people, and made so many friends I'm still in contact with. The University was incredibly helpful and welcoming to local as well as foreign students. Halls were small but lively, full of both international and Bangladeshi students. The Study courses were fascinating - the tutor really reached out and made sure that non-Muslim students were involved and understood all aspects of the class.

The campus is beautifully encircled by the hills, sea and natural scenarios. The Central Library, Auditorium and Central Mosque are the attractive, spectacular and magnificent edifices in the campus. The academic atmosphere of this campus is excellent.