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81 Katakhali University of Battoal (KUBT)

This is one of the greatest university of Bangladesh.
Which provides many kind of subject to the student.
Vice Chancellor of this varsity is a Great man.
Most of student o this varsity are male.
But we wish huge number of women will admit in this running fear.

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82 Queens University
83 World University of Bangladesh

This university teachers are most careful to their students. They give a sheet to study. They also appreciate creativity study. They give a chance to present our presentation. Our department head is very friendly talking to us. He also take care to us. We are talk to him any type of problem and he get the solution of this problem. We really thankful to our department head and all teachers.
That why, I was vote World University of Bangladesh.

I'm proud to study in World university of Bangladesh. Here I got friendly teachers, quality education, sound environment, positive attitude to grow up, help from the department and even from the Vice chancellor if facing any problem, no compromise with quality and missing of the classes. I wish and hope my university will be one of the top universities very soon.

Orld University of Bangladesh (WUB) established under the private University Act, 1992 (amended in 1998), approved and recognized by the Ministry of Education, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh and the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh is a leading university for utilitarian education. The University is governed by a board of trustees constituted as per private universities Act 2010 which is a non-profit making concern. The university is a member of the Association of Private Universities in Bangladesh, Association of Common Wealth Universities and Quality Assurance & Improvement Council and appears in the worldwide listing of universities by the UNESCO.

Super and wasem university...

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84 Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University

The divine power lies in the understanding of science and the application of technology. Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University is aimed to provide its students with the knowledge of proper combination of science and technology to get them prepared for the challenges of the 21st century. The students of MBSTU hold not only the scientific knowledge but also the norm and values to become complete social human beings who would break all the obstacles of the society and lead it to a better one as they are influenced by the vision of the spiritual philosopher and the leader of the leaders - Mawlana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani.

One of the best university for learning practical knowledge on Research Methodology in Criminology and Criminal Justice in Bangladesh.

Only one public science & technology university in dhaka.

One of the best university because of ICT dept.

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85 Bangladesh University of Business and Technology - BUBT

BUBT is one of the leading Government and UGC approved universities of Bangladesh that has committed itself to providing outstanding quality education & training relevant to the needs of modern society since its very inception in the year 2003

BUBT is one of the private universities of Bangladesh maintain high quality education at affordable cost.

This is one of the top private university in Bangladesh which has a beautiful permanent campus.

It's a good university.

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86 Asian University Of Bangladesh

One of the best private university of Bangladesh

I think AUB might not position 91... It's position would better... Listing is corrupted

It is most popular university in Bangladesh

Nice University

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87 ASA University Bangladesh

ASA University Provides a standard level of education comparing other university.

This is a really good university of BD. I think it will attain its goal

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88 Sonargaon University (SU) V 2 Comments
89 Presidency University

" An institution dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, training, and community services. "

Why Presidency University?

Because we provide quality education at an affordable cost. We have qualified faculty base, state of the art lab facilities, student friendly campus environment for study and strict academic rules and guidelines for each and every student.

It's a most effective university for civil engineering in Bangladesh, I think.

Best University Of Bangladesh.

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90 Bangladesh Open University

- it's the best university in Bangladesh for the distance learning.

91 Prime University

Prime University is one of the leading private universities of the country. A group of educationist and philanthropies has established this institute of higher studies with an aim to create a knowledge based society in the year 2002. The University Grant Commission and the Government of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh in the ministry of education awarded permission to establish this magnificent institute.

I think that it is best private university

Best Varsity in Bangladesh for law

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92 Government Titumir College
93 Hamdard University

The vision of the University is to be one of the top ranked universities in the world. The University is very new but it is shinning like a bright star. Within two years of its inception it is already at Permanent campus which is unprecedented matter in the history of the private universities in Bangladesh. The university is so spacious and probably one of the biggest in Bangladesh.

In few years it will be the number 1 private university in Bangladesh

I hope one day it will be stay top 10

It is a university of good human maker.

94 Government Azizul Haque College

Of course government azizul haque college

95 Bangladesh Hindu University, Dhaka

Probably the best in that small country - vivek0305

96 Shyamoli Textile Engineering College V 1 Comment
97 Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB) V 2 Comments
98 North Western University, Khulna

It is the best public university in khulna

99 National Institute of Fashion Technology (Nift)
100 Chittagong Cantonment Public College
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