Baliuag University


FIRST UNIVERSITY in REGION I to be granted FULL AUTONOMY by CHED (Commission on Higher Education).
LEVEL I STATUS IN COURSES OFFERED ACCREDITED BY PACU-CoA ( Phil. Assoc. Of Colleges and Universities " Commission on Accreditation )

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Level I-1st Re-accredited Status)

BU people has a big heart for the specialized group in the community... NO less than the Senior Citizens... Through one of the components of the Baliuag University HALINA Program... Project Healthy Aging... One of a kind community outreach program is the entire Philippines...

Baliuag University is one of the Pilot Schools for the implementation of IMCI(Integrated Management of Childhood Illness). And for the whole country, there's only 4 schools.

In Baliuag University, we have Information Commons.

In the October 2009 CPA Board Exam, Mr. Roel Boiser of BU's CBAA placed 10th.

Baliuag university has mold excellent professionals in different fields. This school has provided excellent education especially in nursing

Known for its dynamic entrepreneurial spirit and strong emphasis on research, the CBAA advocates innovation, adaptability, and responsiveness while staying focused on analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, and state-of-the-art tools for learning. This College will equip you with practical business basics and ethics, IT savvy, an understanding of global realities, and the skills needed to establish productive careers and successful ventures in the new economy.

The only university that really discovers the best in you. We've got 10th placer in accountancy, 4th placer in Library Science board Exam. The best school to go when it comes to Library Science. Where else will you go? Go go BU!

Baliuag University has giving the best of what they have to produce the best students that excels in every talent and skills. Go B. U!

Baliuag University will discover the best in you. Will meet your expectations about your chosen profession. Molding students to be a good leader and will extend their hands to help other people. Having Hi-tech facilities is plus point also.

Baliuag University trains competitive Technicians in the Field of Computer Hardware. The systematic yet truly understandable lectures of well trained professors really helps the students to be truly competitive,

I vote for Baliuag University because I believe that even though this is located outside Manila, it is still capable of giving a high quality, high standard education like the top universities in the metro. BU is continuously giving and aiming the best that it can be. I will not be surprised if someday, BU will emerge to the top.

Best school in bulacan... First fully autonomous university in the province.. Cater a world class of student that can compete worldwide.

Developing the best in us.. Really true.. Pushing beyond are capabilities is the main goal... Here I am now a Register nurse working abroad..

Baliuag University provide excellent training in and out of the country, like USA, Canada, Singapore, Thailand and other Country.

It strengthening mind, character and help the students show their best ability.

Baliuag University opens many doors of possibilities for you!

Simply one of the best universities offering degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, increasingly being known in several competitions, improving CPA board exam and job performance in top auditing firms of its graduates and produced CPAs!

They have excellent teachers that have attained masteral and doctoral degree in famous universities so the students are well educated and all the facilities are great.

BU is the first university in Region 3 to be granted Full Autonomous status by CHED. This speaks of the university's high quality instruction and state-of-the-art facilities at par with those universities in Manila.

Excellent performance in the different licensur examinations, accredited programs, and state-of-art facilities & skills laboratories for the students, what more can we ask for?

Baliuag University with its loving nature had its own way on making it self on the top... We have been raised "TO BE THE BEST THAT WE CAN BE" I have never appreciated my school up to the point where I was applying for a job.
We have known and respected everywhere especially in Nursing and Education.

Dean Elizabeth Roxas of Nursing being elected several times as either President of ADPCN and was offered to be a PRC board examiner but unfortunately had to turn it down because of her love in the academe.

Dean Castro of Education who holds the only Level I accredited status for Colleges of Education in the Philippines and member of the team for College of Education Accreditation.

The University setting foot as the first AUTONOMOUS STATUS University in Region I had proven it self worthy.

We are not competing with anyone where just being "THE BEST THAT WE CAN BE, HERE IN BALIUAG UNIVERSITY"


Discover B. U, discover the best in you.. Here in B. you we are a family that shares knowledege and building the foundation of a better future.

Baliaug university had 50% passing rate in terms of CPA BOARD PASSER which is higher than the national passing percentage of 47.70