Central Luzon State University


I've been in most colleges and universities here in metro manila even in some prestigious universities and I did enter their schools because of the nature of my first job here. No doubt, clsu don't deserve to be just on top11 because clsu is really just an amazing university! You can prove that when you will spend your years in college there.. ;) I'm proud to be a clsuan because you'll gonna learn a lot of things upon studying there that could help you improve your personal and your professional growth as well=)

CLSU is simply the best,.. the best educators the best students = CLSU

I'm proud I'm a product of the most prestigious university CENTRAL LUZON STATE UNIV.
the BEST

CENTRAL LUZON STATE UNIVERSITY is an institution of higher education wherein you are not just being honed to be good and expert in your field of specialization but also you are being prepared to be one with the world taking all the innovations and advancements the world could offer. I am very thankful that I am one of the fruits of this university. Truly, CLSU is where DIFFERENCE is created...

Even though we are not famous in social media and located in sub urban, the clsu is accredited by many institution.
We offer courses and studies from pre-elem, high school, undergraduate and post graduate with low fees but what's important is the students excel and committed to serve
No racial discrimination

I am thankful with my professor the word of encourgement; we are training you as a leader once you go back to your individual institution it was applicable to me when I return to my school immediately I was given an administrative post leading research and extention serving the poor people in Lanao Provinces.

I am so lucky I went to study in CENTRAL LUZON STATE UNIVERSITY... I've learned a lot from CLSU, not only from the textbooks but from the vast experiences from my course and the Professors, Instructors and friends I came in contact with through my stay in the university... Thank you so much, CLSU! MABUHAY KA!

I am glad that in one of the most important part of my life, CLSU is there and played a great role in fulfilling my dreams. I will never ever forget the unforgettable memories and knowledge that CLSU have imparted to me and I know that I will always be coming back to my Alma Mater from where my heart is.

CLSU has a high education standards. It is a wide campus and it is very beautiful. It is full of nature. CLSU has a low tuition fee and you will say that the tuition fee is low for the education standard

CLSU is one of the very few universities in the Philippines offering the BS in Statistics degree... It's a great experience studying in this great university... This university will unleash the best potential in you... You will enter the university as an ordinary student but you will go out as an extraordinary professional...

Yes we can find difference in clsu... Clsu provide quality education, low tuition fee and a very educated professors.. Beautiful and wide campus. I love clsu!

I.T. is better here compare to those who are in T.V. doing commercials like AMA, STI, ABE. Great faculty, great education.

CLSU, best university that can offer best courses especially agriculture, information technology, education, accountancy, education, engineering and a lot more. For nature lovers that wants to study with nature on your daily habit. This is the best place for you.

Genius makes difference... Makes the "firsts", the "only ones", the "tops", the "premiere", the "new", the "breakthrough", you name it! Studying in clsu will reveal to you how to be a genius.. Genius are created, they are not born. Some went out of the university not realizing they hold the principles of being genius. But those who realize make breakthroughs.. They create difference... ALTA CLSU!

I am very honored to be part of this university the best in the north and soon in the world.

They are able to produce quality graduates who has the leadership ability. The College of Veterinary Science and Medicine is their Highlight. 7 of the Top 10 on the Vet Med Board Exam comes from Central Luzon State University. Also, their College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA) are too competitive when it comes to the corporate world.

CLSU has been in the top 6 of finest University and colleges nationwide according to the Phil. Star as Data have been sourced from the Commission on Higher Education's (CHED) list of higher educational institutions which are considered centers of excellence and development. These schools "have demonstrated the highest degree or level of standard along the areas of instruction, research and extension," according to the commission.

CLSU is the home of the best agriculturists, fisheries experts, veterinarians, chemists, biologists, food technologists, garment technicians, engineers and other world-class workers and professionals. Nothing beats CLSU: the Home of the Champions!

All the teachers here have a good skills in teaching.. They actually knew what their students felt and the way they interact with the students is awesome! Great school

Clsu... Is a very competitive school... Its been a nurturing ground for development and excellence through the years, thus, the university has been keeping abreast to meet the mandates of the society... And looking at its graduates, it just proves that it is one great school in the Philippines

IT's true... CLSU where you can find the difference!
In terms of standards, quality ang etc, we are the first

Best university in terms of agriculture and Accountancy...

Achieving the Center Of Excellence and Center for Development in different fields are just the reasons why we are different.

CLSU taught us not just on academe but on practical application as well. CLSU graduates can compete anywhere in the world not just being an employee but also being an employer as well. We are not just taught to work hard but more especially how to work things smartly, be proactive in our decision and learned how to understand all things, situation, and people around us.net, CLSU taught not just to be great academically but how to live in real life and how to give service to community.net, how to be real human.

It simple university that can give you real knowledge..