Centro Escolar University


CEU IS THE BEST! SO GOOD! SO CLEAN AND VERY ORGANIZED. Promise you won't regret being a part of it

CEU is the only university to acquire Level IV status in its Dentistry, Biology, and Psychology programs. Level I re-accredited status in its Medical Technology, Pharmacy, Nutrition, Optometry, MBA, Graduate School programs. Level II Status in Nursing, and Social Work!. CEU is also recognized as one of the University with the most number of accredited programs!
Ciencia y Virtud! GO CEU!

Centro Escolar University is an excellent school. it provides every student the knowledge and virtue that one should have. the professors and every department make sure that their students are well taken care of. and every department has advanced technologies that will surely help the students to mold their talents. and if you try to visit the mass communication laboratory, you will really feel that you are in a studio. there are lots of things that make me feel proud to be an Escolarian. and I am and I will always be an Escolarian. because, life happens here. :)


CEU has the most number of high-level accredited programs and the FIRST educational institution in the Philippines to receive an Institutional Accreditation Status. CEU is definitely one of the most prominent schools in the Philippines! This school will really inspire the best in you. They give the best education.

The CEU provides students not only just good quality of education, it also teach as good moral and right conduct. "Science and Virtue".

They also provide the topnotchers in every board exam when it comes to the course of nursing, dentistry, optometry and MEDICAL Technology.
Go Escolarians!

One of the best universities in Manila. Provides quality top notchers and passers in different fields like Dentistry, Optometry, Nursing, Medical Technology, Pharmacy, Social Work, etc.

You won't regret being a part of this university.

The school where there is a special ceremony called Sampaguita Interlude before the Graduation/Commencement Exercises.

Best environment meaning cleanest university which includes the lecture rooms, hallways, libraries, toilets, canteens, chapel.

CEU is one of the best University here in the country not only in the field of Science courses but also in Education and business administration recently CEU received CHED Center in Exellence in Teachers EDucaton and CHED Center of development in Business Admin:) tnx for CEU I really love this school so much

Being a student of Centro Escolar University is awesome cause they give all the necessary things that a student must have. Centro Escolar University have a course that no one could ever give. Centro Escola University is the best school in University Belt. Be an Escolarian Ciencia Y Virtud. I'm proud become an Escolarian...

CEU was awarded the very first PHILIPPINE QUALITY AWARD (given by the Malacanang Palace) for excellence in management, the best quality of education, complete and state of the art facilities, competent workforce and above average outcomes (the students).


Centro Escolar university best school... high standard of teaching, with high tech facilities.. non smoking place where student are more disciplined and train to be a good leader and be the topnotcher student also mold to be a good leader

Best Dentistry and Nursing School! And don't forget that when it comes to Optometry, CEU! Level IV Status in Psychology and Biology. FIRST HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION TO BE GIVEN THE INSTITUTIONAL ACCREDITATION STATUS.

Centro Escolar University School of Pharmacy is the only one in the whole Philippines granted with a Level IV status, the highest accredited School of Pharmacy in the whole Philippines!

The best university on allied medicine and the top provider of knowledgeable and God-fearing topnotchers!


Its twin philosophy "ciencia y virtud" which means science and virtue.. made me realize that CENTRO ESCOLAR NIVERSITY "should" be the university of FIRST choice..

The program in CEU is the one that changes everything. Through its program it makes the students to give all what they can do physically, mentally and even spiritually. The most important thing a university must have is to have an excellent program to enhance the mind, body, and soul of every student. Go Centro Escolar University! More blessings to come!

CEU is not an ordinary school it is one of the oldest University here in the country since 1907 1st Higher institution to be awarded by Institutional Accreditation by CHED

What I like about CEU is it's total pursuance for science and virtue. I love everything in CEU. It's students, professors, EVERYTHING. The university will create YOUR FUTURE, by CHERISHING IT'S PAST.

Dentistry in CEU has been by far, the best among other schools who offer the said course. Kaya no matter what, I'll stand up for CEU

I am proud to be here!
It's One of the most prestigious UNIVERSITY in the Philippines and recognized by the US in their BS Pharmacy Program.. GO ESCOLARIANS!

Best facilities and academic performance especially in dentistry and pharmacy courses

CEU provides impressive passing rates in board exams.. Most especially in the fields of Dentistry, Pharmacy, Optometry, Medical Technology, Nutrition and Dietetics, among others. The students are disciplined and well-guided by eligible faculty members. Security systems are superb, and we can assure that every student's safety is well-handled. Every Escolarians live by the university's maxim: Science and Virtue.

CEU simply the best! we provide topnotchers in Dentistry, Optometry, Pharmacy and Medical technology...

Because nothing stop escolarian especially when it comes in studying. Rain or shine they still have class.

We are not just educating students we also mold their characters. Science and Virtue. Excellence for us is a lifelong process.

CEU really cherished its 100-year tradition of Science and Virtue. Here, you can experience a REAL university of LEARNING.