Far Eastern University


FEU for me is Culture. Far Eastern you gives quality education and also teaches us to love, understand, and be aware of our own culture thru cultural show's at the famous FEU Auditorium, Historical & Architectural landmarks in the campus. If you're in FEU you'll be proud not only because of being a student of FEU, you'll be proud more to be a Filipino because of Botong Francisco, Manansala, Pablo Antonio, Nick Joaquin & Dr. Reyes whose works of Art's are appreciated throughout the world... And their works and legacy... A stone's throw away from morayta.
Anthony N. Apurillo, UAP
Batch 2006 IARFA

FEU is an 80 year old higher education institution. It was named by the late Pres. Quezon as the Best Private Non-Sectarian University in the Philippines. Truly by its vision to become the University of Choice in Asia, about 700 international students are currently enrolled in the University comprising of the students within Asia Pacific, Africa and North America.

Fortitude, Excellence, Uprightness.. That three(3) values could give you a broad opportunities in life towards your goal.

I graduated from FEU Manila many years ago and is now posted here in southern Mindanao for a work that is uniquely cross-cultural in terms of orientation and transformational development by emphasis of which people-related and leadership skills are much in demand notwithstanding necessary academic preparations, my stay in FEU gave it all. Nope, I'm not of the topnotch "brainy" and highly-versatile type of student before, just an ordinary one but I'm very grateful my experience and education in FEU paved the way for what I'm satisfyingly doing right now. FEU has been long under-rated but its excellent academic and athletic programs and professors, modern facilities, beautifully-green, deco arts-rich campus right in the middle of old bustling Manila as well as its long history of hundreds if not thousands of successful lower and middle class-based alumnus is a testament of why the Tamaraws have made it and would make it. Tams up FEU!

I am one of the pioneering batch of Hotel and Restaurant Management in FEU. FEU provides us amazing professors from the industry of Hotel and Restaurant as well as great facilities. FEU built a mini hotel with great kitchen laboratory, bar rooms, one single room and suite room. Di lang yan, the tuition fee as much affordable compared to other universities offering the same course. There are activities that really helps us learn more and exercise our skills. FEU is simply the best. A package of everything. GO FEU!

FEU, one of the BEST Schools in Medicine & Medical Technology :)
Level I Accredited Courses
Autonomous Status
UNESCO World Heritage Site for Art Deco Buildings
One of the BEST Universities in the Philippines
ISO Certified for Quality Education
Lots of Affiliated International Universities and Local Companies
1st in Philippines and 2nd in Asia to have VINES Laboratory for BS Nursing
Top Performing School in Nursing (1000 or more category)- CHED

Since its establishment in 1928 by founder Dr. Nicanor Reyes, Sr. , FEU has been recognized as one of the leading universities in the Philippines in the field of MEDICINE, ARTS AND SCIENCES (BIOLOGY, PSYCHOLOGY, MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, MATHEMATICS), ACCOUNTANCY, ENGINEERING, etc. FEU is such a great university in the archipelago. Has a good reputation, extraordinary facilities, best faculties, effective curricula and among others.

Proud to be a true-blooded Tamaraw! Though other schools keep on uttering mocking FEU, well, its just a solid proof that we FEU does threaten their present state and is too far at them. Those mockeries are purely sour grapes, and tamaraws will never be moved an inch nor be frightened to that, for we are all educated individuals.
FEU is simply the BEST! It already has proven its excellence for years in many fields, both for brawn and brains!
long live FEU!

A lot of people may say that we are on par with other top universities, but those people don't know the quality of education that Far Eastern University has been offering for the past 84 years. Not just the education but also the values that makes a Tamaraw unique from others, it has been proven that our university is one of the pillars of education here in the Philippines. "Molding the mud to gold" as they say.

Guided by the core values of Fortitude, Excellence and Uprightness Far Eastern University aims to be a university of choice in Asia.

Committed to the highest intellectual, moral and cultural standards, Far Eastern University strives to produce principled and competent graduates.
It nurtures a service-oriented and environment-conscious community which seeks to contribute to the advancement of the global society.

BS BIOLOGY, which is my course, was granted level III accreditation of PACUCOA. So? If you like to choose Biology as your course, then choose FEU. FEU will provide you a wide range of activities unlike any other schools, pag pumasok ka, feeling mo na you're working, but in FEU, you feel like a real college student and ready to go to meet your dreams. FEU is the starting ground. GO PIYU! :))

I vote Far Eastern University not just because I'm part of it but also because FEU provides a high quality education and yes I already prove it, it not just lead but it also motivates everyone to be on the peak of their career and FEU also provides great facilities to make everyone comfortable, FEU can be everyone's second home and it's really fun to be with its growing institution... More power and keep up the better work and if possibly the best one...

My daughter is now an alumni of FEU main campus who have just completed and graduated the degree of mass communication last year 2015, and at present my youngest son is now again enrolled in FEU tech taking up Information Technology. Both my daughter and son have choose FEU as their university without my interference because I know FEU excels in developing young people both in academic and athletics. Congratulation FEU.

Very good university
High standard school
Excel in academic

this is a true university and very world class

kh8 nsa top 3 ang FEU.. magaling kami! pagdating sa sports, board examinations and the number 1 curriculum is INTERSHIP!



GO! mga FEUnions

FEU no doubt is one of the best and prestigious universities in the Philippines. The top 2 richest filipinos are her products. Namely, Henry Sy and Lucio Tan and it took a lady tamaraw in Cory Aquino to topple a strong dictator and corrupt president who is a product of U.P.

FEU Students and Alumni were born without a Silver Spoon in their mouth...
compared to some Students and Alumni from expensive exclusive schools who just uses their connections and money in order to succeed in life. They will never understand the value of hardship, because they just used a shortcut in order to reach their goals.

Far Eastern University is the school having a good facilities, outstanding academics and staff. Their classrooms, buildings, pavilions are always clean and green that can prevent the students in harms and sickness. This is also the university that excellent in sports that can help the students to be physically fit.

Guided by the core values of Fortitude, Excellence and Uprightness, Far Eastern University aims to be a university of choice in Asia. Committed to the highest intellectual, moral and cultural standards, Far Eastern University strives to produce principled and competent graduates. Undeniably THE BEST!

I'm proud to be a TAMARAW.. :) and yes, FEU offers the best quality education that every student must be very proud of. When it comes to the facilities, FEU lets the students not only to learn but to enjoy their 4 year stay in the institution. FEU brings out the best in every student.

FEU is Now AUTONOMOUS. A testament that provides highest learning of education in the Philippines. Almost all programs are accredited by PAASCU as LEVEL 3 and now applying for Level 4 and Center of Excellence and Center of Development in Business, Arts and Science Programs..

I'm a freshman, head above us such as sophomores, juniors and seniors help me to find what I needed when I enrolled.
Guards did their job properly and there is a time that the course I want had no more section to be filled. But a Man with concern enrolled me and let me go home early that afternoon. I just went back the next day.

:)) Bring back the glory! It is coming soon anyway. Learned so much from our best professors. Made me proud to appreciate more about our culture and heritage that has a very significance in molding our country's future. Hope more universities do well.

The Far Eastern University is the 6th oldest university in the Philippines. Also, it is the 4th oldest private, non-sectarian university based on its granted university status. Its existence for more than 80 years will justify its viability as a university.

Feu provides me a full knowledge of what I want to learn all the students are very well trained in serving the feu community. I also love the way on how they give discipline rules which shows that they are a school of integrity and accountability

I'm a new Tamaraws and I can prove that this University is one of the best!