Lyceum of the Philippines University


I am an International Relations student at LPU. I highly recommend my school to those who want to take up International Relations or Foreign Service Personally, I have good relationships with my professors and mentors in my school. Our college strictly implements the English-speaking policy because Lyceum believes that having good English will make us globally competitive (and that's too essential nowadays. )They give us superb education and mold us to be people of HUMILITY, HONESTY, FORTITUDE and RIGHTEOUSNESS.

1st university with Hotel! World class facilities. Great Professors, Because of that They have The Good the best and better Students!

Bay Leaf Hotel Intramuros has added not just for the prestige of LPU but to further improve quality of education in the CITHM department.

World class facilities! Provides Top of the line and most expensive equipments for the Culinary students. The Only university that has its own Hotel, THE BAYLEAF INTRAMUROS. LPU taking Lead!

Contain a great standard of academics and curricular matters. Mainly focuses on the general education first before the practicum. One of the best university when it comes to hospitality and tourism education. Lastly, its vision is to become one of the finest university in the Asia-pacific region.

... LPU is the best in International Hospitality courses among any other Universities, and now, with the Culinary Institute widen (which is the Bayleaf in particular), LPU is giving more world class standard!

Viva Larga Pirata!
I'm proud to be a LYCEAN! ...

Currently has its own High-class Hotel (Bayleaf) to further lead in the training of it's students in Hotel Management and Culinary skills. The leader in Foreign Service and Tourism courses with graduates competitive worldwide. It's Cavite, Batangas, Laguna, and Bayleaf Hotel considered one of the Best Modern Architectural Designs of an Educational Institution and Hotels in the country.

"Veritas et Fortitudo". That's Truth and Courage being shown in the students here. Winner in the 1st Asian Choir Games held at Jakarta, Indonesia last 2007. Now, we have the Bayleaf Hotel, the Best Manila Hotel within the historic walls of Intramuros. Check it out to experience the world-class ambiance and services offered by Lyceans.

Lyceum of the Philippines University prides itself with its long and rich tradition of Academic Excellence through the legacy of its founder, Dr. Jose P. Laurel. The only president to have served in all three branches of the Government, Dr. Laurel was a successful lawyer, legislator, constitutionalist, jurist, writer, scholar, statesman, philosopher, and above all things, an educator. Dr. Laurel�s concern for education was his most abiding passion. LPU Taking the Lead!

It has the first and only resort campus in the Philippines...
And in that campus not just studying is what they promote, but rather studying while you enjoy every thing else...

Viva lpu!

Almost like studying in an international school with state of the art facilities, friendly staffs and very professional professors without paying a very high price!

The right University were future managers are in.
Taking the Lead!

One of the Top of the line Universities you want to be enrolled in.
Best among the universities who offer Hospitality related courses

Lyceum of the Philippines University provides its students to possess having a leadership peculiarity. Practicing students to broaden their level of astuteness and with a sense of being aware to his/her environment and of course, LPU provides a high quality of education that everyone in our generation need most.

Taking the lead to provide equitable knowledge to students. Molding Effective, Competent and Efficient Managers and future businessman.
Unique campus facilities and environment and highly skilled professors and instructors.

What can I say more?
Best Facilities. Best Quality of Education. Best Campuses (especially Cavite Campus *wink*). Best Professors.
We really do take the lead.
Lyceum of the Philippines University
Taking the Lead, Making the Future.

The only university in the Philippines that has an international accreditation in hospitality and tourism management courses from the top international accrediting firm which is THE-ICE. And, so, because of this, this school makes the best among the rest. It really trains its students very well. It's an excellent institution for tourism and hospitality courses!

Taking the Lead. Facilities, Beautiful and world class campuses, High caliber professors. What more can you ask.


LPU community, getting bigger and bigger..

Having their own Hotel (BAYLEAF HOTEL) and LPU Culinary Institute.

Advocate and lyceum of the Philippines it self! It gives extra good quality of education. It is one of the best university in the Philippines where students and varsities are very competitive in sports and educational aspects. It is also excellent in giving high standards of education.

Certainly the number 1 University in the Philippines when it comes to Tourism and Hospitality Management, Business Administration and Foreign Service. The accredited member of the International Centre of Excellence in Tourism & Hospitality Education (THE-ICE).

Leading University when it comes to Hospitality courses. Now offering a 4-year course in Culinary arts and has established a hotel near the campus with one of a kind facilities. Great professors, Excellent chefs. Really the Best!

Popular for good quality in hospitality and restaurant management have two topnotchers in Custom board exam..

I know lyceum prove so many things and it will continue to improve more to be the best UNIVERSITY!
So for me lyceum of the Philippines university will take the lead )
Go pirates!

Being the best is not only being popular it's about what type of people they produced after graduating from the University. GO PIRATES