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21 Philippine Normal University

English department is the best during my stay here... Prof. Nilda Sunga, Alice Karaan, Marla Papango, Ruth Alido and of course, the immortal, Sonia Manzano...

LIKE! Those professors are immortals like the goddesses of Mount Olympus.

This is the only school were I found simplicity as professionalism. Moreover, being poor is much given integrity than the rich

In the Education World Philippine Normal University is the BEST, Wala U. P kung walang PNU, PNU are the first Faculty of UP and sila rin ang gumawa ng iba't ibang branches nito like UPLB. PNU is the 2nd for being the lowest tuition next to PUP san ka makakakita ng 2k lng babayaran mo but di kayo over crowded at aircon pa 40 per room. PNU IS THE BEST

PNU prepares you well to the real world of teaching.

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22 Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University is a unique university where school spirit and pride combine with academic excellence to provide an experience no other university offers. Aside from being one of the premier academic institutions of higher learning in the Philippines, SLU is also a university where one is molded and encouraged to rise up to challenges and conquer them. It is also a university which helps a person discover his potentials and teaches him how to use it properly. But above all the academic excellence is the way SLU helps a person become creative, competent, socially involved, and imbued with a Christian spirit - the four core values that SLU aims to instill in its students. Truly, this is a university in which one can be proud of calling his alma matter - that is why it does not come as a surprise when a Louisian states his identity with pride and a smile, unashamed to show that Saint Louis University is the school that has made a change in him academically, spiritually, socially, ...more

SLU is one the cheapest yet best school for nursing
we need not much of your money, but we offer real quality education

SLU is the best school in Nursing and Accountancy with the highest results of board passers. You will definitely be one of the best when you graduate as a Louisianian, in all aspects, attitude, professionalism, intellectual, and spiritual.

Best School to face UP

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23 ACLC College

This is the best iterms of IT ad all other courses related in computer

24 Aklan Catholic College V 1 Comment
25 University of Santo Tomas

UST is the royale pontificial university in the Philippines. UST is very good in Medecine and Education. UST should be in the TOP 10.

26 NIIT Baguio
27 Central Luzon State University

CLSU is one of the finest universities in the Philippines offering BS in Business Administration major in Economics. It is also one of the few to have established a corporate college (College of Business Administration and Accountancy). CLSU also has the most supportive administration that allows student organization to take charge and make their own stand in the development of the society both in the local and the national level. It has its best facilities in the field of research and development. CLSU: Where the difference is created!

clsu where the difference is created...
i'm very thankful that my mother and my father sent me this kind of excellent university.
the stage of graduation site is not high as you think, but the great challenge is to climb on the top of it.
clsu... center fr love, service and unity. mabuhay ang mag-aaral ng CLSU

Central Luzon, the place where you can be naturally you with the nature around you. You have the best resources to learn nature here. Agriculture that is and not only that.. This school offers collaboration with a lot of foreign matters that the student too can take part. This school will become the central of who you are when you leave. Dear alma mater, I don't miss you but I miss the lessons that you have engrave in the hearts of people who left you.

Affordable tuition and the best teaching from professors/ specially College of Business Administration and Accountancy and VetMed.

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28 Colegio de San Juan de Letran

Letran was graded a College of the First Class by ROYAL DECREE in May of 1865 in Spain. It just happened that we are offering least programs than our Sister School; The Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas and other prestigious schools around Metro Manila. Are you gonna study in a university where you pay very high and you're not getting the quality should every student possess, or you'll study in a Prestigious College where you can assure that you'll get job easily soon as you graduate because you're credible to do the task. THINK. I'm a proud Letranite and I am bias, I know when to be and not.

One of the best colleges in the Philippines. Because most of the Philippine presidents and Philippine heroes has studied in Letran. Cradle of Philippine Heroes and President. And Letran produced a Saint. Saint Liem de la Paz.

Letran embodies a values oriented school, Values that teaches us how to live in a Christian way. The best school for me is about who and what they produce. Letran has been the great because the college is not for itself it is for the Philippines and for God

Dugong Arriba Dugong LETRANISTA!
Founded in 1620 the oldest Colegio in the Country
Good Quality of education is now here!
LETRAN Redefining on its EXCELLENCE!

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29 Technological University of the Philippines

Several top notchers sa engineering every year. The T.U.P. tradition =D

For almost 111 years existence here in Philippines, TUPians gave a great honor to the country for the first university that offers Excellence Technology and Engineering Education in the country. TUP campuses like TUP TAGUIG, CAVITE, VISAYAS are proved their skills in spite of being a State University that caters Technology and Education in the country. VIVA TUP... Viva TUP Taguig

TUP had proved itself as capable enough at molding new intellectual leaders and outstanding graduates at different field. With its very fine and quality education, students tend to excel at different board examinations seeing their names at the leader board. Compared to other universities that offers just fine education yet need a big tuition, TUP for me, offers the best of it with just a fair tuition.

TUP is a top university with rigid training and teaching

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30 Rizal Technological University (RTU)

UST : we accept wise students only.
FEU : we accept great students only.
DLSU: we accept competitive students only.
ADMU: we accept intelligent students only.
UP: we accept genius students only.


RTU : we don't need to accept wise, great, competitive, intelligent, or genius students. We create them.

Rizal technological university provides good facilities for the students for them to work hard and study well that's why they I'm proud of being part of it. I am a marketing student in this university freshmen and I'm proudly say that not only facilities in this university is good but also teaching methods of the professors and they provide good and better materials for the students. They are doing this because they believe that "and kabataan and pag asa ng bayan". And all professors here are capable on their positions and they have good attitudes when they talk to the students

The functions and services of RTU are not confined to instruction alone as it is has shifted to full gear towards the enhancement of its research and development programs and continued to pursue the policy of sharing its expertise and resources with the community through its non-formal education programs and extension services.

Kind students and they are disciplined.. Great quality education..

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31 Baliuag University

Baliuag University
- is an autonomous school.
- has produced topnotchers.
- has the best facilities.
- has the only Green building in Bulacan.
- BU Nursing has ranked 36 as Top Nursing School.
- CPA Board Passing rate is higher and above the national passing rate.

Baliuag University aims to be an educational leader in the region, respected and recognized in the Philippines and abroad for its academic excellence, achievements in research, commitment to community service, and pioneering technological advancement.

Discover BU, Discover the Best in U!

Baliuag University College of nursing is proud of our very own Dean Elizabeth Roxas who happens to be the NATIONAL PRESIDENT Association of Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing

Baliuag University is active in attending national conferences, seminars and other important gatherings with regards to the development of their students. Committed to its threefold precept (patria, scientia et virtus), BU was known to serve people not only inside Bulacan but also to the nearby provinces.

Be the best you can be!

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32 Quezon City Polytechnic University

To develop professionally competent, socially responsible, productive members of society imbued with a deep sense of nationalism, commitment to ethical and moral values, and respectful of socio-cultural and political diversity.

To provide an outcome-based education responsive to the changing needs of the economy.

I'm a QCPU graduate and I am proud of that. Our School may be young but I know QCPU produces highly competitive graduates...

It's not only the best in Information and Communication Technology but also in producing Intellectual Industrial Engineers, ECEs and Young Entrepreneurs.

Quezon City Polytechnic University is a premier institution of professional, technological, education and training and a progressive partner in nation building.

It is the building block to the profession!

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33 Central Philippine University

For me Central Philippine University has maintained her holiness/prestigious-ness for the past century and being my Alma Mater, not only does this AWESOME school offer quality education, but also opens the eyes of the students to the Principles of the Supreme Being, God.

And in the emblem (logo) of our University, it says, "Science et Fides"("Science and Faith") wherein as we graduate, we will take that medallion and certificate of responsibility and discipline with our head held high, just, and honored to serve society with special skills not only guided by education but by our Faith in God too.

SCIENCE & FAITH... Not only does CPU teach us knowledge in our respective fields or career paths but it teaches us the most important thing to do in life... To have a good relationship with our Creator, the One who is ultimately wise and all knowing.

Education and Christianity combined in one curriculum. Balanced Academics, Sports and having GOD as the center of its values formation. At Central Philippine University students education are exemplary.

Proud to be a Centralian!

Central Philippine University is the best university for because they conduct Exemplary Christian Education for Life (EXCEL)..^_^

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34 Silliman University

Go and study at Silliman and you'll experience a well rounded Christian education with a beautiful campus conducive to learning. Silliman is a small community by itself where you can really enjoy a "unique" student life which you could hardly experience in other universities. The students have more intimate relationships with each other and thus, easy to develop friendships as well as social skills. Above all it imparts a very high standard of learning. That is why, Silliman is not for everyone. Only the cream of the crop can meet its academic standards. It is also worthy to mention that its library which is one of the biggest in Asia. Indeed, it is one of the best schools in the country. Proud to say.. "I survived Silliman"

Sillimanians? We can carry you away by our simplicity, worn out slippers, scratched jeans, org shirts, and scrap notebooks. But once we talk, prepare to be carried away cause our blood is RED and REAL.

I am not a Sillimanian but I find this institution a great start off of a student to reach its goal at once right after exiting its portals. I believe they don't just accept wise, genius, or even intelligent students but they CREATE IT! They create one of the best products from an excellent quality of education. Heard lots of academic compliments and positive feedbacks from different people and thus made me realize that it's the university I've been dreaming of :) One day, hopefully, I wanna be a part of it. Too bad can't afford such high education there. Lucky are those who have been able to study and survived in this university.

My daughter is now studying in SU from her first year in another college in Dumaguete City, here in Silliman University she feels content, happy and struggle more because learning is a great achievement with good management and expert instructors..Education and environment is best in SU.

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Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. One of the universities in the Philippines with high passing rate of board exams.

Pamantasan ng lungsod ng muntinlupa is the current rising local universities in metro manila it produces quality business administration, criminology students. It is the best local university because of its finest when it comes to quality education curriculum. I love PLMUN. The fastest growing university in muntinlupa.

Being effective and efficient through globally competitive.


36 Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

I remember sharply when we were being called as "Manangs" with that skirt uniform below the knees and most of my classmates wearing eyeglasses, ahaha... That's the typical PLM student, no time for gimmicks, spending vacant times at Casa Real reading and studying hard! Proud of it! GO PLM!

The best five years of my academic life was spent at this university. Thought me well in my field in engineering and gave me the opportunity to succeed in life. Mabuhay and Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila!

We are not the best in facilities but the teachings are ensured to learning

Stay humble PLMayers! ' GO. GO. GO PLM :) GODbless:3

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37 Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan

Atenean by mind, heart, and soul. We work and give without counting the cost. We educate ourselves so that we can be men and women for others. We apply magic in everything we do. We respect others' right to eat on a clean table And above all we do things for the greater glory of God!

Rooted firmly on its guiding moral of being men and women for others and on its motto "veritas liberabit vos, ", Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan is the first Jesuit Ateneo University in the Philippines, and the first private and the first Catholic University in Mindanao.

The best in quality education and one of the top universities in the country when it comes to academe and sports activities. top of the nursing board exam. Go... Go... XU!

the best!

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38 University of San Carlos


CAROLINIANS ARE THE BEST... University of San Carlos is the best when it comes to the quality of education to students, specially in the college of Law and other courses that they have.. They continue molding students to become a responsible professionals in the country.

I just love USC. And the way they harness the skills and potentials of the students. Bravo USC.

Yes I believe in san Carlos University. All it takes to have a good quality education is there. Go USC

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39 West Visayas State University

This is a state university in Iloilo City which has grown topnotchers in nursing and medicine. We pride ourselves as a university which has never failed to remain in top of the list of Philippines' top Meidcal schools. This state university is likewise a home for quality education at a price made available even to those who can afford less. The College of Medicine prides itself of homegrown leaders and faculty best in their fields of practices and recognized not only locally but nationwide. The place has built its reputation that it is now a university not only for Ilonggos but also for students from Luzon, Visayas, & Mindanao who need a quality education at a reasonable cost.
In West. Visayas State University, we strive to do our best and prepare us students for the global market.

Center for academic excellence. Proud to be taga-WEST! Number 1 in nursing, medicine and education.



I'm a proud alumni of WVSU. I have received both my bachelor's and master's degrees in education from this institution and have been a certified and a practicing teacher in Ontario, Canada. The Ontario College of Teachers (OCT)which is the governing body of teacher certification program have recognized this university at the international level. In the field, I have applied the essential methods that I was taught from this university which made me more confident and effective in my practice. All the best and keep it up WEST! Many of us outside the country are shining through because of the rigorous training and quality teaching at its best.

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40 University of Asia and the Pacific

This is the only university that..
-provides a combination of undergraduate and graduate courses for 5 YEARS ONLY (well-refined curriculum)
-almost all teachers are UP graduates and other teachers have Masteral and Doctorate degrees (quality education at its finest)
-has high percentage of landing a job after graduation (or even BEFORE GRADUATION! --through many big affiliate companies)
-has excellent facilities (from aircon-ed classrooms to well-regulated washrooms, etc)
-gives scholarships generously

--What are you waiting for? BLAZE A TRAIL!

People think that this university is only for the rich, but that is wrong! Did you know that 25% of its student population is composed of scholars? That's a lot!

It is the only university that has mentoring program, wherein the mentors guide their students academically and spiritually.
This shows how the university gives importance, not just to the education of its students but also to their moral values.

UNITAS! It means unity of life. That's the motto of UA&P.

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