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41 Technological Institute of the Philippines

TIP then directed itself toward specialization in the field of technology. In 1977, it offered a two-year associate course in Marine Engineering. In 1980, the Liberal Arts and high school programs were phased out to make way for the school's new thrust. In 1981, additional buildings were leased to accommodate the student population which already exceeded 23,000.

Will as professional I am very proud to be an alumni in TIP. Because I higly deserve their objective to maintain high standard, blessing of higher education and cooperating with government in any progressive program for the filipino active students in implementing their successful goals and ambition for their future life. Thanks & long live TIP...

I graduated last April 2013, and carrying with pride the name of our school, I was employed May 6 after I graduated. Its not about the name of the school, but its about QUALITY.

Best Engineering School of the country.

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42 Pilar College

Private sectarian school in Zamboanga City, Philippines.

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43 Western Mindanao State University

I graduated from WMSU and I experienced what real college life is. We get to enjoy every moment of our lives and regret it later. Haha. The teaching staff and facilities are OK. The best part is it is open to new ideas and organizations to help both the student body and the faculty sector.

I like wmsu... Specially it's the only school here in pagadian that has a good teaching and teachers in special education.

Center of Excellence in Teacher Education, Center of Development on Architecture, Center of Excellence in Agriculture.

Once had the Best Social Work School and Best Forestry School in the Philippines.

What I love about WMSU is its place. Fresh, you can feel the cold breeze touches your skin. WMSU is really a Nature-Friendly University.

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44 De La Salle University - Dasmariñas

The university earned Level IV re-accreditation from the Federation of Accrediting Association of the Philippines for the degree programs of its Colleges of Business Administration, Education, Liberal Arts, Nursing and Science after the formal survey conducted by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU). It was also named as a Center of Development for Excellence in Information Technology. It was also identified as an Academic Center For Excellence in Biodiversity Conservation by Haribon Foundation in the Southern Tagalog Faunal Region. It was declared as Center of Training Institution (COT) by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and Department of Education.

At present, is the only De La Salle University the is level 4 PAASCU accredited.

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45 University of Mindanao

University of Mindanao was the first ISO certified In Mindanao which means the quality of education and state-of-the-art facilities are improving to give students the best that they deserve.

I do believe that UM is known to be the BEST UNIVERSITY in the country. Not only because of its wide campus that make the students feel comfortable but also it reaps NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL awards. It is also the very first university in Mindanao that has an ISO CERTIFICATION, which means, it really offers a VERY HIGH QUALITY OF EDUCATION... SO, why should I think twice, if there is UM. ,

When you enroll to the University of Mindanao, your life will surely never regret on it because graduates from this Higher Education institution are truly reputable, remarkable and in-demand, LOCALLY, NATIONALLY and INTERNATIONALLY...
No joke. These statements/ descriptions are all true. Simple but realistic.

It is one the best university that offers accountancy program.

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46 University of the Visayas University of the Visayas The University of the Visayas is an educational institution located at Cebu City, Philippines. It is billed as the first school in the entire province of Cebu who gained a university status.

New Mechanical Engineers for successfully passing the March 2011
Mechanical Engineering Licensure Examinations. The Passing percentage for first timers: 83.33%.
( Highest among all engineering schools in cebu )

University of the visayas is a competitive school among others prescription of our school... Everyone might look down an under estimate this school but they don't know the real story and the good stories behind of our school UNIVERSITY OF THE VISAYAS

University of the Visayas --- a university with a HEART <3

Visayanians are great, we just don't have time to share it to the world. We're busy in planning for our good future.

Proud Visayanian here! - jayben

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47 Central Mindanao University

I vote Central Mindanao University is the best for me because, they give me the best learning and standard of education. It a cheap tuition fees but rich in learning education and standardization. Most of all they molded a students for being independent for their everyday life. Central Mindanao University for me is a conducive for learning. In addition challenge the students being courageous to get the best and among the best academic education.

Central mindanao university considered the academic paradise of the south... Thus, no wonder CMU got to the TOP in any field of specialization... Simple but terrible...

Though we didn't got the highest rank, still we did our part as a student to pursue our education in order for us to fulfill our dreams.. We are not running after the rank all we want is to make C.M.U. well known over the globe! Proudly CMUan!

Probably the cheapest tuition fee for the highest quality of education. I vote Central Mindanao University because it's close to free-expense yet molded student's mental capacity rate become savage and the educators are legendary as well.

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48 Saint Ferdinand College - Ilagan City
49 Arellano University

Love arellano the best. It is highly competitive school and also helps Filipino students to have an opportunity to study in a high quality school.
And it also leading every students enrolled their to a brighter and better opportunity and preparing them to face the industry...

One of the best schools! Even Academic and Non-Academic. They are very competitive.

An institution that aims to provide equitable access to learning through relevant, innovative, industry-sensitive, and environment-conscious academic programs and services.

Hail to Chiefs.

I recommended Arellano University to every student in the world, because for the love and care of our student, specially the best scholarship, the leadership team and teachers are wonderful.

Thank you AU Chiefs', your simply the best. From Florida U.S.A...

The best school ☺ #GOAU

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50 Ateneo De Naga University

Best University in the Bicol Region, especially in Engineering -- Home of Topnotchers!

-- BS CpE

Excellence is what Ateneo de Naga is all about. -captain21

BS ECE in ADNU is really amazing! Extraordinary. Home of topnotchers and is able to defeat the record of UP. And is still improving until present. No doubt, it is the best school in BICOL region and soon in the Philippines.


One of the most competitice schoola there is in the Philippines.

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51 Holy Angel University

I'm proud to be a part of HAU. Your No. 1 universities in Region 3 especially in Architecture and Accountancy. Mabuhay ang Laus Deo Semper

Holy Angel University provided quality education which I have used as an edge towards my previous employment and now as I am taking up Graduate Studies in another University.

Holy Angel University is the best! It offers quality education.


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52 Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology

NEUST is included in the initial list of the first batch of Philippine Universities recommended by the Ministry of Education in China for students who want to study abroad. The list is posted in the official website of the Ministry of Education in China

Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology

One of the best university in the Philippines

Best engineering university in central luzon

Providing good quality education and produces productive engineers.

One of the best colleges in the Philippines. NEUST provides best quality education and produces many graduates.

University with a cyber campus

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53 University of St. La Salle

A leading university in visayas region, it molds students into competent leaders and successful professionals and the facilities are modern and air conditioned and the university produces top notchers in medicine, accountancy, nursing, commerce and many more

Never Shall We Fail! Animo La Salle!

I may say the best university for me because it produces top leaders and mold business people. The school gives importance to the the young mind to be better in their field. I'm lucky to be one.. Animo la salle!

With topnotch Accountancy and Business programs, great facilities and instructors and a dynamic learning environment, USLS I must say is one that you can consider as an underrated school. Sitting in a 10-hectare lot in La Salle Avenue, Bacolod City, it is the leading institution of higher learning in western Visayas. It offers programs in Business, Liberal Arts, Engineering and Technology, Nursing, Sciences, Law and Medicine. Throughout its existence, it has produced leaders in various fields like Oscar Hilado, Sir Peque Gallaga, leaders in the field of Politics and other professions. USLS, a member of De La Salle Philippines, offers quality and holistic Christian education to its students. It molds students to become critical thinkers, effective communicators and responsible Christians. It motivates students in the pursuit of excellence with a soul and competence with compassion.

Babes and boobs.. Period..

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54 Taguig City University

One of the fastest-growing and performing with quality education universities in the Philippines. I am a Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English student and I believe that we have the best teachers, students and administration! Hail TCU! (Truth, Competence and Unity)

The school established good and responsible students that can compete any competition! The university's "department of Criminology" is became one of the top passers of the last board examination! And soon to be, the "college of education will make it's mark to be the most board passers!

Yes.. It's a fast growing university that giving a quality education to the poor residence in taguig. Preparing student how to get a work, how to contribute the education and knowledge that the university provided as a student in giving quality service to people. One of the most I valued humor in university is even it is only a public school color/long-haired for the boys in not prohibited.


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55 University of Pangasinan

Number ONE performing school in Pangasinan. We do have here the best training grounds for Medical Technology. Top Medical Technologists in the Province.

PRC Records speak for itself. No other universities and colleges in Region 1 comes close to the number of top notchers in the major licensure exams as well as the number of board passers in the region. University of Pangasinan is truly the best university in region 1 and among the best in the Philippines. The quality of graduates is also the best. They are among the best on their field and are scattered around the globe as worldclass professionals.

I must say, UPang produces the best Nurses in the entire Region 1

The best in Region I and at par with the best in the country.

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56 University of the Assumption

The school has lived up to its mission of producing Christian professionals.

Congratulations UA on its 50th Golden Anniversary. Hail Assumption!

Producing catholic leaders since 1963! Hail Assumption!

It's a catholic school the school teach students very well

57 De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde

Best film school in the Philippines

School of Design and Arts though

They have SDEAS which is a school for deaf which helps our deaf brothers and sisters in having proper education

58 Bataan Peninsula State University

Best in giving quality education when it comes to engineering.

Quality learning and staffs

High board passing rate

Pioneer institution in the field of nursing and midwifery in bataan...

59 Southern Luzon State University

The best in whole southern luzon for providing excellent education..

Quality education and gods loving and have service oriented.

Be the one of southern luzon state university

The best university in the world...

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60 University of Cebu

University of Cebu is the best School in terms of Maritime because only UC has a simulator required by Norwegian Maritime for the students to have an actual experience in maneuvering of the Norwegian International ship. Most of the international ships has a Crew graduated from UC. Also all the faculty has something to offer everyday for the students that every every learner is graving for the students growth and development.

UC also provides quality education for Hotel and Restaurant Management. They will mold you to be come an effective Hotelier. In fact, UC has the bigger number for hrm students outside Metro Manila.

One of the top performing schools in the country. Nursing training is very crucial in this university and produces top notchers. They mold you to be a better and most autonomous nurse-to-be. The only university that offers pre-clinical instructor/practicing clinical instructor during 4th yr level in where students are given the chance to act as real clinical instructors to lower years. PROUD UCIAN

Proud alumna here. Uc is the best.

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